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    25 G-Rated Disney Moments That Made People Feel An R-Rated Way

    You might need to go take a cold shower after these.

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community what Disney movie moments they find incredibly sexy. Here are some of the ~steamiest~!

    1. When Naveen rolls up his sleeves in The Princess and the Frog:


    "Tiana and Naveen are fixing up the building and Naveen rolls his sleeves up and you can see his wedding band. That was a defining moment for me."


    2. When Maleficent captures Philip and ties him up in Sleeping Beauty:


    "When Maleficent captures the prince and taunts him. It hit different and honestly awoke something in me. Those ropes, the gag, the cell later on...It was a lot, especially with the way she addresses him. Started me down the BDSM train for sure."


    "The scene I’m talking about is the scene when he’s bound and gagged in front of Maleficent. The finest binding and gagging scene in Disney, bar none. It should be uncomfortable but it’s kinda hot.

    I think I need Jesus."


    3. When the Beast fights off the wolves in Beauty and the Beast:


    "Alright, I'll just say it. The Beast."


    "Dude, yes, Beast was hot. The ugly man they turn him into was a super bummer. When he saved her from the wolves...sploosh."


    4. When Li Shang takes off his top in Mulan:


    "Listen. Li Shang taking off his shirt in Mulan makes me make inhuman noises every time."


    5. When Scar sings "Be Prepared" in The Lion King:


    "The whole 'Be Prepared' song is just Scar being really sexy. His voice and his charm are so good; it truly turns me on."


    6. When Esmeralda dances at the Feast of Fools in The Hunchback of Notre Dame:


    "ESMERALDA’S DANCE IN THE RED DRESS AT THE FEAST OF FOOLS!!! (And literally every other moment with her.)"


    "Nothing tops Esmeralda's sexy pole dance in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. That dress was super tight."


    7. When Kovu tells Kiara they can start their own pride in The Lion King 2:


    "Any scene with Kovu in it, really."


    "Especially when he says, 'Let’s run off together and start a pride ALL OUR OWN.' I’m like, 'YES, PLEASE!'"


    8. When Kida leads Milo into the water in Atlantis:


    "Little me thought it was the stuff of dreams."


    "The scene of Kida removing her sarong-skirt. I felt like using the restroom. Glad to see I'm not the only one."


    9. When Gaston rips off his shirt to reveal his hairy chest in Beauty and the Beast:


    "I don’t know, but for some reason that scene where Gaston rips his shirt off to show off his hairy chest gets me every time."


    "When Gaston rips his shirt open, I flood my basement."


    10. When Jasmine pretends Jafar's wish to make her fall in love with him worked in Aladdin:


    "I don't think Jasmine's red outfit moment was very innocent, but it sure as hell was the moment I realized my bisexuality lmao."


    "I was obsessed with Jasmine's red clothes scene. I thought she was pretty AF and now I realized I had a massive crush on her and she was my bi awakening. Now I feel awful since she was practically a slave in that scene!"


    11. When Pocahontas goes to visit John Smith while he's tied up in Pocahontas:

    Pocahontas clutching John's chest as he leans over, tied to a pole

    "No one here is going to give John Smith any love?? Come on, the scene where he’s tied up in the hut and Pocahontas comes to visit him? His shirt is all open... and NEED I SAY AGAIN HE’S TIED UP????"


    12. When Max performs "Stand Out" in A Goofy Movie:


    "Is it weird that the whole 'Stand Out' performance from Max in A Goofy Movie always makes me stop and stare? Haha."


    "Yes, that part where he slowly lip-synchs up close to Roxanne’s face! Excellent addition to this list!"


    13. When the prince growls at Belle at the end of the live-action Beauty and the Beast:


    "In the live action Beauty and The Beast, when Adam growled at the end! 😍"


    "I thought it was just me!"


    14. When Tarzan emerges from the water as a man in Tarzan:


    "Nine-year-old me was very awakened in that moment."


    15. When Pocahontas says goodbye to John Smith, and he winces in pain as he's rowed away in Pocahontas:


    "Pocahontas with her hair and her dress flying in the air. Her look is really cute. Her face looks calm; it makes her look like an adult (compared to the other Disney princesses)."


    "When Pocahontas is saying goodbye to John Smith at the end of the movie, and he winces in pain. Mmmf!"


    16. When Li Shang picks up Mulan's weight during "I'll Make a Man Out of You" in Mulan:


    "During 'I’ll Make a Man Out of You' in Mulan, when they’re climbing the mountains with the pails of water on the carrying sticks and she trips. Li Shang sees her and picks up hers too. It’s so hot."


    17. When Tarzan and Jane swing from the vines in Tarzan:


    "Recently I decided to watch the movie Tarzan, because why not? And it was at the scene where Tarzan and Jane were twirling from a vine that got me thinking that Tarzan was an attractive guy. Like, really attractive."


    18. When Oogie Boogie ties up Santa in The Nightmare Before Christmas:


    "When Santa gets chained to that weird spinny table by Oogie Boogie in The Nightmare Before Christmas. I was oddly tingly."


    19. When King Triton flies into a rage and destroys Ariel's grotto in The Little Mermaid:


    "I don't know what this says about me, but when King Triton is busting up Ariel's shit, mmm. Yus."


    20. When Flynn breaks away from the guards and threatens the Stabbington brothers in Tangled:


    "When Flynn is in the chains at the end of Tangled being taken to his execution, but he takes out the guards and threatens the Stabbington brothers to tell him where Rapunzel is is PEAK."


    21. When Prince Eric saves Max in The Little Mermaid:

    Eric sees his dog on the burning ship and yells "Max!" then jumps into the water to go back and save him

    "When Prince Eric risks his life and jumps back onto the burning ship to save his dog, Max. Ah, yes."


    22. When Jim Hawkins crashes through a forbidden area in Treasure Planet:


    "Jim Hawkins making that grunt right before he crashes through the forbidden area in his solar cruiser. That and and all his moody glares lol."


    23. When Tadashi motions to follow him into the lab in Big Hero 6:


    "That one part in Big Hero 6 where Tadashi Hamada motioned to follow him into his lab...and the next thing I knew, I was pregnant. 😂"


    24. When the centaurs dance in Fantasia:


    "The Pastorale scene in Fantasia. Those female centaurs were H O T!!!"


    25. And finally, everything about the mom from Onward:


    "Elastigirl and every single other Pixar mom has the fattest ass. Like, just huge asses. Its great even though its super weird.

    I really liked the mom and the manticore from Onward...The mom was a FREAK too because her new boyfriend was a CENTAUR. Unfortunately, he was also a cop, so gross but you know, hot as an idea."


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