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A Definitive Ranking Of The Main "A" Suspects On "Pretty Little Liars"

Am I A?

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After years of waiting for answers, the day is finally here for Pretty Little Liars fans. In the mid-season finale, we're FINALLY going to find out who A is, once and for all (or so they say). Before the big reveal, the Pretty Little Liars squad at BuzzFeed decided to score who we thought was most likely to be on the A team. This ranking was formed from the average of those scores, and ONLY A VERY LITTLE TIME will tell if we got it right or so, so wrong...

22. Emily Fields

ABC Family

Lane: Hahahahahaha.

Gyan: Being A would get in the way of finding new potential love interests. I know Emily’s priorities and being A is NOT one of them.

Tahlia: Imagine if Emily’s perpetually confused face was a lie this whole time.

Stephanie: Literally she’s a sweet dumb idiot who would’ve run into an electric fence given the chance.

A level: -71/10


21. Maya St. Germain

ABC Family

Lane: Maya’s dead. Nope, unless A is an IRL zombie.

Gyan: The only reason I’d want Maya back is so she could tell Sara Harvey to GTFO of Emily’s life.

Jenna: I’ve been kinda hoping Maya would come back from the dead. But I don’t think she’s been featured enough in the past couple of seasons to be a strong A suspect.

Stephanie: Look. I’m not convinced that Maya is dead, but that doesn’t mean I think she’s A, given her complete lack of motive and general implausibility for passing as Charles DiLaurentis.

A level: 1/10

20. Hanna Marin

ABC Family

Lane: Hanna is really kind-hearted. A is not.


Tahlia: Hanna’s been the only one making sense lately (“dig up the grave!” etc) so I doubt it. Unless her and Caleb were in it together WHICH I WOULD SECRETLY LOVE, BONNIE AND CLYDE THAT SHIT, but still it’d make zero sense.

Jemima: Lol nope.

A level: 1/10

19. Rhys Matthews

ABC Family

Lane: Rhys can’t be Charles because I. Marlene said we know Charles and JESUS CHRIST I. MARLENE IF THAT WAS A LIE I AM NOPING THE FUCK OUTTA HERE. But, yeah, Rhys, I don’t know who he is but he’s not Charles.

Gyan: If Rhys is A I will never watch another TV show in my life.

Tahlia: It’s a very obvious red herring. Blonde, good looking guy shows up, everyone thinks he’s Charles.

Stephanie: Ella asked him if he was a DiLaurentis and he said no. Case closed, Wine Moms giving us more answers in 20 minutes than I. Marlene’s given us all damn season. It ain’t him.

A level: 1.5/10

18. Andrew Campbell

ABC Family

Gyan: The Liars AND the police throught Andrew is A, and we all know that none of those people ever have any idea.

Tahlia: With the strong focus on Andrew being A at the end of last season / start of this one, I seriously doubt it. Though he has popped up frequently enough in the previous seasons to be somewhat relevant.

Jemima: There was the whole Campbell Farm thing but that was the biggest red herring ever.

Stephanie: Andrew has literally been in like less than 10 episodes. I don’t buy it.

A level: 1.5/10

17. Gabriel Holbrook

ABC Family

Gyan: I have started blanking out every Rosewood police officer, so one of them better not be Charles.

Jenna: OK so I basically forgot this guy existed until today, which is a shame, because damn is he pretty. He was banging Ali though right? Somehow I don’t think this show will go the V.C. Andrews route. But what do I know.

Tahlia: Was the last time we saw Officer Holbrook in that creepy trailer park with his potential father or some shit? That daddy did not look like Mr D.

Stephanie: Idontevenknowwhoyouare.gif.

A level: 1.75/10


16. Spencer Hastings

ABC Family

Lane: OK, I’m not down with any of the Liars being A. But if one was, I reckon it’d be Spencer – not Aria. Her brain is big enough to pull that shit off. But I don’t think her heart is cold enough.

Gyan: Spencer would be too worried about how being A would affect her college application. She ain’t A.

Tahlia: Spencer is definitely smart enough, but her drug habit would make her forget a lotta things, just like it did the night of Ali’s disappearance.

Jemima: She has way too many things going on to also secretly be on the A team. Like cheating on Toby a bunch of times.

A level: 2/10

15. Jenna Marshall

ABC Family

Lane: Unlike most characters, Jenna’s motive to be A – and to torture ALL the girls, not just Ali or some of them – is really sound. But ultimately, I think she’s a bitter teen, not a genius millionaire sociopath.

Gyan: Jenna has all the reasons to hate the girls, but at the end of the day, I think she’s just an average teen who was blinded by her classmates and sleeping with her step-brother - not A. (LOL THIS SHOW.)

Jemima: If you had asked me four seasons ago, sure, all signs pointed to Jenna. But we haven't seen her in forever so nah, she’s now irrelevant. Is she still blind?

A level: 2.5/10

14. Caleb Rivers

ABC Family

Lane: Caleb definitely has the capacity to be A – and I know we all love Haleb, but you guys, A is going to be incredibly deceiving. Ravenswood takes away points, but I don’t put anything past I. Marlene.

Anna: CAN WE NOT GO THERE PLEASE? My heart will die nine deaths if Caleb turns out to be A/Charles. I will literally need counselling if the show takes this course.

Gyan: Caleb is smart enough to be A - but I don’t think he’s one of the bad guys - and that is really saying something in this show.

Jenna: Now THIS would be a mind-blowing twist. I feel like Caleb is one of the few characters I’ve never really suspected - at least, until the last episode. Still, it’s probably not likely seeing as he was meant to be banging ghosts in Ravenswood anyway.

Jemima: Literally the only thing that makes me suspect Caleb is his hacking skills. He’s nice to look at but not conniving enough.

A level: 2.75/10

13. Aria Montgomery

ABC Family

Lane: No. I get that a lot of people support these theories, but I just don’t think one of the girls can be A. They have been through so much, it would be way too complicated. Also, motive???

Gyan: Aria is not A. I think it could have been a great theory if the show stopped three seasons ago, but this show has gone on too far now. I think Aria could potentially be keeping some secrets, but I don’t think she is A Team.

Jenna: Hahaha the AriA theories give me so much life tbh. At one stage I did think it could all be in her head, and she’s stuck in Radley, Sucker Punch-style. There are a lot of ~clues~ that make Aria seem shady but I feel like it’s probably just the writers messing with us.

Stephanie: If Aria is on the A team, she’s probably Red Coat, Mona is the Black Widow, and Charles is Ezra. But IDK, there has been SO MUCH foreshadowing for Aria being shady. If she’s not A she should stop playing with dolls and gazing into mirrors.

A level: 3.5/10

12. Jason DiLaurentis

ABC Family

Lane: I think the birthday party scene and the dynamic with the DiLaurentis family rules out Jason. While he’s definitely shady enough to be A, it just doesn’t make sense at this point.

Gyan: Whoever A is, they’re seriously fucked up, and I think Jason fits this description pretty well. Like, remember the first time we met Jason before Ali’’s funeral and he was a completely different person? Poor writing or A? Only time will tell.

Tahlia: “Charles” was definitely watching the DiLaurentis family through the window one night. But of course in this show, that doesn’t mean shit. A/Charles has a fascination with Aria’s pink streaks - so does Jason. What does it all mean?!

I don’t understand how Jason could be Charles, given that they’re not twins. On the other hand, they were all like “Jason looks different, and is acting different” when he came back in whatever season that was.

A level: 3.5/10


11. Alison DiLaurentis

ABC Family

Lane: This would be amazing tbh but like… we saw Ali gasping when A was revealed last week. She ain’t A, she ain’t Charles – she’s a high school Regina George who got mixed up in some crazy, crazy shit.

Anna: Wow if she was faking it all along, that would totally be the biggest twist this show can ever drop.

Jenna: Ali the genius sociopath has turned into Ali the overly-sympathetic soccer mom of late, and tbh the only excuse for her turning into such a drip would be if she’s faking it and has actually been the ~ally~ the whole time. Somehow I don’t think this will happen though.

Jemima: Look, I would LOVE for it to have been Ali all along, that would be some A+ fucked up television. She’s certainly manipulative enough, and I thought she was in on it until we found out that A is Charles and Charles is Ali’s brother.

A level: 3.75/10

10. Noel Kahn

ABC Family

Anna: I mean, if we were like in season 2, then sure, I’d buy it. But apart from owning a cabin by the lake and shagging probs all of Rosewood, he’s just another jock trying to be relevant.

Gyan: I think Noel is just a douche. I’m sure he’s had some minor involvement with the A Team, but I think he’s got better things to do - like his hair.

Tahlia: He’s been gone for too long, so if he were A, I. Marlene King better explain it in a goddamn amazing way. Though did he have a brief cameo at prom last week? That was a thing right?

Stephanie: Noel Kahn, my full-named prince, is probably working with the A Team, but I think he’s just a generally shady accomplice rather than a bigtime player. He’s also not old enough to be Charles?

A level: 3.75/10

9. Lucas Gottesman

ABC Family

Lane: We haven’t seen Lucas for aaaaaages and he is too believable as just an angsty, bullied dude imo.

Lucas has always been shady AF and they’ve never fully explained where his allegiances lie. But his age and appearance do not match Charles at all. I do like the theory that he is “Uber A”, a.k.a. a whole other A - except for the fact that that would mean ANOTHER A plot. Nooooo.

Jemima: I thought it was Lucas for a LONG LONG time. But we haven’t seen him at all this season, so I don’t think it’ll be him. Damn.

A level: 4/10

8. Kenneth DiLaurentis

ABC Family

Jenna: The fact that Kenny D, Trap Lord, showed up after Big A stole the game is suspicious. Could Charles actually be A’s motivation, and not A himself? I don’t buy this theory, but I like it.

Tahlia: OK RIGHT SO, Kenny D has so much guilt over not being a good father, Charles actually did die in Radley and Kenny D just had a mental breakdown and secretly started dressing as Charles and thought his wife kept him away from Charles so killed her. Think about it. Don’t really know why he’d stalk the fuck out of four teenage girls though.

Jemima: Shady as FUUUUUUUUCK and I love it. OMG ok imagine if on the night that Ali went missing, Kenny D saw Charles and was like “oh fuck, my long lost crazy son is going to do something stupid”, so then he KILLED Charles and then went into a weird state of shock and ~became~ Charles and now he’s living out the life of his son who he killed. And what better way to do that than torture and torment his daughter’s friends.

Stephanie: Kenny D could defs be on the A team but I sort of think he’s too old to spend 900 years tormenting a pack of teenage girls? He is a sociopath like the rest of the DiLaurentises though. Bad genes in that family.

A level: 4.75/10

7. CeCe Drake

ABC Family

Anna: Red Coat, yes. Her love-hate relationship with Alison is enough reason for all those stalker/bullying tendencies. But it’s also too obvious and too convenient.

Gyan: To me, CeCe doesn’t really have a real place in this show, which makes me think she’s going to be someone in the end. I would say she was Red Coat, if I wasn’t so desperarely hoping it’s Sara Harvey (just so I have real reason to hate her.)

Jenna: Ehhhh. I don’t buy into the theories flying around that CeCe is Charles and she’s transgender. Mainly because I expect more from Pretty Little Liars than such a cheap and potentially dangerous explanation for Charles being “evil”. If this is the route they go I will be 100000% done because it’s problematic as hell.

Jemima: Every single thing I have read supporting the "CeCe is A" theory I have totally subscribed to. BUT goddamn it ABC Family please don’t do that.

A level: 5/10


6. Mona Vanderwaal

ABC Family

Lane: Mona is either on the A team, or pushing some kind of strange agenda alllll on her own. She’s definitely likelier than a lot of characters, but I don’t *think* she’s A.

Gyan: Honestly I just hope the last episode is an interview with Mona because WHY HAS NOBODY BEEN ASKING HER MORE QUESTIONS?! She knows so much, but I believe she’s got a heart in there somewhere.

Tahlia: Mona, my problematic fave. I honestly can’t tell what team she’s on, so this is one credit to the writers and the actress.

Stephanie: MY DEVILISH KWEEN MONA IS DEFS ON THE A TEAM STILL. Honestly she is smart enough to convince Ali and the other DiLaurentises that Charles is still alive even if he actually is dead? Also, oh. She got a gas mask. Let’s talk about THAT.

A level: 5.5/10

5. Ezra Fitz

ABC Family

Lane: I. Marlene said Ezria is part of the “fabric of the show”. What does this mean? Are they endgame? Are they working together on the A team? I don’t think he’s A because he doesn’t have a motive, but his book tale – and propensity to fuck teens – is creepy as all hell.

Jenna: I’m just gonna say it: I hate Ezra. I hate Ezria. Everything about him and their relationship is so problematic and frankly creepy. NOPE. Does that make him Charles? Maybe???

Jemima: Yes yes yes I am so on board with the Ezra = A theory. BUT we met his mum? And his brother? And they were definitely NOT Mrs D and Jason. However, he could have been paying randoms to pretend to be his family to throw Aria off the scent.

Stephanie: I. Would. Love. It. If Ezra was Charles, especially because it would mean that Aria is Red Coat, basically. That being said, it would make that scene where Aria was freaking out over Ezra’s book (“I don’t even know who you are!”) kind of ridiculous. On the other hand, I. Marlene said that A was in Iceland, sooooooo.

A level: 6/10

4. Sara Harvey

ABC Family

Lane: I really think Sara is sufficiently fucked up to be a true blue victim of A. But there’s ~something going on~ with her for sure. Maybe Stockholm Syndrome. She’s not Charles, but could be on the A Team.

Gyan: RED COAT RED COAT. Please, give me a reason why I dislike this character so damn much.

Jenna: Ugggggh goddamn Shower Harvey. Her being on the A team would at least be a decent reason for keeping her around so long. Although still not good enough, lbr.

Tahlia: Sara could very potentially be on the A team. She’s shady and bitch definitely isn’t chipped, so that could mean Charles doesn’t need to track her - because gurl is on his side! And real talk, why bring her back?

A level: 6/10

3. Melissa Hastings

ABC Family

Anna: Melissa has PLENTY of motive to be A, I don’t even know where to begin. She’s troubled, has a lot of angst and is smart enough to be capable of pulling off a lot of A-stunts.

Gyan: I think she’s Black Widow mainly because it looks like her. I believe she did love Ian, so perhaps she’s never stopped mourning?

Tahlia: The general consensus seems to be Melissa is part of the A team, but I’ll still need a really good explanation for WHY. Sure, her sister kissed her boyfriends and she had it out for Ali also, but why side with Charles?

Stephanie: Melissa isn’t A. She’s Black Widow. End of story.

A level: 6/10

2. Toby Cavanaugh

ABC Family

Anna: Oh man… I will not be surprised or disappointed if Toby turns out to be A/Charles. I never bought his “I was doing it to protect you, Spencer” lame-ass excuse when he was found out in season 3. From this, we know that he is capable of hurting the girls. Also, it seems he is away very often for long stretches of time. He has motive - Alison (and by extension, the girls) bullied him - and maybe even has a lot of money from family fortune. SHADY, SHADY, SHADY.

I remember being so gutted when Toby was on the A team, and then kinda bummed they backed out on that amazing twist by making him “good” again. It would be cool (but a little frustrating) if the twist was that he was actually faking being good all along.

Tahlia: I would secretly love it if it were Toby. I think there’s enough there teamed with his shadiness in the past for things to add up and actually make sense. Plus becoming Rosewood’s dumbest cop - what a brilliant cover.

Toby is one of the more likely candidates, given his past alliance with the A team, and the fact that he could pass for a DiLaurentis. I definitely think that his mother’s death is connected to the DiLaurentis family, though, which would be a big motivator.

A level: 7/10

1. Wren Kingston

ABC Family

Gyan: I feel honestly concerned about Wren being Charles since that would mean I have a massive crush on Charles. However, I think an excellent scene would be Wren pulling back his hood, then talking in an American accent. Hello, plot twist!

Jenna: I have read so many plausible “Wren is Charles” theories on Tumblr that at this point I will be really shocked if it isn’t him. On the other hand, it almost feels TOO obvious now, like another goddamn red herring.

Tahlia: A few things hold me back from truly believing Wren is Charles. 1) He was at Ali’s “funeral” so why did no one recognise him? 2) He was working at Radley, a place where Charles lived until his teen years. Same thing, why was he not recognised? He’s still suss AF though - what was with the image of the family on the farm he showed Mona in Radley and was then colouring in later?

Stephanie: Wren is A. I am fairly sure of it. As sure as I can be of anything when it comes to Rosewood, anyway. And tbh, Mrs D probably invited Charles to come hang out at Ali’s “funeral” because she’s just like that.

A level: 8/10