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    35 Things That'll Save You Money In The Long Run

    Just some sound investments you'll be grateful you made in a few months.

    1. A sample of solid shampoo and conditioners you can take with you on your next vacay and save on that checked bag fee you've been paying for the sake of your haircare.

    2. And while we're on the subject, a powder dry shampoo to help keep your mane looking fresh AF as you're trotting around to all kinds of destinations, free from checked-bag fees. (Now do hairspray next.)

    3. A stainless-steel earwax cleaner kit to help you cut down on the cost of disposable cotton swabs AND help you get closer to a zero-waste lifestyle.

    4. A concentrated laundry detergent that'll be good for 50 full loads and take stains to task without irritating your precious sensitive skin.

    5. A jetted tub cleaner to save you a visit from the plumber (and maybe scar you for life?)!

    6. Bra extenders that'll bump you up a few inches in case you need some room around but are good in the cups. (These are especially good for adding to your bras during pregnancy!)

    7. A vegetable-centric cookbook (that includes some recipes with meat!) to help you figure out what the heck to do with that in-season veggie at a super reasonable price at the grocery store or farmer's market. (ICYMI, in-season produce is most always cheaper!)

    8. A pro-level pet stain and odor remover to turn back the clock on area rugs, furniture, and other surfaces that've felt the wrath of pet urine and residue — even years of crystallized urine!!!

    9. And a urine-focused remover (never thought I'd type that phrase) with the power to right the late-night accident that the mattress protector couldn't handle. Something that saves you from buying a new mattress? ✔️

    10. Waterproof sneakers as a rainy summer option for when it's too steamy outside to wear proper rain boots but you can't afford to destroy your go-to fabric high-tops.

    11. A mold and mildew cleaner for your bathroom caulk in case you're in the last-resort stage before you're ready to remove it all and start over again.

    12. And a grout pen to transform the look of a bathroom tile floor that's bordering on the verge of disgusting despite tons of bleach and scrubbing.

    13. Long-lasting kitchen sponges that'll stick around for much longer than those bargain-bin ones you pick up on the reg.

    14. Platform espadrilles you're poised to see for a lot more dough this season. Best to snap 'em up in a few colors on the cheap now ;).

    15. An easy-to-read meat thermometer – it'll serve any griller well by helping you avoid ruining the dinner's main event. (Anyone who's had to toss a cut of meat because of a temperature mixup knows.)

    16. And a smoker box you can fill with wood chips and put under your grill's grates for some delicious flavor you'd otherwise have to buy a separate smoker to achieve.

    17. A shine spray for adding some visible moisture to parched curls so you don't have to use a ton of your *really good* product or effort to revive them.

    18. A whitening kit that comes with toothpaste, rinse, whitening "serum" you paint on your teeth, and a light to activate all the whitening power. So yeah, no more cobbling together a whitening system you hope will work well together. AND the light handles the timing for you by shutting off after the requisite two minutes!

    19. A hair-cutting tool that'll help give you a trim at home (or give your kid a haircut you won't have to pay to have corrected later, oof).

    20. e.l.f. Beauty Shield Primer – it packs an SPF 50 in a formula that covers without feeling too heavy. It'll keep your foundation looking flawless (even for oily skin) and make your dermatologist happy you're using something stronger than ole 30. Gotta love a 2-in-1 product!

    21. And Maybelline Fit Me Foundation for a department store level of coverage at a drugstore price in 45(!!!) shades. Each rings in at less than what you'd spend in Sephora on any trip you're going in just to "have a look."

    22. Washable insoles that'll fight sweaty feet and keep your shoes in tip-top shape for so much longer. (You and I both know quality no-show socks are unicorns.)

    23. Crystal light individual packets in case you get a hankering for sweets but never seem to finish off a gallon of juice anytime you buy it. ::raises hand::

    24. A smart notebook, which is really just fancy talk for a notebook you can take notes or scribble in, move those notes online, and then microwave the notebook to start with an *actual* blank slate. If you go through notebooks fast, you need this!

    25. Cat-eye sunnies with impact-resistant lenses that'll also float, in case your "fun" friend decides to push you in the pool against your will.

    26. A facial hair remover for dealing with peach fuzz and more — without paying for a salon appointment.

    27. Or some hair removal cream if you're not into shaving but also don't wanna launch yourself down the slippery slope of paying for salon waxes.

    28. Flexible drain snakes that are cheap enough that if you pull out what looks like a muppet, it'll be NBD. (Do I even need to point out how much cheaper these'll be than calling the plumber?)

    29. A set of e-cloths (eight to be exact) that'll help you clean nearly every corner of your home with *just* water. Yep, water!!! Look at you saving on disposable paper towels AND cleaning solution.

    30. A scratch remover to tackle those scratches that ~mysteriously~ appeared in a parking lot before you take it to a body shop to get some outrageous quote.

    31. A gel-effect top coat that I can personally attest will make your at-home mani of that nail polish you found where it rolled underneath your bed a month ago look like you paid for the gel mani at the *good* salon in your neighborhood.

    32. Mink oil will turn back the clock on leather shoes and accessories that are looking worse for wear. It's a workhouse for waterproofing, conditioning, and preserving your leather investments.

    33. A cable protector to help protect your laptop charging cable that's starting to look a little rough at a much lower cost than replacing that power cord. (My wallet aches just thinking about this, tbh.)

    34. A wine stain–remover to tackle that errant spot that you keep staring at and have considered renting a carpet cleaning machine to deal with.

    35. An acupressure tool that may save you a few trips to the chiropractor to work out those reappearing knots.

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