6 New - And Quite Strange - Words In The Dutch Dictionary

Here are six of the recently added words that are now in the ‘Van Dale’ - the best known Dutch/Flemish dictionary.

1. ‘LUSTKOGELS’ - meaning ‘Ben Wa balls’

The new word is a contraction of the Dutch words for ‘lust’ and ‘bullets’.
For more information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Wa_balls

2. ‘ROEPTOETEREN’ - mening ‘loudly proclaim your oversimplified opinion’

The new word is a contraction of the translation of ‘screem’ and ‘toot’ wich for the Dutch and the Flemish also sounds pretty strange.

3. ‘SUKKELSEKS’ - meaning ‘sex that isn’t meant to be amazing’

The word is a contraction of ‘sukkel’ and ‘seks’. Sukkel is a negative word to indicate a softy, a douche, a stupid person, basically someone who can make you roll your eyes. And well you can guess the meaning of the second word.

4. ‘BOERENBRIDGE’ - meaning ‘Bridge, but easier’

Boeren, plural form of ‘boer’, means ‘peasants’. Funny note: ‘boeren’ is also a verb, meaning ‘to burp’.

5. ‘HUISVROUWENPORNO’ - meaning ‘soft pornographic literature, mostly read by housewives’

A contraction of ‘porno’ (I don’t think a translation is necessary) and ‘huisvrouwen’ meaning ‘housewives’.

6. ‘GEHEUGENKOOR’ - meaning a choir of demented people, their family and supervisors

I have no idea wether this is internationally known so I’ll just explain. In Belgium there is an event called Music For Life. In one week time, people give a certain subject a lot of attention through music.
The subject of 2012 was dementia, and apparently people with dementia more easily remember things that are linked to music. So a ‘Memorychoir’ was established and the demented people all sang a song together, right before a Muse-performance in Belgium. This performance was the big final of the Music for Life week.

All information was found on the website of ‘de Standaard’
Do me a favor and tell me what you thought the words meant when you first saw them

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