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Can You Make It Through This Post Without Your Ovaries Exploding?

It's getting hot in here.

1. Does this GIF of Chris Hemsworth smiling adorably make your ovaries explode?

2. No? How about Channing Tatum telling you you're beautiful?

3. Ryan Gosling scrunching his nose?

4. Idris Elba drinking from this cup?

5. Austin Butler biting his lip?

6. How about a proposition from John Krasinski?

7. Here's Tom Daley dancing.

8. Jeremy Irvine flashing his dimples.

9. Dylan O'Brien cuddling a puppy.

10. And a half-dressed Harry Shum Jr.

11. Do Hugh Jackman's abs do anything for you?

12. What about Sendhil Ramamurthy's?

13. How about Cam Gigandet's sex face?

14. What about ZAC EFRON'S TONGUE?!?!?!?!

15. Here's Chris Messina dancing.

16. Godfrey Gao being Flawless

17. Matt Bomer biting a pen.

18. Beau Mirchoff smiling right at you.

19. Chris Evans boxing.

20. And Nick Jonas emerging from the water.

21. How you doing? Need some Harry Styles winking?

22. How about Zayn Malik professing his undying love?

23. What about the rest of the One Direction boys?

24. Prefer a more mature guy?

25. Try some Brad Pitt.

26. Or some Alexander Skarsgard.

27. Maybe some Paul Rudd.

28. And definitely some Robert Downey Jr.

29. Here is some Ian Somerhalder and his beautiful eyebrows.

30. Henry Cavill being shirtless.

31. Taylor Kitsch being shirtless.

32. Jay Ryan also being shirtless.

33. Taylor Kinney ALSO being shirtless.

34. Kit Harington being mostly shirtless.

35. Dylan Bruce being very shirtless.

36. The Stenmark twins being doubly shirtless.

37. And Theo James being sexy as hell.

38. How are those ovaries? Are they immune to Dave Franco with a kitty?

39. Gavin Dunne eating something?

40. Gabriel Macht dazzling you with his smile?

41. Jason Momoa running his fingers through his beautiful hair?

42. What about Ryan Kwanten chained up?

43. Alex Pettyfer all wet?

44. Tyler Hoechlin also wet?

45. Daniel Henney in a towel?

46. Jesse Williams in the shower?

47. Or Jon Kortajarena nuzzling a baby tiger?

48. Ovaries still intact? Fine, have some shirtless Matthew Lewis.

49. And some filthy Richard Madden.


So... how'd you do?