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    21 Makeup ~Lewks~ From Teen TV And Movies That Were So 2000s It Hurts

    So much blue eyeshadow.

    We've talked about 2000s teen show and movie fashion. We've talked about the bad hair. But...what about makeup?

    In the interest of ~nostalgia~, it's time to take a look back at the makeup looks from teen shows and films we were absolutely obsessed with growing up.

    1. Kirsten's eyeshadow in Never Been Kissed

    2. Jenelope's blue eyeshadow and red lipstick in Bring It On

    3. Effy's smoky eye on Skins

    Effy with black liner blended into black shadow in her crease

    4. Jenna's blush and lipstick at the bar in 13 Going on 30

    Jenna with bright pink lipstick and the same color blush

    5. Brooke's eyeshadow during the Boy Toy Auction on One Tree Hill

    Brooke with green eyeshadow on her lid and purple eyeshadow on her brow bone and crease, and pinkish red lip gloss

    6. When Regina put rhinestones next to the ends of her eyes in Mean Girls

    7. Jamie's minimalistic look in A Walk to Remember...

    lots of clear lip gloss and wavy hair on Jamie

    8. ...and the exact opposite on Jenny's face in Gossip Girl

    black eyeshadow and liner all over Jenny's eyes

    9. Lizzie's glittery eyes in The Lizzie McGuire Movie

    glitter liner and a lot of mascara and shiny lip gloss on Lizzie

    10. Summer's green and blue eyeshadow in The O.C. pilot

    Summer with bright blue and green eyeshadow that goes all the way up to her brows

    11. And this girl's metallic eyeshadow in the same episode

    12. Yancy's bottle tan in Sleepover

    Yancy with orange skin

    13. Brooke's blueish-purple eyeshadow in One Tree Hill

    Brooke with light blue/purple eyeshadow and glitter liner and very little mascara

    14. Shelby's glitter makeup in A Cinderella Story

    Shelby with pink glittery eyeshadow and blown out hair in an angel costume

    15. Katie's eyebrows on Skins

    Katie with fake lashes and dark eyeshadow and very thin brows

    16. And Natalie's super thin and far apart eyebrows in Charlie's Angels

    Natalie with minimal makeup except red lip gloss and thin eyebrows

    17. Regina's frosty pink eyeshadow in Mean Girls...

    Regina with light pink shadow and blush

    18. ...and Cady's pink eyeshadow in Mean Girls

    Cady with light pink eyeshadow and lipstick

    19. Lucas's eyeliner in One Tree Hill

    Lucas with bleached hair and eyeliner

    20. Here we have the final Goth makeup example, as seen on Eden from The Hot Chick

    Eden with dark red lip liner, red lipstick, lip gloss, black eyeliner, and reddish eyeshadow

    21. And finally, Heather's bright gold shadow from John Tucker Must Die

    Ashanti with gold eyeshadow