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    46 Things Under $20 That'll Probably Make A Big, Big Difference In 2020

    "Begone." — you to all your small but annoying problems this year.

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    1. A mini scraping tool so you can make your expensive foundation LAST, instead of buying a new bottle the minute you can't pour anything out. Consider this a way to meet yourself in the middle if you're trying to save money — you'll still get your favorite makeup, but make everything last much longer.

    2. A pack of interdental cleaners for making this the year you actually floss — it's great for anyone who has braces or simply loathes the feeling of regular flossing. Their wire tips bend for easy access, while the brush heads remove food and plaque without the need for tricky maneuvering.

    3. A unique food bowl designed to slow your pet down when eating, so you can teach them how to pace themselves while scarfing down kibble. It can help them digest better *and* prevent food waste.

    4. A pack of Avarelle rounded or extra-large acne patches that'll cheaply tackle every kind of breakout that dares to challenge your complexion. They're both powered by tea tree oil and calendula oil (all of which are gentle on sensitive skin) to reduce inflammation and absorb pus, whether it's just one zit or a spread-out breakout you can cover with one patch.

    5. A mini contact lens case, because anyone who's ever lost a contact midday KNOWS why this should always be on-hand. It features a solution bottle, tweezers, lens holder, and mirror to keep you PREPARED. No more spending the afternoon with one eye closed.

    6. A pan scraper so you can properly clean cast iron pans, burnt cookware, or tough residue without scratching the surface. So long, scrubbing for two hours just to lose your battle with stubborn lasagna.

    7. A set of face mask brushes for upgrading your beauty routine with tools that'll feel like h-e-a-v-e-n on your skin and prevent you from wasting product *and* from using your fingers. Why, you ask? Fingers = acne-causing bacteria. Silicone = germ-free, no breakouts.

    8. A mini file organizer to keep and REMEMBER your receipts instead of crumpling them at the bottom of your bag. Not only will this help you track expenses (especially those that'll get you *cough cough* tax returns), but make purchases more memorable so you stop thoughtlessly swiping that card.

    9. A pack of tea tree oil-absorbing tissues that'll confront midday shiny T-zones head on by absorbing excess oil, controlling shine, AND soothing irritated complexions with bamboo charcoal. Meaning your days of finding tissue stuck to your forehead are over.

    10. A bag-organizing insert, because this'll make it actually possible to find your lipstick without dumping your entire purse out on the street. It has a whopping ~13 pockets~ to ensure clutter is a thing of the past — good LUCK getting lost, wallet.

    11. A condiment fork so you won't get your hand stuck in the pickle jar ever again (I WILL NEVER LET GO). Basically, it'll no longer be messy work when satisfying 2 a.m. salty cravings.

    12. A wine stain–removing spray for preventing any nights out from going sour. But if you DO spill red wine (who trusted us with merlot?!), you'll be able to spritz away all your problems. Back to the cheese spread.

    13. A pair of no-show socks to finally end your battle with blisters. Reviewers PROMISE these actually a) stay on your feet and b) won't make an unwelcome appearance midday. Plus, they wick away sweat so you and your outfit can stay high and dry.

    14. A Glossier milk jelly cleanser that'll both gently refresh your face in the morning, and completely melt away makeup at the end of the day. It's soothing, nourishing, and perfect for sensitive skin — aka yearlong dewy skin awaits.

    15. A cell phone grip, because this'll make sure you can text, scroll through Instagram, FaceTime, WHATEVER with just one hand — aka you can finally stop dropping your phone every time you try to multitask.

    16. A Rubbermaid produce saver so you can keep all of your produce fresh, despite the fact grocery stores don't seem to understand that some of us shop for one. But now our $100 tab of fresh food won't go bad in two days' time.

    17. A set of earring lifters for wearing any darn heavy hoops or large studs you want without having to worry about drooping or aching lobes.

    18. A set of Drop Stop gap fillers to keep your car seats protected from crumbs — yes, it's easy to lose French fries when shoveling them into our mouths between lights. But then they *stay* buried between your seats...yea that's what that smell is. Enter these to stop that from happening again.

    19. A set of stick-on bumper pads that'll muffle e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, from slamming microwaves, toilet lids, glasses, cabinets, you name it. If someone can make a scene with it, it's fair game. Maybe this'll be the year you can peacefully coexist with your roommate.

    20. A wood polisher, because this'll undo any surface scratches the minute they happen, aka you'll avoid any unexpected charges from your good old landlord. AND you won't have to buy new furniture!

    21. A cushioned knee pad so you have a ~pain-free~ solution to awkward home workouts should you decide to make this the year you do a push-up. It'll protect your joints while you do floor exercises so you can focus on the video, instead of aches and pains. Maybe now planking won't scare us so much!

    22. A high-impact racerback sports bra specifically made for big breasts to say ta-ta to painful workouts. These'll give you all the physical (but sadly not emotional) support you need while doing activities that require a lot of movement, like running or boxing.

    23. A stylish luggage handleto not only make it more comfortable to lug your suitcase through the airport (ty, cushioned neoprene), but make baggage claim so much easier. Now when you're jet lagged and ready to GOOOO, you can spot and skidaddle.

    24. A set of extra-long toothbrushes that'll actually maintain your best friend's hygiene without the fear of any *nipping*. Now you guys don't have to choose between losing a finger or preventing a cavity.

    25. A carrying case, because this'll make it easier to travel with your traditional makeup blender. Aka midday touch-ups won't come with the worry of introducing your skin to your purse's bacteria.

    26. An aligner case so you always have a back-up — living in fear of losing the one your orthodontist gave you is probably getting annoying. You'll just need to keep track of at least ONE of these...heck, keep it at your desk to nix taking chances.

    27. A bra band extender for freeing yourself from the ~grips~ of restrictive bras. This is made of soft velvet, doesn't leave tracks, and never pinches — cue the song "Freedom" (feel free to sing it at the top of your lungs).

    28. An app called Prism to make 2020 the year you remember to pay your bills on time (hellooooo, improving credit score!). This keeps everything from the WiFi bill to rent in one place and sends you reminders — you may even feel super adult afterwards!

    29. A draft-blocker that'll actually make living with loud roommates bearable. This'll prevent noises from drifting in your room through underneath the door — its soundproof, three-layer design will stop the echoes of noisy phone calls in their ~path~, leaving you blissfully unaware.

    30. A pair of anti-chafing bands, because these'll save us from being betrayed by our very own legs. Et tu, thighs? I am so ready for months and months of walking *without* my legs turning bright red.

    31. A pair of charcoal shoe deodorizers so you can bring your favorite sneakers that you love but sadly stink back to life. Basically, they absorb moisture and odor so you can wear your Adidas forEVER without worry.

    32. A key-hiding rock for a way to avoid getting locked out of your house for about the umpteenth time. If you REALLY don't want to call your roommate for help all year *again*, you need this. For everyone's sake.

    33. A set of condiment keepers to bring your favorite toppers to work without worrying about leakage — or having to bring the entire darn bottle of hot sauce with you. It's the little things that'll make this the best year yet.

    34. A pair of compression socks that'll cheaply improve circulation in your legs by encouraging blood flow through your toes up to your knees while you work out, travel, or need to lessen painful swelling ASAP (people who are pregnant swear by these!).

    35. A pair of seamless hipster undies, because these'll finally tell panty lines the *bottom line*: they can't sit with us when we wear leggings. Sorry not sorry.

    36. A pair of reusable silicone ear buds so you can sleep through the night...despite your family's tendency to blare the TV at 4 a.m. Isn't life beautiful on eight hours of sleep?

    37. A set of Bliss glycolic resurfacing pads for officially canceling your ~appointment~ with pricey peels. Their spa-strength formula of glycolic acid targets acne, fine lines, and discoloration to reveal brighter, clearer skin. Money saved *and* a smooth complexion.

    38. A blind spot mirror to make this the year you actually know how to *gulp* parallel park. Sure, you're still heavily relying on this to see where the heck you're going, but your friends are in the back. They won't know your secrets.

    39. A leak-proof stainless steel travel mug that'll make you feel confident that your coffee is safe and sound — and so are your car seats now for that matter. No more early morning crises before you've even HAD your caffeine.

    40. A pack of SweatBlock clinical antiperspirant wipes, because these'll help those of us who are just constantly ~damp~ finally tell our armpits who's boss. So long, awkward sweat marks. We won't miss you.

    41. A pair of anti-UV glare computer glasses so you can get through the workday without a headache (at least from the blue light). These can minimize ~digital eye strain~ to help you avoid any midday crashes caused by your glaring screen so you actually stay in the zone.

    42. A roll of eco-friendly, reusable bamboo towels for nixing overspending on regular paper towels and cleaning up messes a whole lot faster thanks to the absorbent material. AND these are good for the earth! Everybody wins.

    43. A five-in-one aerator to not only improve the taste of even cheap vino right out of the bottle, but reseal it when you're done. This lil' bb can neatly pour, aerate, filter, stopper, and prevent leaks all by itself. Heck, it surely deserves a toast.

    44. A bungee dog leash that'll allow your pup to pull to their heart's content without choking themselves (not good!!!). Please do both yourself and your dog a favor and call truce on your dramatic power struggles.

    45. A punch plier, because loose belts are the WORST and basically useless. This'll make all your belts feel practically custom-made (and I guess in a way it is!).

    46. A drawer divider set so you can separate all your essentials and keep them in their rightful place. Why, you ask? How many times have you run late because you can't find any bleeping socks? You have your answer.

    Suddenly coming up with solutions instead of giving into problems all throughout 2020 like:

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