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    32 Teen TV Couples That Were Absolutely Perfect From Start To Finish

    Nathan Scott and Seth Cohen set the bar WAY too high.

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    🚨Spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. Nathan and Haley, One Tree Hill

    The WB

    Kelly: As ridiculous as it was that these two got married at 16 YEARS OLD, they're definitely the golden couple of this show. It's incredible how much they've grown together and how supportive of each other they are as individuals. Every time I rewatch Season 1 and hear Nathan say, "Don't say I never gave you anything," my heart just MELTS.

    Hannah: They definitely had their struggles, such as Nathan's depression and Haley's music career/Chris Keller, but they always came out stronger on the other side. They were able to balance their own dreams with the work necessary to keep a marriage strong without resenting each other. They always supported each other but weren't afraid to give tough love when it was needed, and it ALWAYS paid off.

    Best moment: When Nathan tells Haley he got into the NBA.

    2. Jake and Peyton, One Tree Hill

    The WB

    Hannah: Filed under: COUPLES THAT DESERVED BETTER!!! Jake and Peyton were SO sweet together, and Peyton clearly had so much love for Jake and his daughter. I mean, she literally took a ticket Pete Wentz gave her to use to see him (lol) and used it to see Jake instead. Jake respected Peyton's boundaries and her desire to move slowly, and he was SO protective of her. But he was also a really good dad and always put his daughter first, and would've made an amazing life partner. I will never forgive the show for randomly making Peyton "realize" she still loved Lucas.

    Best moment: When Peyton is buying coke again and Jake comes back to stop her while looking DAMN FINE.

    3. Brooke and Lucas, One Tree Hill

    The WB

    Hannah: Aaaaand I'll take "couples that deserved better" for 800, Alex. Lucas was far too moody and serious, and Brooke was much more fun and impulsive. She was able to lighten Lucas up and get him to have fun, while he was able to ground her and get her in touch with her more sensitive and creative side. Lucas was a damn fool when it came to Brooke in Season 1, but in Season 3 he was overall a really great boyfriend who was able to support her, forgive her, and get her to trust again. The school shooting might've changed things, but I still think they could've worked. Taking Peyton away from Jake and putting her back with Lucas was a mistake.

    Kelly: This one is obviously controversial because, let's be honest, Lucas was a whole rat and Brooke deserved better. BUT I can't deny that these two had me completely wrapped around their finger. Lucas spent all of Season 2 rebuilding his friendship with Brooke and earning her trust again, and even convinced her parents to let her stay in Tree Hill because he "wasn't ready to lose her." When they got back together in Season 3, their relationship was so much more mature and they truly loved each other. I'm sorry, but I'll NEVER be convinced that Lucas would have ended up with Peyton if it wasn't for Chad and Sophia's divorce in real life.

    Best moment: When Lucas promises to fight for Brooke at the beach.

    4. Brooke and Julian, One Tree Hill

    The WB

    Hannah: Thank god they finally gave Brooke someone who deserved her. Julian came off as a dick when we first met him, but it turned out he was just a big ol' overly romantic nerd. He helped her get over her trust issues and reluctance to fall in love again, and she helped support him when he took huge risks in his career. Alex was definitely a foil in the mix, but I could actually see both sides of the conflict and felt they worked through it well.

    Kelly: I will always be a Brucas shipper at heart, but I was really glad Brooke ended up with someone who loved her and treated her right. I loved how Brooke opened up to him and let herself fall in love again, and I was so thrilled when they got pregnant with twins after they thought they wouldn't be able to have kids.

    Best moment: When Brooke finally told Julian she loved him in the Season 6 finale.

    5. Veronica and Logan, Veronica Mars

    The CW

    Kelly: Okay, so the on-again, off-again nature of this relationship was definitely frustrating at times, but they still have my heart. They started off hating each other, then slowly became friends, and then fell in love and built a beautiful relationship. Logan really changed for Veronica, and he'd go to the ends of the earth to protect her. I'm not even going to acknowledge that Season 4 ending, because to me, they're happily married and solving mysteries together.

    Best moment: Logan's "I thought our story was epic" speech.

    6. Cheryl and Toni, Riverdale

    The CW

    Hannah: Cheryl coming out to Toni was one of the highlights of Riverdale. It was unexpected but somehow worked perfectly with her character. Her and Toni as a pair are so cute considering their opposite personalities and styles. Toni accepted Cheryl right away and didn't push her into anything she wasn't ready for. Their first kiss when Toni rescued Cheryl was my favorite Riverdale kiss ever, and they continue to be a power couple. Unfortunately, they have sidelined Toni of late, so we haven't seen much from them besides Toni just standing by Cheryl's side. But the creator has promised to do better by Toni and I can't wait to see where they go with the relationship!

    Kelly: I definitely think Toni deserves more storylines as an individual character outside of their relationship, but I can't deny how much I still love Choni. Their opposite personalities just kind of work perfectly together, and I think they have one of the strongest, most genuine bonds on the whole show. Toni got Cheryl to open up and accept herself, and Cheryl brought out a softer side in Toni. They hold each other accountable and call each other out when necessary, but they always have each other's backs and they love each other so much. Their relationship is groundbreaking, and I hope the writers explore it to the fullest potential.

    Best moment: When Toni tells Cheryl that her mother was wrong about her and assures her that she's not loveless, she's sensational.

    7. Betty and Archie, Riverdale

    The CW

    Kelly: Yeah, yeah, I know Bughead and Varchie shippers are going to hate me for this (see Hannah below), but hear me out! Not only are these two best friends, but they've also been next-door neighbors since they were four. They've grown up their whole lives together, and they know each other better than anyone else. They care more about each other than they do anyone on the entire planet (remember Betty's "not people, just one person" line?). Their feelings have always been there; they just haven't gotten the timing right. While I do not condone cheating, I hope these two have a future together.

    Hannah: Let the record show I do not approve of this pairing, but Kelly feels strongly enough about it for the both of us.

    Best scene: When Archie tells Betty that a little part of him always thought they would end up together.

    8. Ryan and Marissa, The O.C.


    Kelly: Okay, I know this relationship was exhausting, but I never felt like these two were outright bad for each other? I think they were meant to be, but life just wouldn't let them be happy. People hate on Marissa, but she was so protective of Ryan and truly loved him with all her heart. He would have done anything to save her. They deserved better!

    Hannah: Look, they were THE star-crossed lovers of teen dramas. The Jack and Rose. The Romeo and Juliet. It was basically love at first sight, and I could never get into any of Marissa's other relationships. Ryan truly loved and supported her from the start, and while Marissa could make bad decisions, he was usually patient with her. They were good friends even when they weren't in a relationship, and I'm still mad about what happened (if you know, you know).

    Best Moment: When Ryan races to the New Year's Eve party and arrives just in time to kiss her at midnight.

    9. Seth and Summer, The O.C.


    Hannah: I'm a sucker for a good nerdy guy + popular girl pairing (see: Stiles and Lydia), and Seth and Summer basically wrote the book. Summer was honestly a pretty bad person and friend before Seth, and I think it was really healthy for her to actually have to fight for Seth when Anna came into the picture. I think he grounded her, and she helped him get out of his head a lot.

    Kelly: I admittedly wasn't quite as invested in them as I was with Ryan and Marissa, but their relationship was definitely iconic. I think they both really grew as individuals in their relationship and, no matter what they went through, they always found their way back to each other. Thank god they got their happy ending!

    Best moment: When Summer realizes she still loves him and they have their Spider-Man kiss in the rain.

    10. Hanna and Caleb, Pretty Little Liars


    Hannah: Caleb loved Hanna SO MUCH. He started out working for Jenna, but it only took a few episodes to change his mind, and then his #1 priority became protecting her. He helped rescue her both times she was kidnapped, and afterward he didn't push her and was just there to support her in her trauma. And Hanna always supported Caleb, even when he had to go visit his mom or go spend time on the spinoff (lol). Spencer and Caleb were a mistake, and I was SO GLAD they brought Hanna and Caleb back together in the end.

    Best moment: When Caleb comes over to tell Hanna that he's leaving to visit his mom and they both say "I love you" for the first time.

    11. Liam and Annie, 90210

    The CW

    Kelly: I think this was the only couple I truly stanned from 90210. Maybe their relationship was kind of cliché at times, but they were just so darn cute! They went through a lot of ups and downs, like Liam deciding not to go to college and Annie getting shot, but they always stuck by each other in the end. They had such amazing chemistry, and I was so happy they got their happy ending after everything. Plus, it was cute that Annie's brother and Liam were best friends too!

    Best moment: When Liam tells Annie that he's been in love with her for a long time and they finally hook up.

    12. Damon and Elena, The Vampire Diaries

    The CW

    Hannah: Damon and Elena are my OTP. Elena's empathy softened Damon, and Damon's daringness got her to embrace life as a vampire and let go of her self-hatred. Stefan felt far too comfortable, whereas Damon really challenged her. Damon grew so much with Elena, and when they made the decision to become human together it was a beautiful moment for them both. While their relationship could be toxic, I truly believe it was cured by them becoming human and losing all bloodlust.

    Best moment: When Elena takes the cure and gets all her memories of him back, and Damon sees that even when she's human, she still loves him.

    13. Caroline and Klaus, The Vampire Diaries

    The CW

    Hannah: I loved Caroline and Stefan, but (SPOILER ALERT) Stefan died. Caroline 100% should have ended up with Klaus (it seemed like she might in the finale!!), but then The Originals had to screw that up. Caroline always saw the best in people, and even as evil as Klaus was, she had a soft spot for him. She grounded him and made him better, and he broadened her perspective and wanted to show her all the world had to offer. I also loved that for once someone chose Caroline first, right from the start, unlike Matt and Stefan and even Tyler to a degree (he kept choosing Klaus over her). Klaus saw how amazing and full of light she was in a town where everyone seemed to overlook her.

    Best moment: When Klaus comes to her graduation and says he intends to be her last love.

    14. Josie and Hope, Legacies

    The CW

    Kelly: I know these two aren't technically in a relationship, but they may as well be dating already. They've both admitted to having crushes on each other, they would both risk their lives for each other in a heartbeat, and they'll always choose each other over anyone else. They refuse to let anyone come between them, and they always find their way back to each other even when they fight. Hope saw the good in Josie even when she was Dark Josie, and Josie convinced Hope to stay at the Salvatore School. They were even shown flirting and almost making out in an alternate universe. They're soulmates, plain and simple.

    Best moment: When Hope says she had to make a choice, and she didn't choose Landon.

    15. Jal and Chris, Skins


    Kelly: I don't think I'll EVER forgive the writers for breaking my heart with these two. They were polar opposites, but they worked so well together. Chris got Jal to loosen up, and Jal got Chris to take things a little more seriously. Chris's death absolutely wrecked me, especially knowing that Jal was pregnant with his child and never got a chance to tell him.

    Best moment: When the gang has their own private funeral for Chris, and Jal says he was "the bravest boy she ever knew."

    16. Cook and Effy, Skins


    Hannah: I know Freddie stans are going to give us hate for this, but I DON'T CARE. Freddie was a great person and he helped Effy so much, but their relationship was very one-sided and basically consisted of him saving her (like Lucas and Peyton, ew). Cook was a much better match: They were so similar in their damage, and I think their bond was really genuine. They could make bad decisions together, but ultimately I felt they actually wanted what was best for each other.

    Kelly: I know Cook was a mess, but he genuinely loved Effy for who she was. I always felt like Freddie idealized Effy and wanted her to be some perfect girl, while Cook loved Effy through the good and the bad. Plus, there was no denying that they had off-the-charts chemistry. I think their love was definitely the most genuine of Effy's relationships, even if they were kind of destructive together. Plus, Effy was the only girl Cook ever loved.

    Best moment: When Effy jumps in front of a truck and Cook pulls her out of the way just in time.

    17. Alex and Charlie, 13 Reasons Why


    Kelly: I was honestly rooting for Zach and Alex as a couple and was disappointed when that didn't pan out, but Charlie and Alex surprised me as a pairing. They were extremely sweet together, and Charlie always saw the good in Alex. They made each other really happy and were so supportive of each other. Plus, Alex's brother's reaction to him dating the quarterback was too cute!

    Best moment: When they win prom royalty and dance together.

    18. Rory and Jess, Gilmore Girls

    The WB

    Kelly: Jess wasn't always the greatest boyfriend when they dated in high school, but I still think he was the most important out of Rory's relationships, and I think they definitely loved each other. Not only did they share a passion for books and writing, but they also understood each other on a deeper level. Rory saw past Jess's bad boy exterior and encouraged him to do more in life, and Jess got Rory's life back on track not once, but twice. I wish they would have gotten back together as adults.

