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    Updated on Jun 21, 2020. Posted on Sep 18, 2019

    16 Ways To Turn Eggs Into A Delicious Rent-Week Dinner

    Because breakfast for dinner is always a good idea.

    Hannah Wong/BuzzFeed

    Eggs are hands down the most versatile ingredient in the kitchen — and for people trying to shed a few dollars off their grocery bill, they can also be the most budget-friendly.

    So we rounded up 16 recipes that transform the breakfast staple into hearty and budget-friendly meals fit for dinner.

    1. Italian Egg Bake

    Serve this with toasted slices of bread for the easiest dinner ever.

    Get the recipe: Italian Egg Bake

    2. Egg Pizza With Scallions

    Feel free to use store-bought pizza dough to make this recipe a cinch to throw together.

    Get the recipe: Egg Pizza With Scallions

    3. Crustless Quiche

    This recipe gives you a variety of mix-in suggestions so you can customize it to fit your taste.

    Get the recipe: Crustless Quiche

    4. Pasta Carbonara

    The ultimate comfort food recipe that only takes five ingredients and 20 minutes to come together.

    Get the recipe: Pasta Carbonara

    5. Breakfast BLT

    Because a BLT with an egg on top > a regular BLT anytime.

    Get the recipe: Breakfast BLT

    Polenta takes time to properly cook, so make sure you carve out at least 30 minutes to make this comforting parmesan polenta.

    Get the recipe: Tomato-Poached Eggs Over Parmesan Polenta

    7. Avocado Egg Salad

    Serve this on bread, in between two toasted bagel halves, or on flatbread for a quick and filling dinner.

    Get the recipe: Avocado Egg Salad

    8. Parmesan Eggs

    The trick to getting these eggs perfectly cooked without burning the cheese? Frying them with the lid on. This helps steam the yolks so everything cooks at the same time.

    Get the recipe: Parmesan Eggs

    9. Salsa Verde Baked Eggs

    Using store-bought salsa verde makes this skillet come together in no time at all — and with only four ingredients!

    Get the recipe: Salsa Verde Baked Eggs

    10. Baked Eggs With Mushrooms and Parmesan

    Mushroom lovers, this is for you.

    Get the recipe: Baked Eggs With Mushrooms and Parmesan

    11. Bacon and Egg Toast Cups

    This recipe uses baby kale to stuff the toast cups, but feel free to use spinach or arugula if kale isn't your favorite.

    Get the recipe: Bacon and Egg Toast Cups

    12. Baked Egg Crêpes With Herbs and Avocado

    These crêpes get topped with fresh herbs and sliced avocado, but you can garnish them with whatever ingredients you have on hand. Shredded cheese, diced bacon, and halved cherry tomatoes would all work wonderfully.

    Get the recipe: Baked Egg Crêpes With Herbs and Avocado

    13. Olive Oil-Fried Eggs With Yogurt and Lemon

    The combination of cool yogurt and warm fried eggs might sound unusual, but is absolutely delicious.

    Get the recipe: Olive Oil-Fried Eggs With Yogurt and Lemon

    14. Puff Pastry Baked Eggs

    The trick to making these these adorable puff pastry squares? Par baking the pastry before adding the eggs on top. This makes sure the dough has enough time to cook so the center isn't raw.

    Get the recipe: Puff Pastry Baked Eggs

    15. Baked Eggs With Roasted Vegetables

    Feel free to use any hearty veggies you have on hand in place of the beets and radishes. Brussels sprouts, diced sweet potatoes, and carrots would all work well.

    Get the recipe: Baked Eggs With Roasted Vegetables

    16. Hummus and Fried Egg Flatbread

    Because hummus + toasty flatbread + a runny egg = the perfect dinner.

    Get the recipe: Hummus and Fried Egg Flatbread