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15 Super-Cool Things In Other Countries That Americans Might Not Even Know Exist

I need a cheese vending machine in my life.

1. Grocery stores dedicated entirely to frozen foods.

2. Bottled drinks that are kept warm 24/7.

A warming station in a convenience store filled with bottles of hot tea and coffee

3. A highway network that's built for bicycles.

4. And public share bikes that have built-in navigation systems so you can easily find your way around.

5. Stoplights on the ground at pedestrian crossings.

Nieuw soort stoplicht speciaal voor de smartphonegebruiker, Bodegraven heeft de primeur

Twitter: @omroepwest

One town in the Netherlands installed lights in the sidewalk that change colors with the traffic light. The goal? To let walkers looking down at their phones know when it is — and isn't — safe to cross the road. A similar experiment has also been tried in Germany and Singapore.

6. Crosswalks where the elderly or people with disabilities can tap an ID card to request more time to cross the street.

At some Singapore intersections you can swipe your Senior’s Card and the crossing light will stay green for a little longer, giving you extra time to reach the other side of the road. I find this very touching.

Twitter: @stephendziedzic

In Singapore, senior citizens and people with disabilities can tap their concession cards to request more time (up to 13 seconds) to cross the road.

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7. Public drinking fountains with sparkling water.

8. Price tags that reflect the *true* cost — after taxes.

9. Cheese vending machines.

10. Next-level toilets.

11. Recycling bins that dispense food for stray cats and dogs.

12. Free Wi-Fi across most of the country.

13. And public trash cans that double as Wi-Fi hotspots.

A public trash bin with modems, routers, and cords set up on top

14. Restaurants that let you order your meal from a vending machine.

15. Money that's durable AND easy to distinguish.

australian $50, $100, and $20 banknotes, which are all different colors

Know of some things I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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