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    48 Products You Might Find Yourself Daydreaming About

    "Hey now, hey now, this is what dreaaaams are made of!" —Lizzie McGuire, and probably you after checking out these items.

    1. Lipstick by Barbie and PÜR that is so beautiful you won't believe it really exists. Luckily for us — it does!

    2. A cleaning pen, so all of your jewels (whether they're real or not) will be so sparkly that everyone will wonder where you got 'em from.

    3. Or a bottle of wood polish and conditioner to make your antiques, cabinets, and tables shine ~bright like a diamond~.

    4. Clip-in synthetic hair extensions that'll give you the luscious locks you've always dreamed of with minimal effort.

    5. A backpack that doubles as a powerbank to make sure both your phone and your accessory game are always ~charged up~.

    6. A Drillbrush Power Scrubber you can attach to your power drill and completely change the way you clean your bathroom. The results will be SO satisfying.

    7. A Makeup Eraser cloth you'll wonder how you lived this long without after seeing how it magically takes ALL of your makeup off with just a few swipes.

    8. A pet hair remover with a unique patented brush design that'll let you invite guests to sit down without fear of them being covered head-to-toe in your dog's hair.

    9. A collared plaid coat you can count on to keep you warm during the winter while still looking as fabulous as ever.

    10. A Remington curling wand, perfect for anyone who has been too nervous to try and master this hot tool and doesn't want to commit to a product they're *not sure* they're going to get a lot of use out of. Spoiler: you will!

    11. A nickel-free zodiac ring that won't turn your finger green and'll leave you ~starry-eyed~ every time you catch it glimmering in the light.

    12. A utensil organizer to prevent you from reaching into a hot mess of a drawer only to either A.) accidentally stab yourself with a rogue knife or B.) realize you don't have a single clean spoon to eat with.

    13. Or a handheld knife sharpener you can use to bring your most-used kitchen utensils back to life in a flash without destroying your countertop or cutting boards.

    14. Acne absorbing cover patches that'll blend in with any skin tone and are gentle enough for any skin type, so you can go about your day without worrying that it looks like you're growing a second head on your face.

    15. A festive sweatshirt inspired by the, arguably, best moment in Elf where Buddy is sent off in the most wholesome way possible. Thanks, Mr Narwhal!

    16. The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush your friends have likely all been raving about for months now because it is a life-changing beauty tool.

    17. Patterned fishnet stockings that'll make you want to ~show a lil' more leg~ even if you're headed to a family affair. Sorry, Grandma.

    18. An off-the-shoulder waffle knit top, perfect for both running errands or a casual lunch with a friend you haven't seen in a minute.

    19. Cat tarot cards that'll have your friends saying "are you kitten me?" when you give them a spot-on reading.

    20. High-waisted leggings you can throw on to lounge around your apartment or pair with an oversized sweater for brunch — truly the most versatile (and necessary) item of clothing you'll ever own.

    21. A set of five nail polishes and a top coat so you can create one of those trendy ombré manicures without heading out to a pricey salon.

    22. A blanket scarf anyone who defines themselves as "basic" will absolutely want to have in their wardrobe.

    23. Or a skater dress with a Peter Pan collar to make you feel as devious as Wednesday Addams while also looking fabulous.

    24. Slip-on booties with a chunky heel for channeling your inner-diva and strutting like you're walking the runway even though in reality you're in the aisle of the supermarket.

    25. Glittering ear crawlers covered in glass stones that are so beautiful you'll find yourself ACTUALLY dreaming about them rather than just daydreaming.

    26. A mug warmer, because maybe, JUST MAYBE, you'll be able to drink your coffee while it's hot instead of daydreaming about it.

    27. A teddy coat you'll get so many compliments on you won't want to tell anyone you snagged it for less than $35.

    28. Acrylic barrettes, so you can easily accessorize on days you just don't have the motivation to really do your hair.

    29. A retro-styled Disney holiday tee you'll find yourself daydreaming about while you also mentally plan your next trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.

    30. A 12-oz bottle of Mike's Hot Honey that'll help you take the flavor of your boring weeknight recipes to the next level with just a drizzle.

    31. A deck of Dream Decoder cards so you can finally get to the bottom of why you keep dreaming about your teeth falling out.

    32. Or an adorable lil' kitty pin to disprove that silly superstition that black cats are bad luck.

    33. A subscription to Book of the Month because there are few things as dreamy to a bibliophile as cracking open a hardcover book. Mmm I can smell the freshly printed pages already.

    34. A curtain of twinkle lights that'll make you feel like you headed for the second star on the right and landed in Never Land every time you climb into bed.

    35. A heat-changing constellation mug, since your head is usually in the clouds anyways you might as well embrace it.

    36. The "Best of Hannah Montana" on vinyl because, if you're being honest, those jams haven't left your head since 2006. Life's what you make it, amiright?

    37. A Deathly Hallows Loungefly handbag with a delicate gold handle and a stunning recreation of the Elder Wander that'll leave any Potterhead (or fashionista) feeling spellbound.