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    Here's What Japanese Convenience Stores Are Like Inside (Spoiler: They're Amazing)

    It's got everything you could ever want.

    The coronavirus pandemic is still impacting travel, and destinations around the world have different COVID-19 restrictions in place. Always check and adhere to local government policies, and use our content to dream about a future trip.

    The wondrous Japanese convenience store (konbini) is unlike any convenience store you've probably experienced. You can sit down for a hot meal, buy and print out concert tickets, ship your bags, and get self-care essentials — all from one unassuming storefront.

    Even though a trip to Japan isn't really an option right now, its amazing convenience stores still deserve your attention. Here's a look inside and a run down of everything you won't want to miss (when you eventually get to visit).

    1. First up: you can order proper coffee from the cashier-turned-barista.

    2. For breakfast, sample some baked goods.

    3. Cure what ails you in the vitamin section.

    A small bottle labeled "Fibe-Mini" filled with bright liquid

    There’s an entire section dedicated to vitamins and supplements. If you’re feeling rundown, the carbonated Oronamin C is full of vitamin C and The Collagen, is meant to counter aging and stress. If you’ve got a big night out, take a cue from the locals who rely on Ukon no Chikara (a drink containing lots of turmeric) to ease the impending hangover.

    4. Check your email using free Wi-Fi while lounging in the indoor seating.

    5. For a snack, pick up the famed convenience store sando.

    6. Or, if you’re looking for something a bit more traditional, opt for onigiri.

    A triangular plastic-wrapped package of onigiri labeled "Tuna Mayonnaise"

    These triangular rice balls are stuffed with savory fillings — like tuna and mayo or seaweed and soy sauce — and wrapped in nori (seaweed paper). But the real genius is the cellophane packaging, which keeps the nori crisp by separating it from the rice until you're ready to eat it.

    7. Buy those J-pop tickets you’ve been dreaming of — and then print them out.

    8. If you have a ton of luggage, you can ship a few bags to your next destination.

    9. Or buy a book of stamps and mail your mom a postcard.

    10. For lunch, select a pre-made meal from the cooler of bento boxes.

    11. When you’re low on cash, the convenience store is also where you’ll find a foreigner-friendly ATM.

    12. And don’t worry about the amount of time you spend inside — parking is free.

    13. Eat traditional Japanese comfort food for dinner, or try Lawson's famous fried chicken.

    14. Pair your meal with a can of beer or wine.

    A can of Kirin held up in front of a fridge full of different beer varieties

    The convenience store liquor selection is surprisingly impressive — particularly at 7-Eleven. You’ll find several brands and styles of sake, shochu, wine, and beer.

    15. Then head to the freezer section for dessert.

    A packaged chocolate ice-cream dessert labelled "Coolish"

    When it comes to sweets, there are cakes, candy, and chocolate, but the ice cream is the real standout. You can buy parfaits topped with frozen strawberries, popsicles, and the unforgettable waffle ice cream sandwich (vanilla ice cream stuffed in a chocolate-coated waffle shell).

    16. If you get in a pinch — or have a hot date — you can buy new underwear or a shirt.

    17. You can also clean-up (or take a sink shower) in the spotless bathrooms.

    Fox / Via Giphy /

    Chances are, the convenience store bathroom is cleaner than the one at your hotel. And if you forgot your toothbrush or ran out of tampons, there’s a full aisle dedicated to toiletries and miscellaneous goods.

    18. Or check out the rack of manga porn.

    19. That being said, don’t be rude — there are some rules you should know about.

    20. And the best part is: if you forget something, don’t worry, they’re open 24/7.

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