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    30 Easy Gift Ideas That'll Make People Think You're Thoughtful

    Step one: remember to give a gift. Check!

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    1. A fill-in-the-blank book so you can tell literally anyone how much you love them mostly in your own words.

    2. A Cableyoyo to let them know you were absolutely watching that one time when they pulled their atrocious headphone knot out of their backpack, only to hide it immediately in shame.

    3. A selection of Cadbury chocolate bars because you definitely remember them telling you about studying abroad in was London, right?

    4. A stainless steel travel mug for making them feel like they're in the great outdoors even when they're in the great big office.

    5. A cold brew maker so they can save a little money on their caffeine habit. It's a universal struggle that cold bean juice is weirdly expensive!

    6. A set of gratitude letters that is recommended by the world's most thoughtful gift-giver: Oprah.

    7. A write-in menu book where they can record the details of their famous dinner parties. Now those are thoughtful.

    8. A hydroflask, because wanting someone to stay hydrated is the truest form of affection.

    9. A Baggu bag, which is both a gift for them *and* Mother Earth.

    10. A set of microfiber glasses cleaning cloths. Clean a man's glasses, they stay clean for a day. Teach a man to clean his glasses, they stay clean for a lifetime.

    11. A 16-pack of face masks so they can treat themselves to periodic spa nights OR completely ball out and have over two weeks of the most moisturized days OF THEIR LIFE.

    12. A custom New York Times cover puzzle to commemorate a special day in their life. If you're not sure which date to choose, maybe go for the day A Star Is Born premiered (October 5, 2018).

    13. A mini humidifier that will make their desk feel like a little tropical paradise.

    14. A personalized, engraved ring I hereby give you permission to put your own name on.

    15. A Lunarly subscription so they're reminded to practice self-care at least once a month.

    16. A beer tasting journal for keeping track of all the new brews they've been trying.

    17. Or if they don't imbibe, a tea-tasting journal, also for keeping track of all the new brews they've been trying.

    18. A homesick candle from their college or hometown. All you need to do first is remember where that is.

    19. A set of cozy wool socks because — little did we know in our youth — socks are the Best Gift.

    20. A personalized library kit so they know exactly who's been returning their books late (tbh probably you!).

    21. A faux fur blanket that will make them feel unashamedly luxurious af.

    22. A tiny photo printer for preserving all of their most cherished memories irl. I'm still not really sure what *the cloud* is, but it can't last forever!

    23. A palette organizer because you're starting to suspect they care more about their beloved eyeshadow collection than you...which like, fair.

    24. A monogrammed glass to finally prove to them and the world: you are aware of their first name.

    25. Some individual Sriracha packets so they always have enough of everyone's favorite condiment on hand.

    26. A set of Mario Badescu facial sprays that will make them feel refreshed anytime, anywhere.

    27. A big 'ol scarf for staying warm through the inevitably long and terrible winter.

    28. A set of affirmation cards to remind them of the simple fact that THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!!

    29. An adorable BarkBox subscription, because a gift for their pet baby is ultimately a gift for them.

    30. A zodiac constellation necklace and ring set that's sure to *align* with their interests.

    Look at you, totally remembering to get gifts this year.

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