11 Side-By-Sides Of The "Black Widow" Cast In The Movie, In Their First Roles, And In Real Life

    So that's where I know them from!

    Warning: spoilers ahead for Black Widow and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier! 🚨🚨

    1. Scarlett Johansson's first role as Laura Nelson in North in 1994:

    Laura and her brother welcome North into their family

    Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff in Black Widow:

    Natasha smiles at Yelena, and she wakes Mason up

    Scarlett Johansson in real life:

    she wears clear-framed glasses and bright lipstick

    2. Florence Pugh's first role as Abbie Mortimer in The Falling in 2014:

    she played a schoolgirl alongside Maisie Williams

    Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova in Black Widow:

    Yelena confronts Nat, Yelena and Nat stand by each other's side

    Florence Pugh in real life:

    3. David Harbour in his first onscreen role as a waiter on an episode of Law & Order in 1999:

    he played Mike, the waiter and witness

    David Harbour as Alexei Shostakov/Red Guardian in Black Widow:

    Alexei rescued on the helicopter, Alexei in his ill-fitting Red Guardian gear

    David Harbour in real life:

    4. Rachel Weisz in her onscreen debut as Sarah Thompson in Advocates II:

    Rachel Weisz as Melina Vostokoff in Black Widow:

    Rachel Weisz in real life:

    Rachel dressed casually for Comic Con

    5. Ray Winstone in his film debut as Steve Brodie in That Summer in 1979:

    Steve is confronted by bullies

    Ray Winstone as Dreykov in Black Widow:

    Dreykov welcoming Alexei home, Natasha confronting Dreykov

    Ray Winstone in real life:

    he wears his facial hair longer IRL

    6. Olga Kurylenko as Iris in her debut film L'Annulaire (The Ring Finger) in 2005:

    Iris gets the lab job, she meets the other people working there

    Olga Kurylenko as Antonia Dreykov/Taskmaster in Black Widow:

    Antonia revealing her identity to Natasha, a Widow making sure Antonia isn't left behind

    Olga Kurylenko in real life:

    7. Violet McGraw in her first credited role as Nina on the Netflix series Love in 2018:

    she was a young relative at Gus's family party

    Violet McGraw as young Yelena in Black Widow:

    Yelena doing backbends with Nat, Yelena tells her dad she forgot her shoes

    Violet McGraw in real life:

    8. Ever Anderson in her first role as young Alicia Marcus in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter:

    young Alice appears in a video message the Red Queen shows current Alice, Alice remembers her childhood self

    Ever Anderson as young Natasha in Black Widow:

    young Nat at the dinner table, young Nat flying the plane to save her family

    Ever Anderson in real life:

    9. O-T Fagbenle in his first movie role as Joe in Breaking and Entering:

    Joe and his coworkers confront their boss about how unsafe they feel at work

    O-T Fagbenle as Rick Mason in Black Widow:

    Mason helping Nat get set up in Norway, Mason showing Nat the jet he got her

    O-T Fagbenle in real life:

    10. William Hurt in his first big screen movie as Professor Edward Jessup in Altered States in 1980:

    the professor delivers his iconic monologue in the bar

    William Hurt as Secretary Thaddeus Ross in Black Widow:

    Ross tells Natasha they have her surrounded over the phone

    William Hurt in real life:

    11. And finally, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a Saturday Night Live cast member in 1983:

    Julia as Katie, a girl who came home from college and refused to eat meat at family dinner

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Contessa Valentina in Black Widow:

    Val meets Yelena at Nat's grave

    And Julia Louis-Dreyfus in real life: