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15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

"Thinking of going as both Sharkboy and Lavagirl for Halloween..."

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1. Kerry Washington pitched the movie of our dreams:

Ok @ChrisEvans we are gonna have to figure this out! XO

2. Mindy Kaling got a little musical inspiration at breakfast time:

When you have a baby and you feed her banana for breakfast and sing “banana-na-na-na” to @Camila_Cabello “Havana”, she thinks it’s lame

3. Lili Reinhart came up with her Halloween costume:

Thinking of going as both sharkboy and lavagirl for Halloween.

4. Elaine Hendrix (aka Meredith Blake) commemorated Parent Trap day:

He never mentioned there was TWO of them. How sweet. 🙄Happy Birthday Hallie Parker & Annie James. 🎂👭 #October11

5. Halsey asked a very important question about eggplants...

Does anyone know how to tell if an eggplant is ripe enough. Where the fuck is @chrissyteigen when I need her.

6. ...and Chrissy Teigen responded:

@halsey I’ve never bought, seen or eaten an unripe eggplant. I feel like they’re all the same. Unless you are talking emoji eggplants, those are not all the same

7. Charlie Puth revealed the truth:

Secrets out @edsheeran. Your move label mate....

8. Cher used emojis that would just have to do:

HI🎉 I’m working 👑👣🕶🔨🔪🔧 Very hard.I Know These are tools,but They’ll just have to do

9. Mariah Carey responded to a Camila Cabello tweet...

10. ...and then Camila fangirled right back:

@MariahCarey you are a queen and a princess!!!!! 👑

11. Cole Sprouse defended Guy Fieri's honor:

Guy Fieri didn’t struggle for years just to have people wear flame tees ‘ironically’.

12. Dax Shepard had some big dreams:

Why isn't anyone talking about the VERY real possibility that I could be the one taking over the chairman role at Tesla?

13. Ryan Reynolds celebrated Hugh Jackman's birthday:

Happy Birthday, @RealHughJackman! 50th anniversary is wood, right?

14. Robert Downey Jr. shared this cute pic with his best bud:

We all know who the real sheriff in town is @ChrisEvans

15. And Maren Morris apparently had the same Tuesday as I did:

I’m hungover, PMSing and can’t stop crying to the A Star is Born soundtrack. Pretty typical Tuesday, I’d say.

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