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    25 Subscriptions That Make Perfect Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

    All you have to do is print it out, put it in a card, and let 'em know their gift is on the way! (You're welcome.)

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Quirky Crate, for the person who you love being weird with (and who is also into very colorful and cute things).

    Quirky Crate

    What it is: A box of seven to ten bright, playful goods guaranteed to instantly put a smile on anyone's face (even those "Yeah...I don't celebrate Valentine's Day"-type people). Each box includes an enamel pin from a featured artist as well as a fun pair of socks.

    Promising review: "Quirky Crate is always a fun surprise to open each month! It is a box full of themed items which change per month, that are pretty random. You could get a journal one month or a crazy flamingo purse the next. I have always been able to find at least half of the things in the crate something that I enjoy. I would highly recommend this to anyone that likes cute and random things!" —Fay

    Price: $34.99/month; use code VDAY19 at checkout for 10% off

    2. Coffee and a Classic, perfect for your S.O. who adores nothing more than curling up with a cup o' joe and a good book all weekend long (except maybe you, of course).

    Coffee and a Classic

    What it is: A box that includes one classic book (choose from classic literature, nonfiction, and children's books), something to sip on (choose from coffee, tea, and hot chocolate), and, depending on your subscription, one to two bookish items, something to snack on, a coffee mug, and a bookmark as well.

    Promising review: "I am trying four different bookish boxes and Coffee and a Classic outshines them all. It is perfectly curated to the book of the month. Best of all they allow you to change the book genre. I am signing up for a year's subscription. Highly recommended to everyone." —Campina

    Price: $28.49+/month

    3. My Garden Box to help your soilmate indulge in their love for all things botanical.

    My Garden Box

    What it is: A custom crafted collection of live plants and gardening goods. Choose from the My Monthly Plant option, for a living plant(s) or bulb (seasonal), house-blend soil, and a uniquely chosen decorative planter, or My DIY Garden, for a garden collection with illustrated instructions, garden care tips, and properly portioned ingredients for creating a garden project.

    Promising review: "The plants showed up healthy and ready to be planted with soil, moss, rocks, a wood tag, watering can, container, and base. Instructions included on how to care for it as well. Loved doing it and am excited for next month!" —AbigailGiovacchini

    Price: $18.50/month for My Monthly Plant or $35.50/month for My DIY Garden

    4. Cajun Crate, for the partner who'd rather be in New Orleans — and who always has a hankering for some genuine Louisiana cuisine.

    Cajun Crate

    What it is: Seven or more full-sized food and drink products from Louisiana, including roux, BBQ sauce, seasoning, sand more! Each month features a new theme and includes a product guide and recipes.

    Promising review: "We love this box. Few things we shared with my mom and dad. It takes me back to my summers spent in Louisiana with family." —Amanda Watkins

    Price: $33/month

    5. An Enjoy Flowers subscription that'll show 'em not only did you not forget the V-Day flowers, but they'll also be arriving roughly once a month for the foreseeable future.

    Enjoy Flowers

    What it is: Fresh flowers delivered to your doorstep guaranteed to last at least seven days. Choose from several different subscription options.

    Promising review: "Everything I've received has been AMAZING! I receive the large monthly option, and each time I've received enough flowers for two to three different arrangements. The variety is always beautiful. I can't believe the flowers come all the way from Colombia and arrive in perfect condition. The first batch I received lasted three whole weeks! The second batch has more delicate flowers, but they still lasted two weeks. I loved my flowers so much I ordered my parents a six-month subscriptions and some of my best friends a three-month subscription. Would highly recommend!" —Camille

    Price: $38.25+/month; use code VDAY19 at check out for twice the blooms plus 15% off on Farm Fresh Regular & Signature Single three-month flower subscriptions

    6. Accio!, a subscription box for the significant other who's a Gryffindor in the streets but a freak in the sheets.


    What it is: A box with four to five indie and handmade Potterverse-themed items, including home decor, candles, bath and body care, and collectibles for the adult Harry Potter fan. Choose your house and clothing size (from S–3XL).

    Promising review: "I've gotten three so far and they were all filled with totally unique stuff that I wouldn't have been able to get on Amazon or Etsy; they're really big on exclusive items that they design themselves. I especially love their holiday boxes! Halloween was a great one that a lot of friends were jealous of. I want to get one every month, there's always something else I have never seen before!" —Natasha

    Price: $32+/month

    7. Therabox, a thoughtfully curated self-care box designed to reduce stress and promote ~good vibes only~, because your boo deserves to treat themselves to a little R&R after a long-ass day.


    What it is: A delivery that includes "happiness activity" plus five to seven wellness products (e.g., aromatherapy, natural/organic bath, body and skin care products, and more) curated by therapists and designed to boost joy and relaxation.

