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29 GIFs That Might Get You Pregnant

*Fans self*

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1. Here we have a soaking wet Tyler Blackburn licking his lips and doing the up and down sexy eyes thing. *stops to catch breath*

2. Oh nothing, just Raúl Castillo from HBO's Looking giving you the sultriest of looks.

3. Who can resist one glance from model (and rumored ex of Frank Ocean) Willy Cartier?

4. Are you ready for the John Hamm turn? *swoons* *faints*


5. Question: has anyone been able to watch Michael B. Jordan lick his lips and manage to say composed?! Or those abs??

6. Jake Johnson has perfected the whole undressing bae with just my eyes thing. *brings out the church fan* *fans everyone*

7. Imagine having Matt Czuchry in your bedroom just having a drink and shining that ridiculously charming smile at you.

8. Have you gotten lost in Matt Kemp's eyes yet?

9. Daniel Henney was in a movie called Seducing Mr. Perfect which is pretty much a perfect description of what you want to do to him.

10. Watching bodybuilder Navtej Singh work those arms will absolutely mesmerize you.

11. And speaking of arms...can we just take a moment to appreciate literally everything about Richard Sherman?!

(Plus, you know he'd make the perfect dad).

12. Have you been graced by the light of Zayn Malik today?

13. What about walking god among mere mortals, Jesse Williams?


14. The sexy and ridiculously charming model Martin Sensmeier might make you weak.

15. Maybe the angsty, brooding gaze of Jordan Catalano is more your type?

16. Or perhaps chubby Chris Pratt? Toned Chris Pratt? Literally every version of Christ Pratt is cute as heck.

17. QUICK CHECK-IN: Jeff Goldblum wants to know, you good? *faints* *comes back to life* *faints again*

18. Whoever you are, no one can resist the Frank Ocean giggle.

19. Or the whole sexy, mysterious villain thing that Zachary Quinto does so well.

20. Silver fox Steve Carrell can get it any day.

21. What about Jason Momoa's growl?

And that hair.

And those lips.

OK who are we kidding, every damn thing about Jason Momoa is perfection.

22. Who can resist Blake Griffin's adorable dimple action?

And his goofy little smile?

23. I'm not even sure what is happening to John Cho here but I am here for every sweaty inch of it.

24. God bless the person who is always making Zac Efron take off his shirt in every movie.

God. Bless.

25. Joe Manganiello taking off his glasses is a work of art.

26. And so is Avan Jogia and his glorious mane.

27. Young Marlon Brando. Enough said.

28. Model and professionally buff dude David McIntosh will probably have you sweating.

29. Well, are you pregnant yet?

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