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    24 Products From Small, Women-Owned Businesses That'll Make The Cutest Gifts You've Ever Seen

    Find the perfect gift for someone you love, or for yourself.

    1. A Schitt's Creek inspired mug that's sure to make you smile with every sip.

    mug with David Rose on it

    2. A terpene fragrance with healing oils to make you smell and feel like a million bucks.

    A vial of perfume

    3. A three-pack of delicious wine that gives back to the National Women's Law Center with every purchase!

    Three bottles of wine

    4. A deep conditioner for moisturizing, nourishing, detangling, and strengthening those beautiful curls.

    Container of Babassu Butter Love deep conditioner

    5. A sassy set of candles inspired by The Golden Girls, because who doesn't need a little more Sophia, Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche in their lives?

    Golden Girls candle set

    6. A gorgeous mosaic rolling pin that'll have Food Network begging you to star in their next baking show.

    Mosaic rolling pin and decorative shortbread cookies

    7. A sugar and shea body scrub to leave your skin feeling truly soft and beautiful.

    A container of plumeria scented body scrub

    8. A reusable hot + cold therapy pack that'll provide you comfort and relief when you need it most.

    Hands holding a pack with a speckled cover

    9. A bold, badass lipstick to moisturize your lips while keeping a perfectly matte finish.

    Tube of lipstick

    10. A gorgeous gold choker sure to add a little *spice* to any outfit.

    Gold choker necklace

    11. A pouch of crunchy chai granola, for a snack packed with big, bold flavors.

    Pouches of granola

    12. An out-of-this-world 1,000 piece Earth puzzle that gives back to wildlife conservation with each sale.

    Earth puzzle

    13. These reusable and compostable sponge cloths to brighten your kitchen and your dishes.

    Cloths shaped and painted like fruit slices

    14. A sssuper cool snake pin for adding character to your favorite jacket or tote.

    A spotted snake pin

    15. An herbal balm that'll help ease even the most stubborn of headaches.

    Sticks of headache balm

    16. A leopard print baby doll dress, because you deserve to look and feel fierce. Plus, it haaas pockets!

    Woman wearing a leopard print dress

    17. A pair of perfectly peachy sunglasses that'll help you soak up the sun in style.

    Orange sunglasses

    18. A luxurious soap so beautiful, you might mistake it for a gemstone.

    Bar of soap designed like a crystal

    19. A variety pack of hot sauces sure to add fire, flare, and fun to any dish you choose.

    Three various bottles of hot sauce

    20. A pair of adorable jellyfish earrings that are sure to make all your friends jealous.

    Pair of jeweled jellyfish earrings

    21. A silky, smooth leave-in conditioner guaranteed to help detangle and soften all textures of hair.

    Bottle of leave-in conditioner, surrounded by almonds and coconuts

    22. An herbal, handcrafted tea with ginger and hibiscus to settle your body and your mind.

    Bowl of dry tea

    23. A delicious canned cocktail that'll have you "sipping pretty" all spring and summer long.

    Box and can of sparkling margarita

    24. A beautiful, carefully crafted, handmade handbag that supports indigenous artists from Colombia.

    Woman holding out a woven handbag

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