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    20 Five-Ingredient Recipes To Bake If You're Bored, Stressed, Or Hungry

    You deserve some homemade dessert these days.

    Maybe you're a novice baker trying to learn some new recipes, or maybe you're just looking for an easy baked recipe to get you through self-quarantine. Whatever the case, these low-key five-ingredient (or fewer!) recipes for cookies, bread, and more are just what you're looking for.

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    1. Easy No-Knead Bread

    Joy Food Sunshine / Via

    This might be the only bread recipe you'll ever need. The recipe calls for all-purpose flour, active dry yeast, salt, and water. It requires a little patience as you wait for the dough to rise, but the result is worth the wait. Get the recipe for easy no-knead bread here.

    2. 5-Ingredient Bagels

    Skinny Taste / Via

    Ready for instant bliss? Just add cream cheese. Bake these babies in the oven or in the air fryer for an extra-crispy exterior. Get the recipe for these easy bagels.

    3. Easy Homemade Naan Bread

    Six Sisters' Stuff / Via

    Serve this soft, fluffy, and delightfully chewy naan with dips or turn it into creative naan pizza with your favorite toppings. Get the recipe for homemade naan here.

    4. Raspberry Cheesecake Thumbprint Cookies

    Baker by Nature / Via

    These decadent cookies are made with flour, butter, cream cheese, and sugar, then filled with whatever jam or fruit preserves you have on hand. Get the recipe for raspberry cheesecake thumbprint cookies here.

    5. Challah Bread

    Mildly Meandering / Via

    Instant yeast, flour, sugar, vegetable oil, and eggs (plus salt and water) are the only ingredients required to make this super-fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth braided loaf. Get the recipe for challah bread here.

    6. 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cornflake Crunch Bars

    The Big Man's World / Via

    Made with just peanut butter, cornflakes, and maple syrup, these crunchy bars don't even need to be baked in the oven. Plus, you can enjoy them for breakfast or dessert. Get the recipe for peanut butter cornflake crunch bars here.

    7. Strawberry Crumble Bars

    Pastry and Beyond / Via

    These dessert bars feature gooey, strawberry filling on the bottom with buttery, crispy crumble on top. Get the recipe for strawberry crumble bars here.

    8. Blueberry Skillet Dump Cake

    Sweet Phi / Via

    The recipe calls for blueberries, but you can whip up this skillet cake with pretty much whatever fruit you have on hand, from strawberries to banana. Get the recipe for blueberry skillet dump cake here.

    9. 3-Ingredient Dinner Rolls

    Our Table for Seven / Via

    Self-rising flour, milk, and plain yogurt or sour cream are all you need to make this crispy-on-the-outside, doughy-on-the-inside rolls. Get the recipe for dinner rolls here.

    10. S'mores Bars

    The Suburban Soap Box / Via

    You don't need a campfire to enjoy this classic summertime treat. Make them right in your oven with marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chips, eggs, and butter. Get the recipe for five-ingredient s'mores bars here.

    11. Easy Monkey Bread

    Grab some biscuit dough from the refrigerator aisle and you're well on your way to making this sticky glazed cinnamon monkey bread. Get the recipe for easy monkey bread here.

    12. Easy Milk-and-Honey Bread

    Mighty Mrs / Via

    Made with just active dry yeast, milk, honey, salt, and bread flour, this moist and delicious bread is perfect for breakfast with a little bit of butter or jam. Get the recipe for milk-and-honey bread here.

    13. 4-Ingredient Cake Mix Banana Bread

    The Typical Mom / Via

    This cheaters' banana bread loaf comes together with overripe bananas, boxed spice cake mix, eggs, and oil. Get the recipe for cake mix banana bread here.

    14. No-Knead Crust Artisan Mini Loaves

    The Comfort of Cooking / Via

    Flour, kosher salt, active dry yeast, and water are the only ingredients you'll need to make these perfectly portioned mini loaves of bread. Cook them in a Dutch oven or any old baking dish. Get the recipe for no-knead mini artisan loaves here.

    15. Blueberry-Vanilla Goat Cheese Pastry Bites

    Dinner Then Dessert / Via

    Start with puff pastry and cover with a mixture of goat cheese, vanilla extract, and egg, and add a scoop of blueberry jam for the grand finale. Get the recipe for blueberry-vanilla goat cheese pastry bites here.

    16. Fluffy Focaccia Bread

    Rasa Malaysia / Via

    Homemade focaccia requires just five ingredients, but you can jazz it up with herbs, spices, or add-ins like rosemary and sea salt, olives and pine nuts, or garlic and olive oil. Get the recipe for fluffy focaccia bread here.

    Half Baked Harvest / Via

    Plain yogurt, honey, instant yeast, flour, and salt (plus some warm water) are all that's required to make this seriously impressive, bakery-quality loaf. Get the recipe for no-knead Dutch oven sourdough here.

    18. Chocolate Chip Shortbread

    Cookies and Cups / Via

    Gooey chocolate chip cookies meet buttery shortbread in this melt-in-your-mouth recipe. Get the recipe for chocolate chip shortbread here.

    Melanie Makes / Via

    Start with oatmeal muffin mix and add in chocolate chunks and fresh raspberries. Or, if you don't have raspberries on hand, try blueberries or banana. Get the recipe for raspberry chocolate chunk oatmeal muffins here.

    20. Fluffy 3-Ingredient Buttermilk Biscuits

    The View From Great Island / Via

    Not to be dramatic, but these flaky, buttery biscuits, made with self-rising flour, buttermilk, and butter, just might change your life (or, at the very least, dinnertime). Get the recipe for buttermilk biscuits here.