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    17 Times Scarlett Johansson And Florence Pugh Proved Their Offscreen Bond Is As Real As It Gets

    Move over, Hiddlesworth and Stackie.

    After much waiting, Black Widow is finally here and has blessed us with yet another iconic MCU duo in Natasha and Yelena.


    Even better, the bond between both ladies exists offscreen as well, since Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh seem to be as close as sisters in real life.

    Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

    The franchise that gave us Hemsworth and Hiddleston, Mackie and Stan, and Olsen and Bettany has gifted us with a new pair of best buds to obsess over.

    Here are some of ScarFlo's sweetest BFF moments:

    1. When Florence said she'd do whatever it took to get hugs from Scarlett.

    Florence Pugh talking about how she tricks scarlett johansson into giving her hugs
    ET / Via

    2. When Scarlett gazed at Florence in the same interview as if she'd hung the moon.

    Scarlett johansson gazing adoringly at florence pugh
    ET / Via

    3. When Florence said that Scarlett's generosity was her best quality, specifically when it came to food.

    Scarlett laughs while Florence holds up a sheet of paper with something written on it.
    Glamour Magazine / Via

    4. When their Black Widow costar O-T Fagbenle revealed that Scarlett and Florence would occasionally hold hands on set.

    "They are very sweet on set. I came on set the other day and they were holding hands as they walked away from the scene. I was like, these guys have really bonded"
    Entertainment Weekly / Via

    5. When they were asked to say their favorite thing about each other and they both complimented the other's smile.

    Scarlett: You have a smile that lights up a room. Florence: Her beautiful rosy cheeks when she laughs
    Glamour / Via

    6. When Scarlett could not stop listing positive adjectives to describe Florence, saying, "[She] is a stick of dynamite. She is so energetic, so fresh, soulful, and mischievous. She is a really dynamic person. She is so funny and so naughty and such a troublemaker. She's such a lovable person."

    ET / Via

    7. When Florence made fun of Scarlett's superhero pose for being impractical, which ended up being part of the movie.

    Black widow and Yelena doing the same superhero pose
    Marvel Studios / Courtesy Everett Collection

    True friends will let you know when your superhero landing is ridiculous.

    8. When Scarlett said that Florence taught her to be less guarded and easier on herself.

    Scarlett: I was so much more guarded when I was starting in my twenties. She's just like an open book, and I think I learned to be a little easier on myself.
    Glamour / Via

    9. When FloPugh revealed that the best part of working on Black Widow was being stuck to ScarJo for long periods of time.

    Florence Pugh speaking to the Sunday Times
    The Sunday Times / Via

    She said, "Lots of my downtime was actually spent strapped to Scarlett around my waist or me strapped around her neck in very hilariously risky positions, and we'd just be left up there for 10 minutes, and that was honestly the best time of filming Black Widow."

    10. When she elaborated about one such time during the bike chase scene in Black Widow. They were strapped together for many hours, and Florence enjoyed pulling Scarlett's hair from behind.

    11. When Scarlett revealed that she felt comfortable with Florence really quickly, as evidenced by the fact that she had no problem pointing out when Florence was sweating a lot.

    Florence, speaking with Scarlett and David Harbour: She put her arm under my armpit and said wow that's a wet pit
    BuzzFeed / Via

    12. When Florence talked about what a big deal it was to play Scarlett's little sister, given her impact in the MCU.

    13. When they bonded over a deep love of food, which they've talked about many, many times (very relatable).

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    * They shared a tub of cookies and some garlic gazpacho (courtesy of Scarlett) on the set of Black Widow, and it was so good that Florence was still talking about it nearly two years later.

    * Scarlett was annoyed when she couldn't have ice cream on set, but Florence deeply enjoyed it, saying, "Scarlett's daughter would keep on delivering us ice cream because it was so hot, but Scarlett wouldn't be allowed it because she's not allowed dairy. So she'd be really annoyed that I was eating delicious ice cream right behind her."

    * Scarlett says she would love to guest-star in one of Florence's cooking videos on Instagram, and Florence has in turn requested that Scarlett teach her how to make lasagna. 

    14. When asked to draw each other, they absolutely nailed it.

    Scarlett and Florence holding up drawings they made of each other
    Glamour / Via

    15. When Florence supported her pal Scarlett at the premiere for Marriage Story, which earned Scarlett her first Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

    Charley Gallay / Getty Images

    16. When their meet-cute was straight out of a movie.

    17. Finally, when Florence got a hug from Scarlett at her first Oscars red carpet in 2020, which she said helped calm her nerves.

    Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

    They were both nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

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