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27 Times Kate Middleton Proved She Was The Most Flawless Human Of 2013


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1. When she made friends with this tiny Disney princess.

Via AP Photo / Owen Humphreys

Three-year-old Isobelle Laursen dressed up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast to meet "Princess Kate" when she visited Grimsby in March.

4. When her smile was so warm, she made everyone forgot that they were camping in the snow.

Pool / Reuters

The Duchess of Cambridge spent a wintry March day volunteering at a Scout Association camp in the Lake District.

5. When she improved upon the gorgeous outfit she wore for St. Patrick's Day 2012 by adding a royal baby bump.

Via Left: TOBY MELVILLE / Reuters. Right: ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP / Getty Images

The most perfect way to accessorize.

6. That time she sunk a basket and did the cutest royal victory dance.

It took her eight attempts to make a basket during a visit to a Glasgow homeless shelter in April. She joked, "I blame it on the pregnancy."

7. When she looked so stunning that even her husband's portrait was checking her out.

WPA Pool / Getty Images

Yeah, William's picture at the National Portrait Gallery is about 110% better than hers.

10. That time she was literally so perfect that a random photograph was more beautiful than any elaborately staged magazine cover.

15. When she stepped out of the hospital carrying her newborn son and magically caused the wind to waft through her hair.

18. When the glow of her beautiful new family was almost too much for the camera to take.

Handout . / Reuters / Reuters

The first official portraits of the Cambridge family were pretty much too cute to handle.

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