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Selfies On The Google Pixel 2 Vs Selfies On Our Regular Phones

A practical test for practical people looking for practical advice.

The Google Pixel 2 is touted as an industry-leading mobile camera.

And we can all agree that selfies are the frontline of the mobile camera battlefield we inhabit in this year of 2017.

But is the Google Pixel 2 camera life-changing? Will it change you from zero to hero? From a mere 6 to a mighty 10? Will it help you glow up?

To test this, we decided to see how the Google Pixel 2 selfie camera compares to the phones we have in our pockets.

What we hope to discover is: How much better is the Pixel 2? How bad will it make our regular phones look by comparison, if it all? Will the Google Pixel 2's selfie powers alone make this black-and-white bad boy a must-buy?

Here goes nothing!

The photos below were taken back to back with the same angle and lighting conditions. None of the photos have been edited in any way, unless labeled as such.

Pro tip: Click the images to see each photo in high resolution.






Robyn (and Ronnie!)



It's obvious the Google Pixel 2 takes very clear and crisp photos. The clarity stands out above all else — beating both our older phones and our brand-new phones in the Google Pixel 2's competitive set. Another noteworthy thing is the warm/cool balance. Photos on the Pixel 2 look cooler in most lighting conditions. And finally: portrait mode. The Pixel 2's portrait mode is more extreme than other models, giving a stronger blur and a deeper depth of field. This is especially apparent on the low-light photo, where the Pixel was able to capture more accurate details even 100 metres in the background.

The Google Pixel 2 is clearly a capable selfie machine (even without retouching mode on).

Do you think selfies on the Google Pixel 2 are second to none? Is it worth the upgrade? Learn more about everything you can do on the Google Pixel 2 here.