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9 Things About British Stag Dos That I, An American, Find Completely Depraved

Please do not strip me naked and tie me to a bench.

James Lamon • 2 months ago

6 Reasons To Watch This New Show About TV

#What2Watch airs tonight at 8pm on Twitter @BuzzFeedUK. New episodes weekly every Thursday.

James Lamon • 3 months ago
James Lamon • 3 months ago
James Lamon • 6 months ago

Give Us Your Junk Food Opinions And We'll Tell You Which BuzzFeed Media Brand You Are

French fries, tater tots, or onion rings? It's time to decide.

James Lamon • 10 months ago

Selfies On The Google Pixel 2 Vs Selfies On Our Regular Phones

A practical test for practical people looking for practical advice.

What Foods Would You Like To See On "Worth It UK"?

£1 chip butty vs £100 chip butty? Why not?

James Lamon • One year ago

Which Drunk Food Will Make You Walk Out Of Your Way?

One food to rule them all; one food to lead them. One food to sway them all and, in the darkness, feed them.

James Lamon • 2 years ago
James Lamon • 2 years ago
James Lamon • 2 years ago

The Mystery In The Music Of "Jesus' Son"

Thoughts on the short story collection and The Velvet Underground after the passing of Denis Johnson.

James Lamon • 2 years ago

19 Rzeczy, Których Się Nauczyliśmy, Grając W Heroes Of The Storm

„Śmierć na początku gry jest naprawdę do bani. Ale tak bywa“.

19 Tips We Picked Up After Playing "Heroes Of The Storm"

Getting killed early in the game really sucks. But it happens.

9 Reasons Why You Need To Visit The British Countryside

"The entirety of England is an ancient theme park manicured to look freaking pretty."

57 Crushing Moments Of Culture Shock I've Had Since Moving To London

USA ✈️ UK = confusion, intrigue, and going to Currys for a curry only to realize it's a retail electronics store.

James Lamon • 2 years ago

I Tried To Dry-Age Steaks In My Own Kitchen For 28 Days

"Worth the wait" has a whole new meaning. Grill something worth waiting for this summer with expertly crafted flavors from Weber Sauces & Seasonings.

Two Texans Try To Smoke Brisket On Their NYC Rooftop

We bring the brisket. Weber Sauces & Seasonings brings the flavor (and basically everything else).

We Tried To Build The Best Homemade Toboggan

Because someone needs to take this seriously for once.

We Try To Learn Perfect Running Form In Two Weeks

And by "perfect," we mean "efficient," apparently. Luckily, we have the fuzeX™ shoe by ASICS to help us too.