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    We Can All Thank Florence Pugh For Accidentally Creating The Best Scene In "Black Widow"

    "And they wrote that right in there."

    So, Black Widow is obviously out.

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    And the entire Marvel fan base has collectively agreed that Florence Pugh stole our hearts as Yelena.

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    Just a bunch of simps.

    She was such a perfect addition to a female-led Marvel movie, especially one where she gets to play Scarlett Johansson's younger sister.

    Yelena and Natasha arguing over the plan and Yelena saves them


    Hands down, the best scene in the entire movie is when Yelena trolls Natasha's signature pose.

    Yelena making fun of Natasha's pose

    Which becomes a running joke throughout the whole film...

    Yelena making fun of Natasha's pose again in the snow scene

    But the best part? In an interview with MTV, Florence explained how she practically wrote that joke herself when she started asking all of the right questions.

    MTV News / Via

    And like any little sister would, she, of course, had to troll Scarlett about it IRL on set, which is how writer Eric Pearson heard about it and decided to put it in the film.

    MTV News / Via

    Scarlett responded how I'd probably respond too if I'd spent literally 10 years of my life playing the same character.

    Scarlett said, "10 years of work, flush it down the toilet. These kids..."
    MTV News / Via

    It's funny, though, because Florence really set the bar high for herself. Whatever pose she eventually chooses better be excellent.

    MTV News / Via

    Personally, I hope she goes with the walking thing.

    PBS SoCal / Via

    It would be iconic.

    You can watch Florence and Scarlett’s full MTV interview below:

    View this video on YouTube

    MTV News / Via

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