The Definite 50 Worst Teen Drama Couples Of All Time

    Some things are NOT meant to be.

    There are some teen drama couples on TV that are absolutely amazing.

    But there are other teen drama pairings that just...don't work. Maybe they lack chemistry, they're really toxic for each other, or they're just plain awful.

    As your resident teen drama experts™, we present to you (in no particular order) the definite list of the absolute worst teen drama couples of all time:

    Note: Some of these contain mentions of sexual assault.

    Spoilers ahead!

    1. Rory and Dean, Gilmore Girls

    2. Dan and Serena, Gossip Girl

    3. Buffy and Riley, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    4. Ryan and Lindsay, The O.C.

    5. Brooke and Felix, One Tree Hill

    6. Navid and Silver, 90210

    7. Lucas and Peyton, One Tree Hill

    8. Marissa and Volchok, The O.C.

    9. Aria and Ezra, Pretty Little Liars

    10. Jughead and Toni, Riverdale

    11. Veronica and Duncan, Veronica Mars

    12. Peter and Emma, Degrassi: The Next Generation

    13. Blair and Nate, Gossip Girl

    14. Blaine and Karofsky, Glee

    15. Guzmán and Lu, Elite

    16. Ani and Bryce, 13 Reasons Why

    17. Peyton and Pete Wentz, One Tree Hill

    18. Hope and Landon, Legacies

    19. Emily and Paige, Pretty Little Liars

    20. Sid and Michelle, Skins

    21. Miles and Tristan, Degrassi: Next Class

    22. Drew and Becky, Degrassi: The Next Generation

    23. Stefan and Katherine, The Vampire Diaries

    24. Julian and Peyton, One Tree Hill

    25. Nate and Jenny, Gossip Girl

    26. Eric and Adam, Sex Education

    27. Alaric and Caroline, The Vampire Diaries

    28. Ben and Amy, The Secret Life of the American Teenager

    29. Chuck and Vanessa, Gossip Girl

    30. Ani and Clay, 13 Reasons Why

    31. Monty and Winston, 13 Reasons Why

    32. Spencer and Caleb, Pretty Little Liars

    33. Rufus and Ivy, Gossip Girl

    34. Malia and Scott, Teen Wolf

    35. Lu and Valerio, Elite

    36. Logan and Hannah, Veronica Mars

    37. Stefan and Valerie, The Vampire Diaries

    38. Dan and Blair, Gossip Girl

    39. Lucas and Lindsey, One Tree Hill

    40. Emma and Will, Glee

    41. Jessica and Alex, 13 Reasons Why

    42. Seth and Anna, The O.C.

    43. Bonnie and Jeremy, The Vampire Diaries

    44. Lydia and Parrish, Teen Wolf

    45. Dan and Vanessa, Gossip Girl

    46. Dan and Rachel, One Tree Hill

    47. Ben and Adrian, The Secret Life of the American Teenager

    48. Spencer and Wren, Pretty Little Liars

    49. Tyler and Liv, The Vampire Diaries

    50. And finally, Dawson and Joey, Dawson's Creek

    Got a bad couple that didn't make this list? Disagree with any of these? Tell us in the comments!