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    I'm Still Mad That These 19 Teen Drama Relationships Were Cut Short

    Are you still upset about Emily and Samara from Pretty Little Liars, or are you normal?

    As some of you may know, I have some pretty strong feelings about teen drama couples.

    But some couples we barely even got to see! Below, I discuss the teen drama couples that DESERVED BETTER. AKA, more screen time and longer storylines.

    1. Josie and Archie from Riverdale

    2. Veronica and Reggie from Riverdale

    3. Emily and Samara from Pretty Little Liars

    4. Serena and Carter from Gossip Girl

    5. Serena and Nate from Gossip Girl

    6. Sam and Mercedes on Glee

    7. Klaus and Caroline from The Vampire Diaries

    8. Hannah and Zach from 13 Reasons Why

    9. Santana and Dani on Glee

    10. Marissa and Alex from The O.C.

    11. Clarke and Lexa from The 100

    12. Aria and Wes from Pretty Little Liars

    13. Aria and Jason from Pretty Little Liars

    14. Danny and Ethan from Teen Wolf

    15. Isaac and Allison from Teen Wolf

    16. Skills and Bevin from One Tree Hill

    17. Matt and Rebekah from The Vampire Diaries

    18. Elijah and Katherine from The Vampire Diaries

    19. And finally, Miles And Lola from Degrassi

    Lola saying "let's just enjoy whatever this is" and Miles responding "Yeah, I'd like that"

    Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments which couples you wished had stayed together!