    Best moment: When Jess comes back to show Rory his published novel and tells her that he couldn't have done it without her.

    19. Nate and Serena, Gossip Girl

    The CW

    Hannah: Like Marissa and Ryan, Nate and Serena were just meant to be, and this was clear from the beginning. Nate always loved Serena, and unlike Dan, he was actually a good fit for her (aka he didn't stalk and harass her). He was super loyal, but he also didn't let Serena get away with things, like just letting her father go or "needing time" and expecting Nate to wait. (I was so happy when she came back from Paris, and Nate was with Juliet!!) They were also both really ambitious and struggled with people doubting them due to their looks and background, and both had really complicated relationships with their parents. They were beautiful together and Dan sucks, end of story.

    Best moment:
    When Serena is at the hospital and Nate stays there overnight to make sure she's okay.

    20. Pacey and Joey, Dawson's Creek

    The WB

    Kelly: I know Joey and Dawson were the original plan, but the chemistry between Joey and Pacey was just undeniable. They had a really special bond and fell super hard for each other, even if it took them a long time to realize their feelings. Watching Joey climb onto Pacey's boat to spend the summer together gives me a little faith in love. (That "I think I'm in love with you" line STILL gets to me.) They weren't perfect, but they loved each other through and through.

    Best moment: When they dance and Pacey tells her he remembers everything about their relationship.

    21. Santana and Brittany, Glee


    Hannah: Santana and Brittany were SUCH a cute couple, mostly because they were truly best friends. Santana was the only one who respected Brittany and didn't call her dumb (when she finally did and Brittany cried and said, "You're the only one who never called me that," I died a little inside), and Brittany helped Santana come to terms with who she was and even celebrate it (who can forget the "Lebanese" shirt). I'll admit I never finished the show, but they were definitely one of the things that kept me watching.

    Kelly: I think these two were the only couple I consistently rooted for on Glee. They saw and loved each other for who they really were: Santana didn't shrug Brittany off as a dumb blonde the way everyone else did, and Brittany saw past Santana's mean girl exterior for the good heart she had underneath it all. They were their best selves around each other, and I'm so glad they got their happy ending.

    Best moment: When Santana tells Brittany she would choose her over anyone.

    22. J.T. and Liberty, Degrassi: The Next Generation


    Kelly: To this day, I can't think about J.T. Yorke without crying, but here it goes. He and Liberty were one of the most iconic couples of Degrassi, and they deserved so much better. Liberty had a crush on J.T. forever, and then he FINALLY realized he liked her back. They went through a lot together, especially with Liberty's pregnancy, but they always loved each other and fought for each other. It kills me that J.T. was literally on his way to tell Liberty he still loved her when he was stabbed. They deserved to be happy!!!

    Best moment: When they have their first kiss in detention.

    23. Fiona and Imogen, Degrassi: The Next Generation


    Kelly: Fiona and Imogen was one of the first LGBTQ pairings I remember seeing on TV as a teenager, and they'll always be very special to me. They were genuinely one of the healthiest relationships on the show: They were so supportive of each other through everything, and their personalities just worked really well together. On top of that, they weren't just girlfriends, they were best friends. I always like to think they found their way back to each other after Imogen graduated.

    Best moment: When they kiss on the ferris wheel for the first time at the winter carnival.

    24. Drew and Bianca, Degrassi: The Next Generation


    Kelly: Okay, I don't know what it is about this show and breaking up all their best couples, but I will never forgive the writers for splitting this pairing up! They started off only dating because nobody else wanted to be with them, but over time, they fell deeply in love. Drew took the blame for Anson's murder to protect Bianca, and Bianca risked her life with Vince to protect Drew. None of Drew's other relationships ever compared, because I think he'll always, always love Bianca. Like Fiona and Imogen, I like to think they got back together in the future.

    Best moment: When Drew asks Bianca to marry him in the woods.

