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    25 Outfits From Teen Movies That Are So 2000s It Hurts

    Graphic tees proclaiming how dramatic you are? Check. Newsboy hats? Check. Polo shirts?? Double check.

    1. Literally everything about Jenna's outfit in the "Thriller" scene of 13 Going on 30. The colorblock dress, the bedazzled butterfly necklace, the clear jewelry, the satin purse, and that HAIR...

    Sony Pictures Releasing

    And yet she somehow pulled it off.

    2. Regina's "A LITTLE BIT DRAMATIC" tank top and Coach purse paired with a leather miniskirt from Mean Girls.

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    The real 2000s touch, though, was that monogram necklace. Also, her sidebangs.

    3. This Juicy sweatshirt and pastel skirt combo that Cady wore in Mean Girls.

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    I had one hand-me-down Juicy sweatshirt with pit stains that I insisted on wearing so I could be cool. I just wouldn't raise my arms all day.

    4. Literally ALL of these outfits from John Tucker Must Die, but ESPECIALLY the one Ashanti is wearing. Are white pants ever going to come back?

    20th Century Fox

    Also, how in the hell did she get away with wearing that belly shirt to school??

    5. This bejeweled crop short-sleeve cardigan with a matching scoop-neck and showing bra from She's the Man.

    DreamWorks Pictures

    Why was it such a thing to show our bras??

    6. These pigtails, bodycon leopard print dress, and FUR-LINED PUFFER VEST Maggie's friend inexplicably wore to school in 17 Again??

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    Who in the costume department was like "you know what will MAKE this lewk?? A puffer vest!"

    7. This collared shirt under a sweater vest combo from A Cinderella Story.

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    Those flare skirts also definitely had a moment. ESPECIALLY with that tiny little bow on the side.

    8. These pink cargo pants and henley from A Cinderella Story.

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    Everyone and their mother had one of those half button-up henleys paired with a sequin lace trim tank. Looking at you, Elena Gilbert.

    9. This choker, chunky belt, and GIANT pants from Freaky Friday.

    Buena Vista Pictures

    Did LiLo invent punk fashion?? Avril Lavigne who?? And man, those highlights...

    10. This newsboy hat, layered necklace, and patchwork jacket from Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

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    The first of many newsboy hats in this post.

    11. This mesh top over an I ❤️ NY shirt from Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

    Buena Vista Pictures

    Did I forget to mention the hoops?? And those weird rubbery bracelets that wrapped around your wrist 25,000 times?

    12. This ruched sequin dress from Sleepover.

    MGM Distribution Co.

    No lie, this looks EXACTLY like a dance costume I had. Also, was she watching a 3D movie or were those supposed to be sunglasses?

    13. This sequin crop top and patterned midi skirt from The Princess Diaries.

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    Why did we insist on pulling back the front part of our hair in the 2000s? It was NOT a fun trend for people like me with giant foreheads.

    14. Missy's crop top and low waisted pants from Bring it On.

    Universal Pictures

    Also, what was going on with her hair? Were those dreads?? Or...?

    15. This flower headband, crop halter, and...unbuttoned pajama shirt from Bring it On?

    Universal Pictures

    She almost certainly scrunched her hair.

    16. I'm sorry, one more from Bring It On: these low waisted pants, bandana, and British flag tank.

    Universal Pictures

    That one tendril sneaking out from the bandana...iconic.

    17. This newsboy hat, layered Metallica t-shirt over a long sleeve, and yet MORE of those rubbery bracelets in New York Minute.

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    Wearing a t-shirt over a long sleeve was The Way™ to signify to everyone that you were punk in the 2000s.

    18. All of these outfits, but especially Bridget's, from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

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    Why were we so obsessed with polos and jeans from Justice?

    19. This cami and jeans with a gold sequin insert combo from What a Girl Wants.

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    Why did we think jeans like this were flattering?

    20. This aqua halter from Aquamarine.

    20th Century Fox

    I know Aquamarine made this, but I s2g I owned this dress in red.

    21. This embellished belt and crop top from Crossroads.

    Paramount Pictures

    See: the hair and the eyeliner for more 2000s inspo.

    22. This newsboy hat (yes, another one) and striped pants from The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

    Buena Vista Pictures

    I cannot look at this still without singing ♫ THE TIDE IS HIGH BUT I'M HOLDIN' ON ♫

    23. This ruched collared shirt and Tiffany necklace from The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

    Buena Vista Pictures

    Where did Lizzie get this necklace?? Those were hella expensive. I wanted one so badly.

    24. This suede embroidered fur vest paired with a crocheted newsboy hat, corduroy pants, and a gold purse from High School Musical.

    Disney Channel

    I just loved how her belt matched her purse and her jewelry. There were so many great fashion notes to be taken from Sharpay.

    25. And finally, this tiny polo ruffle-bottom tank dress from High School Musical 2.

    Disney Channel

    This was 100% from Juicy Couture. Also...the crown. THE CROWN.

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