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    16 Warm-Up Moves You Should Do Before Every Workout

    Because no one likes a pulled hammie.

    Static stretching before a workout probably isn't a great idea.

    Just choose 3-4 of the moves below and run through them before you start exercising.

    1. Donkey kicks

    2. Single-leg deadlift

    3. Hurdle mobility

    4. Iron Cross

    5. High-knee skips

    6. Knee hugs

    7. Front leg swings

    8. Lunge and twist

    9. Mountain climbers

    10. Scorpion

    11. Lateral leg swings

    12. Side lunge

    13. Squat

    14. Zombie walk

    15. Walking lunge

    16. Groiners

    Thanks to Katie Dubrovenskaya of New York Health and Racquet Club for directing the shoot and to Shannon Rosenberg for modeling.