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    16 Public Transport Systems That Are Living In The Future

    The future is now.

    1. This carriage on a Swiss train that was built especially for children.

    ratiocinator112358 / Via

    2. This bench with a built-in USB port that allows you to charge your phone while waiting for the train.

    Kulty / Via

    3. And this bus stop in Paris that comes with a cleverly hidden USB port.

    backto89 / Via

    4. This light-up map that shows you exactly where your train is heading.

    golfdrei / Via

    5. This Australian tram with a surfboard rack on it.

    Lugozi / Via

    6. And this double-decker train which also hails from Australia.

    djjddjj / Via

    7. This life display that allows you to see which toilets are vacant.

    bongoballseks / Via

    8. And the doors on the toilets at this Swedish train station, which light up green when the restroom is unoccupied.

    madskillz89 / Via

    9. This live display screen that allows passengers to see how full each train carriage is.

    Aquilaro / Via

    10. These train seats in Japan designed with a pattern to help identify them as priority seating.

    zombiepiemaster / Via

    11. And this train seat in Helsinki with a helpful map design.

    TurkishDudeInFinland / Via

    12. These exercise bikes in a Paris train station that allow you to charge your devices by peddling.

    dporter1191 / Via

    13. This bus with an onboard library.

    ChinatownHustler / Via

    14. And this subway that also comes with an impressive book display.

    YamhillScrub / Via

    15. This train ticket that's been punched with a lil' train-shaped hole.

    mh_96 / Via

    16. And finally, this train table with embedded board games.

    reddy9 / Via

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting.

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