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    25 Outfits From Teen Dramas That Are So 2000s It Hurts

    Did you even grow up in the 2000s if you didn't own a cropped short-sleeve sweater?

    1. This cropped sweater from One Tree Hill that DEFINED the 2000s.

    The WB

    The crop sweater was a STAPLE of 2000s fashion. As were low-waisted plaid pants. And see-through camis. Actually, I think if you asked me to draw a picture of 2000s fashion on the spot, I would just draw this outfit.

    2. Those weird collar sweaters and structured suede jackets Brooke wore more than once on One Tree Hill.

    The WB

    I swear, everyone owned one of these stupid jackets. They still haunt me from the racks at Goodwill.

    3. This scarf and crocheted cropped sweater combo that was apparently appropriate for a formal event on The Vampire Diaries.

    The CW

    I know the scarf was to hide a vampire bite, but that doesn't explain the GIANT FLOWER on it. Also, why did we like crochet so much?? WHAT WAS THAT SWEATER SUPPOSED TO ACCOMPLISH??

    4. This vaguely patterned T-shirt paired with a long cotton vest Bonnie wore on The Vampire Diaries.

    The CW

    Everyone owned a vest in the 2000s. Horrifying as that sounds, it's true. Also, if anyone can decipher what that pattern is, please let me know.

    5. This gray denim vest over two layered tank tops Maya decided was a good outfit on Pretty Little Liars.

    ABC Family

    ANOTHER. VEST. I wish I still had my denim vests so I could BURN THEM.

    6. This VEST (sorry, had a little outburst there) over a brown tank top with a matching layered necklace and suede boots that Serena wore on Gossip Girl.

    The CW


    7. This bright orange and pink, paisley, fluttery, sequined..."dress" that Brooke wore on One Tree Hill??

    The WB

    Orange and pink do not match and I do not know why we thought they did. Also, I cannot imagine this abomination was comfortable.

    8. These...oh god, how do I describe the horror below? These layered print...~lewks~ from 90210.

    The CW

    Tank tops over sleeveless turtlenecks were a new low. As for Silver....I actually think I had those exact tights in middle school. At least something about 90210 was realistic.

    9. This pink halter paired with hoop earrings, sunglasses, and a bandana on The O.C.

    10. These lingerie corsets Brooke and Peyton actually wore to a college party on One Tree Hill.

    The WB

    I did not go to college in the 2000s. Someone who did, please tell me if this was realistic college party attire. I have a sinking feeling it was.

    11. This see-through tiered maxi dress over a cami, covered with a long red sweater and a scarf on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

    ABC Family

    The saddest part is that I definitely loved this outfit when I first saw Amy wear it. FOR HER WEDDING, BTW.

    12. This crocheted PONCHO Haley wore on One Tree Hill. That's right. I said poncho.

    The WB

    Where did she get this?? I would like to write the store a letter of complaint.

    13. This pleated skirt, beanie, and empire-waist sleeveless shirt Summer wore on The O.C.


    Even with all the rest, it's the purse that I think was most 2000s.

    14. These low-waisted jeans paired with a purple suede jacket and matching scarf from The Vampire Diaries.

    The CW

    I'd like to point out that Bonnie wore this on the first day of school. This was picked out beforehand. It was not a mistake.

    15. This short-sleeved cardigan and matching chunky belt Hanna wore on Pretty Little Liars.

    ABC Family

    I don't know why, but we all loved to put giant belts RIGHT below our (nonexistent) boobs in the ninth grade.

    16. This pink-and-white-striped puff-sleeve collared polo Rachel wore on Glee.


    I'm pretty sure she got this from Limited Too.

    17. This off-the-shoulder ruched top Haley wore when she threw a party on One Tree Hill.

    The WB

    Once again, it is the flower that haunts me the most today. I guess we just loved those weird fabric flowers on everything.

    18. This short-sleeve hooded cardigan paired with a picnic blanket–patterned top from Glee.


    Many things about Glee were cringeworthy. ESPECIALLY the clothing. Thank god they were wearing cheer uniforms or costumes half the time.

    19. This bubble-hem bright pink floral halter dress Blair wore to Bart and Lily's wedding on Gossip Girl.

    The CW

    Oh look, another flower made out of fabric. Even Blair Waldorf was not immune to their apparent charm.

    20. These tank tops worn by the main three girls on One Tree Hill.

    The WB

    Any one of these could've been on the list, but I'm gonna go with Peyton's orange cowl-neck drop-waist halter for 200, Alex.

    21. This bright green outfit with a headscarf Marissa wore on The O.C.


    The bangle and long skirt were also nice touches.

    22. This SECOND green polo and long skirt combo Marissa wore on The O.C.


    The O.C. Episode V: The Polo Strikes Back.

    23. This bright orange floral button-up sleeveless top WITH A HOOD Annie wore on 90210.

    The CW

    I get Annie was supposed to be a fish out of water, but...they did her dirty with this shirt.

    24. This bright purple button-up shirt over a long striped tank Amy wore to the doctor's office on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

    ABC Family

    Was that a shrunken shirt from her dad's closet? Also, I'd like to take a moment and mention tank tops that were trying to be dresses, but did not succeed. Those had a Moment™.

    25. This jean shorts over tights, gray vest over a long-sleeve double whammy Amy also wore on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

    ABC Family

    Was....was she wearing a Morphsuit underneath this vest and jean shorts combo? Was the scarf meant to distract from that??

    Ah, the 2000s. We miss you dearly. But please keep these trends in the past.

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