    Promising review: "I love this box!!! It's so good for self-care. I started getting it a little after my son's 1st birthday and it has been wonderful way to help manage stress and help me stay positive. It's been good for me, my marriage, and my parenting." —Sabrina

    Price: $30.99+/month; use code CJFIRST10 at checkout for 10% off

    8. A Winc wine subscription for the person who'd rather have a bouquet of rosés than a bouquet of roses.


    What it is: A wine subscription service that sends wine to your doorstep, and helps you choose the best bottles based on your tastes and preferences. Read the full review of it here.

    Price: Wines start at $13 (and free shipping when you order at least four bottles). If you order now, you can get $20 off!

    9. Stitch Fix, a styling service that'll breathe new life into the wardrobe of your partner who's been complaining about being in a sartorial rut lately.

    10. A Globe In subscription, which supports artisans around the world by sending gorgeous, quality handmade products to your doorstep.

    Marianna Jamadi

    What it is: A box that includes handmade, authentic products from around the world — like ceramic mugs from Tunisia, cocoa powder from Ghana, bath towels from Turkey, and spice bowls from India — and supports remote artisans and farmers.

    Promising review: "The quality of the products is top-notch, and I love that it's supporting artists around the world." —Natalie

    Price: $10+/month

    11. A Birchbox subscription that'll let them try out sample-sized beauty and grooming products before buying the full-sized versions, for the S.O. who's a commitment-phobe when it comes to anything but you.

    12. Foodstirs, to make life a little sweeter for the person who enjoys getting creative in the kitchen — it'll equip them with everything they'll need for a fun new recipe.


    What it is: A kit with all the ingredients and accessories you'll need to bake something delicious and festive (like the impossibly adorable sweetheart brownies or movie-night cupcakes pictured). Ingredients are all non-GMO, fair-trade, and chemical-free.

    Price: $22.01+/month

    13. Feeling Fab, so your valentine has all the essentials at their fingertips to practice a little self-care whenever they need to.

    Feeling Fab

    What it is: A holistic mind-body wellness subscription that includes five or six all-natural ethically sourced body-care products, delicious organic snacks, and yoga and meditation accessories.

    Promising review: "This box is absolutely amazing and truly lives up to their promises. Each product has real organic ingredients that I can actually read, versus some other 'organic' subscriptions I've tried. The boxes pay attention to a certain theme while explaining the products. This really give my self-care rituals structure, and intention, as well as appreciation of the origins instead of just rubbing random products on my face. They aim to help you feel fabulous, and girl, I do. Thank you. 😜💓🎊 Can't wait for next months box!" —Nicole

    Price: $28.17+/month; use code VDAY19 at checkout to get 15% off

    14. A Louisville Vegan Jerky of the Month Club subscription, for the object of your affection who also happens to be meat-free.

    Louisville Vegan Jerky Co.

    What it is: Each box comes with three bags of seriously delicious vegan, gluten-free jerky — two of the company's existing flavors and one of their small-batch "super-secret test flavors" (some past flavors have included chipotle cherry, pepperoni, and General Tso's).

    Promising review: "I've tried many different brands of vegan jerky and have given my non-vegan friends a sample...they ALL love this jerky. I am a very big fan and thought the limited-edition Adobo one was fantastic!" —Diane

    Price: $19/month

    15. A Pretty Paper Club subscription that'll bring pure joy to the life of your stationery-obsessed paramour.

    Pretty Paper Club

    What it is: A box chockfull of personalized stationery and handpicked stationery accessories — including clips, gel pens, pencils, washi tape, stickers, confetti, and more.

    Promising review: "Oh my gosh, my best friend absolutely loved this box! She's an artist/poet/writer and I knew she would like this box but I didn't realize how beautiful and personalized the team at Pretty Paper Club would make her items! It was so easy to have it shipped to her for Christmas. There was a little issue with her address when I submitted the order, and when I sent the seller an email about it I was contacted almost immediately to get the issue fixed, which was super great. They ask you questions about what you or your gift recipient likes and incorporate those things into the box beautifully. After seeing what arrived I am shocked this box is only $20. Highly recommend!" —Heather

    Price: $16.66+/month; use code VDAY19 at checkout for 15% off

    16. A luxury Robb Vices box to gift the partner with refined tastes and an appreciation for fine wine and spirits.

    Robb Vices

    What it is: A collection of premium products (read: top-shelf booze, wine decanters, high-end food and snacks) for anyone who loves to indulge in a little luxury on the regular.

    Price: $389.85/three boxes

    17. Spice Madam, a fun subscription for the culinarily inclined that explores a different region in every box via spices, spice blends, and corresponding recipes.

