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We Watched The First Episode Of "A Discovery Of Witches" And It's Magical AF

All those beauty shots of Oxford.

A Discovery Of Witches is a modern tale of ancient mythology, daemons, vampires, witches, and forbidden love, set in beautiful Oxford. James and I were lucky to get a sneak peak at the first episode, and here’s a roundup of our favourite and most ~magical~ moments.

Ayesha: Like many people, I’m obsessed with all things fantasy and magic. I mean, who doesn’t love consuming themselves in worlds where spells and magical beasts exist? So when I heard that a TV adaptation of A Discovery Of Witches by Deborah Harkness was coming to Sky One, I was pretty damn excited to check it out.

James: I’m mostly here for the vampires and lore. I wouldn’t describe myself as a fantasy fan, but I do love it when a story weaves the fantastic into history. My layman’s premise for A Discovery Of Witches is: a witch and a vampire, who are Oxford scholars, discover a dangerous ancient tome that threatens the world. WHICH IS DOPE. To me, imagining vampires or witches played a hidden but integral role in the Crusades or the Black Plague or WWII is just cool as hell. I guess history, and especially ancient history, is somewhat mysterious to us in the modern age, and so it feels somehow reasonable to imagine that daemons or vampires did play a part in those events. Prove to me it’s not real. I’ll wait.

1. Diana opens a manuscript and accidentally makes a bunch of weird things happen.

2. A vampire tries to sire his friend – and fails.

3. Diana uses magic to keep all her work from flying away.

4. Matthew experiences intense bloodlust but doesn't act on it.

5. A witch conjures a huge ring of fire to kill her would-be attacker.

6. Diana and Matthew's intense standoff.

So, the first episode of A Discovery Of Witches was a ride. Magic, scares, sexual tension – this episode had it all. But the show also left us with a bunch of questions that we’re dying to know the answer to.

1. When is Diana going to embrace her powers?

2. Speaking of, who is the good and the bad in this story? Should we root for the vampires or the witches?

3. Diana and Matthew are clearly destined for romance. Will they both rebel against their own species?

4. Where did vampires come from? And why are their powers failing?

5. Why does the lost manuscript respond only to Diana?

6. So, when's the fight?

Delve into the magical world of A Discovery Of Witches exclusively on Sky One. Catch up on Episode 1 now, with new episodes every Friday at 9pm.