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Flemish Collegestudents Campain For More Funding

Flemish Colleges are expected to do the same work, with a lot less funding. Students band together to send a strong message, they hope to achieve an increase in resources to uphold the quality of their education.

BelgianEyes 3 years ago

Priest Calls Jesus 'His Nigga'

This is a hilarious video of a priest trying to be cool :D It may be old but this just needs to be seen.

BelgianEyes 5 years ago

Ypres - Centre Of The Great War

This weekend I went to Ypres to commemorate all the soldiers we lost in the first World War. On this day, 95 years ago, at eleven in the morning, the fighting came to an end. And now every year, people from all over the world come to Ypres on november 11th to commemorate their suffering.

BelgianEyes 5 years ago

7 Old But Beautiful Teddybears

Irish Photographer Mark Nixon took pictures of very old, sometimes ugly but still sweet teddybears. They are collected in his book "Much Loved"

BelgianEyes 5 years ago

20 Awesome Pieces Of 3D Art By Nagai Hideyuki

This Japanese artist know how to use his pencil!

BelgianEyes 5 years ago

6 New - And Quite Strange - Words In The Dutch Dictionary

Here are six of the recently added words that are now in the 'Van Dale' - the best known Dutch/Flemish dictionary.

BelgianEyes 5 years ago

100 Things You Didn't Know About Harry Potter

Here are some fun, maybe surprising facts about the Harry Potter series.

BelgianEyes 6 years ago

While In Belgium, Try Your Best Not To Get A Heartattack

Way too few Belgians are able to perform CPR. So if you have a sensitive heart, don't go on a trip to Belgium.

BelgianEyes 6 years ago

A Rather Misplaced Hurray For New York

In New York, there hasn't been a murder in one week. Apparently this is quite a victory.

BelgianEyes 6 years ago
Heben Nigatu 6 years ago