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    43 Gifts For Your Boss That Might Get You Named "Employee Of The Month"

    If you've been wanting a Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute relationship, here's your ticket.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Two Minute Mornings journal complete with gratitude prompts they can use to start the day off on a positive note (even BEFORE coffee, can you imagine!?).

    2. A coffee enamel pin so your boss can display your office's motto on their denim jacket.

    3. A cleaning pen for your boss who loves bling. It'll keep their jewels as sparkly as the day they bought 'em.

    4. A deck of cards they can use to play an actual game or break out when they need some extra encouragement.

    5. Cute cat index tabs that'll bring a smile to your boss' face even if they're overwhelmed and flipping through important documents at the office.

    6. A monogrammed mug with a beautiful floral design from Rifle Paper Co. they can sip some soothing tea out of while replying to emails.

    7. A Ron Swanson Funko Pop figure to keep your stern-but-secretly-silly boss company at their desk.

    8. A soothing candle from Homesick so they can close their eyes, take a deep breath, and leave the workplace drama behind at the end of the day.

    9. A stainless steel ring that doubles as a fidget spinner that'll help keep them calm, cool, and collected in stressful meetings.

    10. A BuzzFeed Tasty daily box calendar they can leave on their kitchen counter and tear a sheet away to reveal cooking inspiration every day since, IMO, the hardest decision any of us have to make on a daily basis is what to eat for dinner.

    11. A pearl hair pin featuring their initial that your ultra glamorous boss will simply gush over when you present them with it.

    12. A collapsible Stojo cup they can use to bring their fave hot beverage on their commute then simply squish it down and pop it into their bag without a worry it won't be able to fit.

    13. An external battery charger that'll have them singing your praises when they inevitably leave the house before charging their phone...again.

    14. An AirFly wireless transmitter for your boss who is always traveling for business so they can connect their Airpods to the tiny airplane TV and never have a last-minute freak out about having to buy cheap wired headphones from their seat again.

    15. A heated massager pillow anyone will be happy to have after a no good very bad day.

    16. A set of LED lightsaber chopsticks your Star Wars–loving manager will get a real kick out of the next time you guys order sushi for lunch.

    17. Monica the Medium's book, Messages from Above, to bring your boss some peace of mind if they've been going through a tough time or in case they just looooove learning about what it's like to talk to the dead (hey, you'd be surprised!).

    18. A faux fur throw blanket they can wrap around themselves when the office feels like an ice box (AKA, always).

    19. A personalized docking station with a place for their phone, wallet, keys, and more to help them keep track of their most important items at all times.

    20. A set of socks to keep your their toes toasty all winter long — beware, you'll probably want to pick up some for yourself!

    21. A pack of colorful silicone straws they can share with their fellow environmentally conscious colleagues who accompany them on iced coffee runs.

    22. A Dead Sea mud mask infused with Aloe-Vera, Calendula oil, vitamin E, sunflower seed, and Jojoba oil that'll have their skin looking fresher than ever.

    23. A ticket stub memento box they can use to display all the fun concerts and shows they've been to over the years.

    24. Four trinket dishes that'll connect together to form one intricately designed place to store all odds 'n' ends efficiently and beautifully.

    25. A customized Starbucks cup to combine their love for Disney and caffeine into one glittering tumbler.

    26. A four-pack of pizza socks they won't find ~cheesy~ at all when their toes are as toasty as a pie fresh out of the oven.

    27. A purrfect coffee spoon to help them stir up some fun with their morning Cup o' Joe.

    28. A selection of Cadbury treats for your boss who loves nothing more than re-watching episodes of The Crown and scrolling through pics of what Kate Middleton most recently wore.

    29. An unofficial Harry Potter cookbook that'll encourage them to be a ~wizard~ in the kitchen, not just at Hogwarts.

    30. Socks with their pet's face ALL over them so they can secretly keep their paw-fect smile with them under their knee-high boots.

    31. Touch screen leather gloves lined with a cashmere blend that'll let them continue to text away even when they're outside in the elements.

    32. A monthly planner that'll become their constant companion in fighting the chaos that is their day-to-day. It comes with SO many stickers and a color-coded system that'll make their heart sing.

    33. A dad hat for your grammar-obsessed editor whose literal job is to correct you when you make a mistake.

    34. Or a New York Times crossword puzzle book any word nerd would be delighted to receive — just don't expect them to pay attention to you at all for the next week with the exception of asking you "what's an eight letter word for snow storm!?"

    35. A copy of Homebody by interior designer extraordinaire Joanna Gaines they'll adore and probably use as inspiration to redecorate their office.

    36. An inexpensive cold brew maker so your caffeine-obsessed boss can make as much cold brew as they want (AKA... A LOT) without spending their entire paycheck.

    37. A vinyl sticker to transform their boring old power adapter into one Walt Disney himself would've approved of.

    38. A lil' corgi succulent planter to pay tribute to their favorite dog breed — whether they actually own a pup or not.

    39. A 2020 calendar that'll bring the magic of Walt Disney World into their day EVERY DAY (since that's what calendars do).

    40. Acrylic drop earrings, so trendy and affordable you can buy a bunch of them to gift to the most fashionable boss you've ever had.

    41. A set of 16 Dermal Korea collagen sheet masks for your boss who is always telling you about the cool new beauty product they tried over the weekend.

    42. A set of cute floral notebooks that'll add a fun pop of color to their desk.

    43. And a "World's Best Boss" mug that'll get right to the point — you love your boss as much as Dwight loves Michael Scott (hopefully).

    Your boss after you give them the best gift ever:

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