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25 Beautiful Banknotes That Make The U.S. Dollar Look Like Trash

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1. Argentina

Buenaventuramariano / Getty Images

In 2016, Argentina introduced a 500-peso banknote for the first time; it features illustrations of jaguars, and earned the country a nomination for "Bank Note of the Year" from the International Bank Note Society (it's a whole thing).

2. Australia

Sarah1810 / Getty Images

There was an uproar in 1963 when Australian Treasurer Harold Holt announced that, after ditching the pound, Australia's new currency would be called the "royal." People despised the idea, claiming it reflected Prime Minister Robert Menzies' antiquated "royalist sympathies." Things got so out of hand that Holt's wife even received death threats. Other names like "kwid" and "emu" were suggested, but eventually, the dollar came out on top.

3. Bahamas

Powerofforever / Getty Images

The front of the Bahamian $3 banknote shows a young Queen Elizabeth II, while the back (above) depicts a Family Island Regatta with classic Bahamian sailboats. Like the U.S., Bahamian dollars are all printed in the same size.


6. Brazil

Sidneydealmeida / Getty Images

Brazilian real comes in different colors, including the blue R$100 banknote above, which depicts underwater plants, starfish, coral, and the head of República, a national symbol of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

7. Canada

Ra-photos / Getty Images

Along with a scene of children playing hockey, Canada's $5 bill has an excerpt from beloved French-Canadian writer Roch Carrier's classic children's book The Hockey Sweater, which reads: "The winters of my childhood were long, long seasons. We lived in three places — the school, the church, and the skating rink — but our life was on the skating rink."


10. Fiji

Taalulla / Getty Images

Since 2013, Fiji has circulated vibrant banknotes that no longer feature Queen Elizabeth II's face; instead, they spotlight the country's flora and fauna, like the five-dollar banknote (above) with Fiji’s native kulawai, a red-throated lorikeet.


16. Japan

Vincent_st_thomas / Getty Images

The 5,000-yen banknote (above) contains a portrait of Higuchi Ichiyō, who's considered the most important female writer of her time. She died at 24, but her stories have had a lasting impact on Japanese literature — and currency.


25. Switzerland

Assalve / Getty Images

The Swiss franc is the currency of both Switzerland and Lichtenstein, and the banknotes are all quadrilingual, displaying information in Switzerland's four national languages: French, German, Italian, and Romansh.