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British Rowing Team Strips Down Once Again To Fight Homophobia

It's a beautiful day for fighting bullies. (NSFWish, because butts.)

Say hello to the fine gentlemen of the Warwick University Rowing Club.

On most days, they're just your average fine British rowing men.

They just do normal stuff like running around for exercise...

And training together outside...

Oh, and doing that thing where they get completely naked with one another to help fight homophobia.

Since 2009, the rowing team has stripped down for the Warwick Rowing Naked Calendar, donating a portion of the proceeds to their charity, Sport Allies, which fights homophobia and bullying.

Which means THIS completely naked rowing is helping to fight homophobia and bullying.

As is this helping hand.

This bicep rub.

This naked tug.

This squirt to the face.

It's ALL for a good cause.

It's charity!

It's totally OK for you to buy this calendar and not feel guilty, because YOU'RE HELPING.

Plus, it's a great way for you to learn about these wonderful British gentlemen and the fine art of rowing.

You learn about their hobbies, which include nakedly chasing dogs in a field.

Nakedly standing alone in fields.

Nakedly shaving one another.

Nakedly pushing one another into lakes.

And getting totally and completely naked for a good cause because they want the world to be beautiful.

You can watch the entire promo video here, follow them on Twitter and Facebook, and, of course, grab a calendar at

And you can check out their calendar from last year.