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    I'm Still Mad That These 19 Teen Drama Relationships Were Cut Short

    Are you still upset about Emily and Samara from Pretty Little Liars, or are you normal?

    As some of you may know, I have some pretty strong feelings about teen drama couples.

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    My coworker/teen drama partner in crime Kelly and I have ranked the worst and the best.

    But some couples we barely even got to see! Below, I discuss the teen drama couples that DESERVED BETTER. AKA, more screen time and longer storylines.

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    ^Me at all of these couples.

    1. Josie and Archie from Riverdale

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    Archie was SO annoying and kept making the wrong choices in Season 3, and putting him with Josie made him likable again in the span of just a few episodes. She brought out the best in him and their relationship wasn't just sex like his relationship with Veronica was. "Fight for Me" was a totally underrated part of the Heathers episode.

    2. Veronica and Reggie from Riverdale

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    It was so nice to see Veronica with someone she wasn't constantly bailing out or just having sex with. Reggie seemed to really respect her business acumen and was always there for her, but he also challenged her and asked for what he needed out of their relationship. He was her friend first and I loved that. Bring back Veggie!

    3. Emily and Samara from Pretty Little Liars


    Emily had a lot of bad girlfriends (I don't even want to talk about Paige). I liked Maya (though obviously she died), but my favorite of Emily's girlfriends was actually Samara. Samara was so sweet and smart and normal, and their relationship was so cute and supportive. I love Claire Holt and I was so sad A ruined that relationship.

    4. Serena and Carter from Gossip Girl

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    Why didn't Carter (aka Sebastian Stan) get more screen time on Gossip Girl? He was a much better bad boy than Chuck (who was so problematic) and when he was with Serena, he finally began to become a better man. Their relationship was so interesting, and they had amazing chemistry. Points off for lying to Serena about her dad when he came back for an episode, but still, I wanted to see more of them.

    5. Serena and Nate from Gossip Girl

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    We really only got a half season with them. I kept waiting for the show to bring them back, but it never did. Serena and Nate were both kind of beautiful dummies and they worked so well together. They had a ton of chemistry and their relationship was so much simpler and more pure than Serena's with Dan.

    6. Sam and Mercedes on Glee


    Sam and Mercedes were such an unexpected and cute couple. They were so supportive of each other's dreams, truly believed in each other, and were just so unproblematic. I still choose to believe they got back together one day.

    7. Klaus and Caroline from The Vampire Diaries

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    This is truly one of my favorite ships on any show. Klaus was the only one who saw how special Caroline was right from the start, and Caroline truly made Klaus reconsider his life choices. There was SO MUCH buildup and then all we really got was a sex scene in the 100th episode. I liked to believe they got together after (SPOILER ALERT) Stefan's death, but then Klaus died in the finale of The Originals and ruined all my hopes and dreams.

    8. Hannah and Zach from 13 Reasons Why


    Okay, so to be fair, I don't know how they would've extended this relationship since it was added in as flashbacks after Hannah's death. But Zach and Hannah were so sweet together, and Hannah really helped Zach through his dad's death. I was so mad that Zach wouldn't just stand up to his friends and tell them he was dating Hannah, and I don't blame her for breaking up with him, but I can't help but wonder how things might've been different if they'd stayed together.

    9. Santana and Dani on Glee


    I loved Brittany and Santana, but it was nice to see Santana with someone else for a while. Santana and Dani had such great chemistry (including in their singing!) and their relationship was so uncomplicated and pure (until the stupid band plotline). Having Demi on Glee was really fun and I wish it had lasted longer.

    10. Marissa and Alex from The O.C.


    Ryan and Marissa may have been meant to be, but Marissa and Alex were a great detour. They seemed to genuinely care for each other and it was great to see a queer relationship on a teen drama back in 2004. The show ruined their relationship in the end, turning Alex unlikable and Marissa indifferent, which was really a shame because it was an obvious ploy to bring Ryan and Marissa back together that really did not feel necessary at the time.

    11. Clarke and Lexa from The 100

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    Obviously, this relationship ended because Lexa died and not because they broke up, but I still think it should've lasted longer. Lexa's death felt unnecessary, and there was so much more exploration that could've been done of this relationship.

    12. Aria and Wes from Pretty Little Liars


    Aria should NOT have ended up with Ezra. Their relationship was so creepy even before it was revealed Ezra got to know Aria (knowing she was underage) to write a book about Alison. Yes, Wes was Ezra's brother, which made things sort of weird, but they were a MUCH better match. They never exactly dated, but think of how things would've been different if Aria had met Wes first!! Ugh, a girl can dream.

    13. Aria and Jason from Pretty Little Liars


    Please, put Aria with anyone but Ezra. Jason and Aria had so much chemistry, and I love that they never actually got together until Aria graduated, since he was older than her (though obviously not as much older as Ezra). Jason helped out when Mike was in trouble and was so protective over Aria, and Aria seemed to see the best in Jason. They should 100% have ended up together.

    14. Danny and Ethan from Teen Wolf


    Danny and Ethan were so sweet and unproblematic. Danny humanized Ethan, and it was so nice to see Danny happy. I don't understand why Ethan OR Danny left the show, and while it was nice to see Ethan and Jackson in the finale, I was mad he was no longer with Danny.

    15. Isaac and Allison from Teen Wolf


    Look, Scott and Allison are one of my favorite pairings ever. But seeing Allison with someone new actually felt like a new and fresh storyline that deserved exploring, and Isaac was a super fun fit for her. Allison felt like the first person to really see Isaac for who he was and give him confidence and support (though Scott did too, albeit in a different way). Their relationship getting cut short was one of the reasons Allison's death was so tragic.

    16. Skills and Bevin from One Tree Hill

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    WHY DIDN'T THIS RELATIONSHIP GET MORE SCREEN TIME??? Skills and Bevin were ADORABLE together, and every scene with them was straight fluff. I never understood why Bevin was just gone after the time jump, though I appreciate the show bringing her back in the last episode and implying they got back together.

    17. Matt and Rebekah from The Vampire Diaries

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    I loved this relationship. As Rebekah said, Matt was just so human, and that was everything Rebekah wanted to be. He helped her get more in touch with her humanity, and she helped bring him adventure. Unlike other vampires in Matt's life, Rebekah actually apologized and took responsibility for the pain she'd inflicted on his life. How come they never got more than a summer fling??

    18. Elijah and Katherine from The Vampire Diaries

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    I shipped Elijah and Katherine way back when they first met in the 1400s. She seemed to help him believe in love again, and he fought to protect her from Klaus. Hundreds of years later, when they actually dated, Elijah was the only one to give her a second chance. Katherine admitting she has told so many lies she's not even sure what the truth is anymore and giving the cure to Elijah without a promise of anything in return was a huge growth moment for her. I was really sad he didn't take her back.

    19. And finally, Miles And Lola from Degrassi

    Lola saying "let's just enjoy whatever this is" and Miles responding "Yeah, I'd like that"

    They fell in love in such a short amount of time, but their relationship was much more genuine than Miles and Tristan's, because Lola was instantly accepting of his bisexuality and genuinely cared about him. He even wrote a whole play about her being his "hope"! Their relationship was unfairly cut short when Tristan woke up from his coma and Miles broke up with Lola to be there for Tristan.

    Thanks to Kelly for the suggestion.

    Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments which couples you wished had stayed together!

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