14 Times Camila Mendes And Charles Melton Were So Damn Cute On Social Media

    "Nice calves."

    If you've been watching Riverdale and wondering why the chemistry between Veronica and Reggie is off the charts (Archie, who????) it's because actors Camila Mendes and Charles Melton are a couple IRL.

    Anyway, I don't think we pay enough attention to how dang cute they are on Instragram, so I'm rounding up their finest moments:

    1. When Charles posted this pic that was taken on the best day of Cami's life before they were even "Instagram official":

    2. When they were low-key cuddling in this Labor Day pic:

    3. When Camila confirmed their relationship status with this cute pic:

    4. When Charles captioned this with a simple ❤️:

    5. When Camila went with Charles to South Korea during the holiday break and they took adorable photos...

    6. ...posted some damn cute IG stories...

    7. ...and were just overall hilarious together:

    8. When Charles taught Camila some Korean and it really came back to haunt him:

    9. When they looked just so stinkin' into each other and happy here:

    10. When their co-star, Vanessa Morgan, commented "Carmilla" on a post and Camila made sure she had the proper ship name for them:

    11. When Charles posted this and Camila noticed one thing only...

    12. ...and she placed this order:

    13. When Cami had a question about this Riverdale promo pic:

    14. And, of course, every damn time Charles leaves some arrangement of these emojis on Cami's pics:

    In conclusion, I love them: