The Important Details On "Game Of Thrones" You Might Have Missed

    In case you didn't quite catch everything in those quick frames. Includes spoilers!

    This post contains spoilers for Season 6, Episode 6 of Game of Thrones. You've been warned.

    This episode picks up right where last week's left off, with Bran stuck in a vision and Meera trying to drag him to safety, away from the wights.

    There's quite a focus on wildfire.

    Wildfire, you may remember, was the substance Tyrion used to blow up Stannis's fleet in the battle of Blackwater. This was thanks to the Mad King Aerys's pyromancers – as Jaime told Brienne in Season 3, the Mad King was obsessed with wildfire and had his pyromancers place it in significant locations all around King's Landing. This is what we're seeing above.

    Jaime added that when Tywin Lannister sacked the city as part of Robert's Rebellion, Aerys screamed "burn them all", ordering the pyromancers to unleash the wildfire. We see and hear him screaming "burn them all" in Bran's vision.

    We then see the rest of what Jaime described – his attack on the king in order to save the city.

    We get this nice shadow shot too, and is it just me or does Aerys's shadow look very dragon-like?

    And Jaime slits his throat just to make sure that doesn't happen.

    We also see this shot of wildfire several times, which raises some questions, as we know that Jaime killed the pyromancer and the king before the wildfire was unleashed.

    Then, of course, we see this image of Jaime sitting on the Iron Throne – where Ned Stark found him and where the "kingslayer" legend was born.

    This shot of what appears to be Drogon flying over King's Landing is shown several times.

    As is this one of Dany's "rebirth"/the birth of the dragons.

    Another image we get to see a couple of times is this one of Leaf creating the Night King, the original White Walker.

    And we also see the Night King turning one of Craster's babies into a White Walker quite a few times.

    Does this hold a clue to the White Walkers' undoing?

    The vision also focuses on the battle at Hardhome.

    You know, that epic fight between the wildling village and the White Walkers that saw Jon Snow take thousands of wildlings back to Castle Black, leading to his murder.

    These shots of the wight army knocking down the wall around Hardhome are especially highlighted.

    Is this foreshadowing the fall of the Wall?

    We also get these shots of Jon Snow looking up at the wights, and the Night King looking down.

    And a reminder of our fave, Karsi.

    There's also a flashback to the White Walker army Sam saw way back in Season 2.

    And Bran gets a nice refresher on his own recent catastrophic meeting with them.

    He's also reminded of his own fall a couple of times.

    Plus he gets to see the deaths of his father, mother, and brother.

    But perhaps most interesting of all is when we get this shot of young Ned asking, "Where's my sister?"

    Immediately followed by this shot of what appears to be Ned's hand, a woman's hand, and a whole lot of blood.

    The shot is reminiscent of when Robb held his dying, pregnant wife, Talisa, at the Red Wedding – some fans even thought it was a flashback to this, but, as one Reddit user pointed out, that definitely looks like Ned's cuff, not Robb's.

    This seems like one big fat hint, on top of all the others, that R+L=J (aka the widely believed theory that Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark) is going to be confirmed this season.

    Oh, and like so many of Bran's visions, there's a whole lot of birds.

    As Benjen says in this episode, he IS the Three-Eyed Raven now.

    Finally, this shot of a dark winter's night being replaced by the dawn is shown a couple of times.