    Spice Madam

    What it is: A global spice, recipe, and culture subscription box that features 10 to 15 items per box — including spices, seeds, culinary mixes, recipe cards, and even a relevant music playlist. All items are vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free, and 5% of each box is donated to a charity that supports children.

    Promising review: "I've gotten this box for a year. It was wonderful. I love spices already, but with this I got to try many amazing new things and how to use them that I wouldn't have been brave enough to try before. Also the background that came with each country added depth to all of the recipes. I recommend this highly, even for new cooks." —Tanya

    Price: $18.33+/month

    18. Escape the Crate, a gift that you and your escape-room-aficionado companion can enjoy together — for an adventure that doesn't even require putting on pants.

    Escape the Crate

    What it is: A bimonthly subscription box for puzzle lovers and escape-room fans. Each box includes an hourlong game along with items like ciphers, letters, sleuthing tools, puzzles, and more.

    Promising review: "What a great idea! An escape room you can do in your own house! All in one convenient box, which was very eye-catching — we couldn't wait to get into it. We were also more then thrilled with the theme of our first box (prehistoric dinosaurs) and how much I got to learn from it, meanwhile it was good review for my boyfriend who loves anything prehistoric. Can't wait for our next adventure!" —Brittney

    Price: $26.50+/month; use code VDAY19 at checkout to get 20% off your first order

    19. The Apollo Surprise Box, for the partner whose tastes you know well and who appreciates unconventional items that are actually useful (and/or delicious).

    Apollo Box

    What it is: A monthly or quarterly subscription box of goods tailored to the recipient's tastes; choose from two differently priced boxes, each filled with products at up to 40% less than their retail value. The boxes feature novel, creatively designed popular products, including a complimentary augmented-reality card — an interactive card to give to someone for a ~unique~ customized experience. (A sample Valentine's Day box, for instance, may include things like hot chocolate on a stick, a marble mug, a preserved rose, and a lavender bath bomb.)

    Price: Plans vary; $30/month or quarter for product(s) up to $50 value or $50/month or quarter for product(s) up to $80 value

    20. A Kokoro Care Package, to indulge the Japanophile who won't be traveling to the other side of the world anytime soon.

    Kokoro Care

    What it is: A monthly or seasonal delivery of at least five premium-quality, delicious Japanese foods, free of additives and chemicals, made in Japan. The box includes English translations as well as ideas on how to incorporate these foods into your daily life.

    Price: $55+/month

    21. A MasterClass pass for the person with an insatiable appetite for learning — especially when they're being taught by some of the most successful celebs in the biz.


    What it is: Access to more than 50 classes over the span of a year on MasterClass, which offers online video courses taught by big-name celebs (like Annie Leibovitz on photography and Shonda Rhimes on writing for television).

    Price: $180/year

    22. Or the Mystery Pleasure Box, for the couple who's been talking about shaking things up in a more risqué way.

    Mystery Pleasure Box

    What it is: An array of potions, lotions, and quality sex toys and bedroom accessories picked by industry experts.

    Promising review: "My boyfriend and I have tried the mystery sex grab bags at various stores before and have never been overly impressed. And when we got them back to back we felt like we kept getting the same items and got bored. We stumbled across this mystery pleasure box online and decided to give it a try. We are on our third box and have been VERY impressed by the wide array of fun, quality items that have been selected for these boxes. I’d been a little nervous about ordering online, but the customer service has always been quick and very friendly/easy to reach. We’re excited for upcoming boxes." —Danielle Paquette

    Price: $59 for a couple's box (available in "girl/girl," "boy/boy," and "girl/boy"; also available as solo boxes)

    23. Scribbler, a subscription box for writers, curated by authors, so you can help your S.O. finally get over that pesky writer's block that's been plaguing them.


    What it is: A box filled with curated items (including a new fiction release) designed to help writers stay motivated, improve their craft, and connect with publishing professionals.

    Promising review: "Just received my box early, and I really dig it! I've been a writer for a decade, and this box has everything I'd want to stay motivated and improve my work. I'm excited about the chat with the publishing 'special guest' that'll happen next month, and the writing gifts were awesome too! Fantastic box for seasoned authors with multiple published books, and writers just starting out." —Robert

    Price: $27.50+/month

    24. And an Amazon Prime membership, to show your S.O. that there is no better gift than the gift of next-day shipping.


    What it is: Access to tons of perks on Amazon, including free two-day and one-day shipping and same-day delivery for eligible items and in eligible areas, streaming video and music, exclusive shopping deals, and more. And juuuuust in case you messed up and they already happen to have one, they'll be able to exchange it for an Amazon gift card. Win-win!

    Price: $39 for three months or $119 for the year.

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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