17 Times Robert Downey Jr. And Chris Evans Were So Cute On Social Media

    "You're my favorite Chris..."

    1. When Robert Downey Jr. summarized the difference between Steve Rogers and Chris Evans with a perfect meme...and Chris agreed:

    2. When RDJ created a perfect meme:

    When @ChrisEvans abuses the group text...

    3. When Robert celebrated ALL the shippers on Valentine's Day:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all the shippers out there! ❤️😉

    4. When RDJ shared this uncanny resemblance...

    What can I say? The man knows me. https://t.co/NLJ7e7B0F8

    5. ...and this one...

    6. ...and then totally tripled down on it...

    We all know who the real sheriff in town is @ChrisEvans

    7. ...which Chris REALLY appreciated:

    This guy....👑 https://t.co/rHj3c8Lcdl

    8. When Chris wished RDJ a happy birthday...

    Happy birthday to the one and only, @RobertDowneyJr!! (Am I the only one who thinks he’s aging in reverse?) I miss you, buddy!!

    9. ...and when he did the same last year, and RDJ called him his "favorite Chris":

    @ChrisEvans Many thanks for the kind returns. You're my favorite Chris...

    10. When RDJ and Chris squabbled over Ryan Reynolds' affections:

    11. When Chris felt very lucky, thanks to Robert:

    Releasing your film on Robert Downey Jr's birthday has to be a good sign.

    12. When, yes, they were expecting:

    Look who I found... And yes, we are expecting... @ChrisEvans @jimmykimmel

    13. When Robert's "worst nightmare" happened:

    Dammit. @ChrisEvans @chrishemsworth @Renner4Real #AgeOfUltron #PressTour

    14. When Chris teased Robert:

    15. When Robert celebrated April Fools' Day:

    16. When they demonstrated Civil War IRL:

    Civil War? #AgeofUltron #PressTour @chrishemsworth @ChrisEvans

    17. And, finally, when they recruited us to Team Avengers together:

    We want YOU for Team Avengers. #AgeOfUltron #PressTour #Avengerpalooza