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    21 Products That'll Help You Make Meals When You Don't Have A Lot Of Ingredients On Hand

    No fancy ingredients? No problem.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A mini waffle maker that will churn out adorably-sized, perfectly cooked-through four-ingredient waffles in mere minutes β€” not to mention hash browns, paninis, biscuits, and even (gasp) PIZZA.

    2. A rapid egg cooker so versatile it can cook eggs in five different ways, all just using the steam from the water you measure into the machine. Breakfast for dinner just became breakfast for always.

    3. An air fryer you can use to cook a truly aggressive abundance of perfectly-crisped dishes using the power of rapid air technology, with *way* fewer ingredients than other cooking methods.

    4. An Instant Pot not only equipped to turn very few ingredients into full blown meals, but preprogrammed so you can whip up many of them by literally putting them in the pot and pressing a button.

    5. A microwave pasta maker to conveniently cook a foolproof base for a meal, whether you're down to two ingredients (pasta + sauce = ❀️) or mixing it up with a few more.

    6. A small but effective rice cooker that steams meat and veggies in one compartment while the rice cooks below, so you can make dynamic, satisfying meals with whatever you happen to have left in the fridge.

    7. A gorgeous Dutch oven designed to stand the test of time *and* the test of five-ingredient bread recipes. (It also has some big Le Creuset energy, but with a much more reasonable price tag β€” theirs run in the $350 range in this approximate size.)

    8. A set of non-stick, reusable toaster oven bags that will let you make grilled cheese, paninis, and toasted sammies right in the toaster β€” all you need is bread and whatever sandwich ingredients you have on hand.

    9. A sushi-making kit perfect for beginners, so you can take the fate of your rolls into your own hands by working with whatever ingredients you have on hand.

    10. An avocado slicer that'll more than earn its keep by taking care of those pesky pits and giving you perfectly-portioned slices for easy salads, sandwiches, and β€” of course β€” avocado toast.

    11. A silicone muffin mold handy enough to cook single-sized portions of eggs, pastries, and muffins without a ton of nonstick prep, and with ridiculously easy cleanup.

    12. A set of stainless-steel cooking rings you can use to shape anything from eggs to salmon cakes to burgers to pancakes, so you can get creative with your leftovers. Veggies from last night? Boom, mini quiches. Fruit that's about to go bad? Pancake city, y'all.

    13. A silicone baking mat for your sheet pan, so you can get experimenting with the ultimate cooking free-for-all: sheet pan dinners.

    14. A pair of shredder claws to carve all your meats up faster than Wolverine can blink, so you can add a ton of versatile, minimal ingredient recipes to your lineup.

    15. A magnetic microwave cover perfect for cooking *chef's kiss* perfectly baked potatoes, and for sparing you from the sadness of having to clean up your dinner before you've even eaten it.

    16. A nine-in-one pressure cooker equipped to make *deep breath* stews, soups, rice, eggs, yogurt, porridge, and veggies, among a bajillion other simple, low-ingredient ideas you can try in the free recipe book it comes with.

    17. A panini press to make you gorgeous Panera-level sandwiches with whatever you happen to have stocked in the fridge.

    18. A veggie chopper that also spiralizes, juliennes, and slices, so you can try your hand at making veggies the main attraction when you're running low on other staples.

    19. A breakfast sandwich maker that can turn a mere four ingredients into a delicious square meal by simultaneously cooking an egg, toasting bread, warming precooked meat, and melting cheese into the perfect sammie in less than five minutes.

    20. A set of porcelain ramekins for single-serving foods like mac and cheese, quiches, and desserts, so you can not only cook with fewer ingredients, but conserve what you have by only cooking what you need.

    21. A yogurt maker that can make six-ounce containers of up to seven different types of yogurts at once, using a base of three or four ingredients plus whatever fruit or flavoring you have at the ready.

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