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"Game Of Thrones" Just Confirmed This Fan Theory And People Are Losing It


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He swooped in and saved Bran and Meera from the wights and we got our SECOND STARK REUNION this season.


Book fans have long speculated that Benjen was Coldhands, a mysterious character who helps Bran, and show fans predicted Coldhands and/or Benjen would show up in this episode.

They were right – and we finally found out exactly what happened to him.

Way back in Season 1 he was attacked by White Walkers, and unlike his travelling companions who then showed up at Castle Black as wights, Benjen was saved by the Children of the Forest with the same magic they used to create the White Walkers. But while the Others are completely inhuman, Benjen seems to have retained some of his humanity – even if he is not entirely alive anymore.


Although he's not specifically called "Coldhands" in the show, D.B. Weiss refers to Benjen by that name in this week's "Inside the Episode" segment.

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He confirms that Benjen has been working with the Three-Eyed Raven since his disappearance, and his insight will mean he can help Bran take up that mantle moving forward.

It means either George R.R. Martin was lying, or book Coldhands will be different to the show.

Either way this is a FUCKING GREAT DAY.


Everything is coming up Stark!