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    If You’re New To Running, Here Are 30 Things You’ll Probably Find Helpful

    Feel free to try Phoebe's style, too.

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    1. Start by warming up (*not* static stretching) before going for a run. A few reps of knee hugs, lunges, and squats will help increase your heart rate and blood flow, and lubricate your joints so you're mentally *and* physically ready for cardio.

    2. Wear a high-impact sports bra that's actually supportive if you have DD+ breasts so you're not distracted by any pain or discomfort. I'm talking quick-dry, sweat-wicking fabric, two-way stretch for free range movement, wireless cups for impact support, and wide, padded straps to avoid shoulder pressure and back pain. Throw in its cute design and we have a CHAMP.

    3. Don't push yourself too hard when starting your new running routine — take it little by little! Start by taking short breaks, like running for a minute and then walking for three minutes (you can easily keep track with a stopwatch). And keep your pace to a light jog so you don't immediately get winded.

    And if you're always wondering what RPE means, here's a chart to finally make sense of it:

    4. Look for two things when shopping for running shorts: Are they low enough on the thigh to protect you from painful rubbing? And! Are they high-waisted enough to prevent sliding down (which is very frustrating and distracting)? Basically you want them to stay 👏 put 👏 the whole time.

    5. Or! Protect yourself from rubbing (my legs are on fire just THINKING about it) by wearing a pair of anti-chafing bands underneath your running outfit. They're specifically designed to eliminate chafing and sweat, and are made to comfortably conform to *your* body.

    6. Find the right pair of running shoes for your running routine with Nike's shoe-finder quiz so you have the proper cushioning and support. If your feet start to ache almost right away whenever you go running, or you always get blisters, chances are you're in need of a new pair of sneakers.

    Need help? These Nike running sneakers are already a popular choice with over 200 positive reviews. Designed for short runs, these bbs have soft, lightweight soles to mimic your foot's natural movement, and expand and contract with every landing and push-off.

    Or! These Nike sneakers are designed with wide feet in mind so you can say farewell to cramped piggies while you run. Their reinforced heel and overlays give you support, while the lightweight knit material ensures breathability. They're even reflective for when you run at night!

    7. Focus on an object in the distance of your running path whenever you start to lose energy. It'll give you a goal to focus on until you reach it — and will feel great when you get there!

    8. Wear a pair of compression socks if your muscles usually cramp up mid-run. These'll relieve muscle cramps and promote better oxygen and blood flow through your legs — aka not only will these keep you from stopping, but they'll actually help you push FARTHER than usual. Six mile record, here we come!

    9. Build a playlist that you actually like and *not* just songs that you assume are meant for cardio. You'll probably feel more motivated by your all-time favorites than generic fast-paced music — especially when your playlist is ad-free)

    10. And! Consider investing in a pair of wireless headphones so you're never distracted by tangled wires or poor sound quality. These have a clever ear hook so you don't need to worry about them falling out, sound *crystal clear*, and are sweat-resistant. Turn that playlist UP (so I can't hear my own wheezing).

    11. Make sure your feet are properly protected from over-sweating and blistering by wearing running socks specifically designed to ventilate, support, and cover your ankles from sneaker chafing. Happy feet = making it to your new goal.

    12. Take steps weekly steps towards feeling less and less overwhelmed from waking up earlier if you're trying to create a new morning run routine. By the end of week two, you'll actually look *forward* to tackling those early jogs 💪.

    An extra helpful tip? Get an extra-loud alarm clock that *doesn't* have a snooze option so you're not even tempted to drift back off to sleep. Would you look at that — you're actually up and putting on your sports bra.

    13. Keep thick hair in place while running (not an easy feat, I KNOW) with extra-strong hair ties that are designed with curly or heavy locks in mind to keep your pony out of your WAY. So long, sweaty mess distractions.

    14. Start each day with a breakfast that's both filling *and* actually exciting (sorry to granola bars) so you have energy for your run. Overnight oats pack a mean source of protein (22 grams to be exact), can be paired with endless ingredients so you never get bored, and take zero prep time in the morning. Just mix it with milk (or a milk substitute) the night before and stick it in the fridge. All done.

    15. Keep your phone safely attached to yourself with an armband so you don't risk dropping it and shattering your screen — not so great. Plus, now you can focus on your breathing instead of clinging onto your phone.

    16. Or! Keep *everything* in one easy place by attaching a running belt to your outfit. It has ~three compartments~ to keep your keys, phone, credit cards, WHATEVER you need secure.

    17. Have an energizing smoothie (that sneaks in some protein) before your run to fight early morning blues — not so motivating. You can even use a personal blender to avoid big cleanups and confusing serving sizes. Its on-the-go design also lets you take your drink with you!

    18. Pick workout leggings that are specifically made for cardio activities like running — they'll feature things that everyday leggings don't, like sweat-wicking fabric, reinforced waistbands (so they don't fall down), and compression (to soothe muscles).

    19. Prep easy but filling snacks so you don't feel too low in energy to hit the running path after working. A rapid egg cooker will help you always have something satisfying on hand so midday slumps can't get in your way.

    20. Train yourself to run in intervals so you don't tire yourself out by running full speed the entire time. Controlling your pace so that you increase your speed little by little (and slowing down in-between) ensures you can make better times without burning out. You can use an activity tracker to make watching your pace and monitoring your progress a lot easier.

    21. Wear layers on chillier days, like a zip-up hoodie, that won't overheat you and is easy to tie around your waist if you start to get warm. Bulky jackets = way too hot and cumbersome.

    22. Be sure to s-t-r-e-t-c-h after every run! This stretch band makes it easy to encourage muscle healing, decrease soreness, and increase flexibility. Basically, all these things will help prevent you from feeling incapable of moving the next day.

    23. Try to squeeze in some quick total-body workouts into your schedule on days your not running to increase your endurance and strength — all you need is yourself and a yoga mat. It'll help you improve your time, feel stronger while running, and eventually help you run further.

    24. Recover with a muscle roller stick after every run to prevent soreness and tightness. It'll target muscle knots and increase circulation so your legs don't feel like absolute rubber the next day.

    25. Opt for breathable clothing, like this running T-shirt, so you can focus less on how heavily you're sweating and more on completing your last mile. Its back mesh panel keeps you fanned the whole run, while its lightweight fabric manages moisture.

    26. Make yourself noticeable when running at night, like wearing reflective leggings or LED armbands, so you're visible to cars and passersby.

    27. Use a Fitbit to set personal goals and track your overall progress. It'll send you custom reminders to show you the impact of your workouts, give you guidance on how to improve your runs based on your heart rate, and let you see your real-time pace and distance by connecting to your phone's GPS. Now you can show off your hard work to everyone 💪.

    28. Attach a water bottle waist pack to your outfit so you can keep yourself properly hydrated while running without having to hold the bottle the entire time. Plus! It has extra storage for your keys, wallet, phone, or whatever else you need.

    29. Stock up on inexpensive workout clothing so you always have clean running clothes *without* spending a lot of cash. Forever 21 has tons of cute activewear that's both affordable and good quality so you can always have an extra pair of leggings on hand.

    30. End your run on a ~full~filling note — at least when it comes to your dinner afterwards. A hearty meal that's packed with protein, like this lentil bolognese, will help even vegetarians get the nutrients you need to properly recover and get your energy back.

    You're doing GREAT!

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