    25. Miles and Lola, Degrassi: Next Class


    Kelly: Oh man, I could write an entire novel about why I love this pairing and how these two deserved SO much better. They had such different personalities, but they brought out the best in each other and understood each other in a way nobody else could. Miles wrote an entire play about Lola and admitted that he wouldn't have survived without her, and Lola was the first person who accepted Miles's bisexuality and didn't try to change him. Their relationship felt a million times more genuine than Miles's relationship with Tristan, who did nothing but put him down. In my fantasy, Miles dumped Tristan like a hot potato, and he and Lola are happily together with their baby.

    Best moment: When Lola asks Miles if she meant anything to him, and he replies, "Yeah, you were my hope."

    26. Omar and Ander, Elite


    Kelly: Okay, so Season 3 did them so completely dirty, but I still firmly believe these two are soulmates. I think the show put them through way too much, and I'm still upset that Omar cheated. But I also think they have such an intense, complicated bond that just can't be broken. No matter how many times they push each other away, they always find their way back to each other. Ander let Omar move in after his parents kicked him out, and Omar gave up the chance to go to New York to be there for Ander while he finished chemotherapy. There's just something about these two.

    Best moment: When Omar tells Ander their relationship isn't complicated, and he kisses him in front of the entire club.

    27. Guzmán and Nadia, Elite


    Kelly: My HEART. For the life of me, I do not understand why the Elite writers built this pairing up for three seasons and STILL never let them officially be together. Guzmán was a major jerk when we first met him, but when he fell for Nadia, he became a much better person. He genuinely cared for her so much. They were so clearly meant to be!!

    Best moment: When Nadia meets him at the club and they hook up in Guzmán's old infinity pool.

    28. Samuel and Carla, Elite


    Kelly: If you had told me back in Season 1 that I'd be shipping Samuel and Carla, there's no way I would have believed you. Their relationship was one of the most unexpected highlights of Season 2, and it kills me that they basically got tossed aside in Season 3. Although they started off playing each other, I believe they really genuinely cared for each other and loved each other in the end. They should have ended up together.

    Best moment: When Carla tells him that for a minute, she thought they could forget everything and have a real future together.

    29. Allison and Scott, Teen Wolf


    Hannah: Scott and Allison were absolutely meant to be from the start. Their relationship just felt so cute and innocent and high school, but in the best way. Scott was so patient with Allison and respected her decisions, like when she wanted to break up so she could figure out her life after her grandfather turned her against werewolves. Everything Scott did was to protect Allison, but Allison was also not helpless; she helped him in protecting all their friends, even after they broke up. I will never forgive the show for killing Allison.

    Best moment: When Scott says he knows they'll be together again one day, and Allison says there's no such thing as fate, to which Scott responds, "There's no such thing as werewolves."

    30. Stiles and Lydia, Teen Wolf


    Hannah: Stiles and Lydia were the best slow burn relationship EVER. They somehow did Seth and Summer (aka the nerd/popular girl trope) better than Seth and Summer. They started out as strangers but slowly created a beautiful friendship wherein they both truly believed in each other. Stiles was the only one who saw and appreciated how smart Lydia was, and Lydia gave Stiles the confidence (and verbal sparring partner) that he needed. They fought for each other and saved each other's lives so many times, like when Stiles saved Lydia from Eichen House and when Lydia fought for everyone to remember Stiles after he was taken by the Wild Hunt. They were truly equals, and I'm so glad they finally ended up together.

    Best moment: When Stiles tells Lydia he loves her.

    31. Danny and Ethan, Teen Wolf


    Hannah: Teen Wolf unfortunately had a legacy of queer-baiting with pairings like Stiles and Derek, but they got things right with Danny and Ethan's relationship. Danny was the most precious cinnamon roll, and we all knew Ethan was the better of the twins from the start. I loved that he grew into an even better man as he was dating Danny, and it was amazing to finally see Danny happy with someone. I'm still mad they wrote them off the show.

    Best moment: When Ethan tells Danny he's a werewolf and Danny says he's known all along.

    32. And finally, Tara and Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    The WB

    Kelly: It sucks that the show ended this relationship the way it did (can we please leave the "Bury Your Gays" trope behind us?!), but Tara and Willow's love story was still iconic. They were each other's rocks through thick and thin, and, while they weren't perfect, they loved each other so deeply. Their connection was unbreakable. Honestly, I was more invested in them than in any of Buffy's relationships.

    Best moment: When Willow tells Tara she'll "always find her."

    Got a favorite couple that didn't make this list? Let us know in the comments!

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