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    21 Things Singapore Has That'll Make You Say, "Why Isn't This Everywhere?"

    I'm on my way!

    1. If you're elderly, you can tap your ID at the crosswalk and you'll be given more time to cross the street.

    2. Speaking of crossing the street, there are also stoplights on ground, in case you're on your phone.

    3. If you want to charge your phone at the airport you'll have to pedal for it.

    4. You can rate your bathroom experience at the airport, too.

    5. Rental bikes have airless tires, so it's pretty hard to get a flat.

    6. Speaking of public bikes, they're super easy to rent with just a tap of a cycle card.

    Singapore is among top ten cleanest cities in the world.Not a small piece of paper,garbage are thrown anywhere. Smart bicycles are best to use.Touch the cycle with card and the bicycle is unlocked for use.Leave it anywhere to be used by others

    7. Public trashcans also have public Wi-Fi.

    8. McDonald's has lychee soft serve, yum!

    9. So the food in Singapore deserves its own post, but the Kopi Ice (sweet iced Coffee) is to die for.

    10. You can get the cheapest Michelin-starred meal in the world for under $2.

    I just ate the cheapest Michelin starred meal in the world for £2 at Hawker Chan in Singapore (it tasted better than it looks, trust me)

    11. If you want fresh squeezed orange juice, you can get that from a vending machine.

    12. Cup Noodles CHIPS!!!!!

    13. 7-Eleven has a bar!

    14. At many of the public dining halls you can return your used dishes to a robot that roams around.

    15. There are also room service robots.

    They have hotel delivery robots here in Singapore!

    16. No that's not a flat building, the architecture is just out of this world.

    17. Even the indoor architecture is crazy...yes, that's an indoor waterfall.

    18. If you need help reading the labels there's a magnifying glass, and if that's not enough you can call for help.

    19. The banks have wax figure security guards to scare off bad people.

    20. The signs offer warnings, but also have a sense of humor.

    21. See what I mean?

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