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3 Single Women Finish The Sentence "A First Date Should Be..."

Single people: pay attention.

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We asked three single ladies to finish the sentence "I think a first date should be..." These are their answers.

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Ada (23)

"A first date should be chiller. It should actually be fun, but it shouldn't be locked in – if you don't like it, you can bail. That's why drinks is always the best one because you can have one drink and go. But if you're doing dinner, I'm going to have to wait for the food... I'm going to have to finish the food... I'm going to have to wait to pay. That's like an hour and a half."

Becca (25)

"I think a first date should be really fun. And have a lot of good food and good chat. It should be a little bit awkward, I guess, when you first meet someone. Also, the guy should definitely plan it. One hundred percent. Like for sure. It would be weird if a girl planned it. Or not weird, but, well, I just think a guy should plan it.

Lauren (28)

"I think a first date should be unique. Like something fun outdoors. It should be well planned and well thought out, with a little bit of spontaneous in there. There should be good chemistry. And there should be ample wine. That would be good."

What's your idea of a perfect first date? Finish the sentence: "A first date should be...."

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