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    32 Things Anyone Who Loves To Grill Needs ASAP

    Basically everything except the food!

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    1. A grill, but specifically a charcoal grill with a lot of grilling surface area (580 square inches!) packed into a compact setup that won't crowd your patio area when it's not in use. Plus, it looks quite handsome!

    2. And if you're using a charcoal grill, a chimney starter to eliminate the need for lighter fluid!

    3. But for the Hank Hills out there, a propane grill with 360 square inches of cooking space in a small but mighty design β€” so you can smell the meat, not the heat.

    4. A grill gauge for propane tanks so you know *just* how much you have left in the tank for your next grilling session by weighing the tank for you.

    5. Aerosol fire extinguishers small enough to keep nearby in case of an emergency. Safety first!

    6. Spray bottles at the ready β€” one with water for flare-ups and another for vinegar that'll pack on the ~flavor~.

    7. A grilling-guide apron – it'll prevent any spatter on your fave summer ensemble.

    8. Or a heavily pocketed apron if you're one of those people who needs every grilling tool on your person at all times. (No judgment!)

    9. A condiments trio in easy-to-squeeze containers you can designate as the cookout condiments because things can get messy and those dogs are gonna need some mustard. (They won't fit in that ^ apron, but they WILL come in handy.)

    10. An 18-piece set of utensils because I'm sure you've misplaced a few over the years and it's time you treat yo' self to some shiny new ones that all match.

    11. A what-doesn't-it-have? grill table with a surface to put just about anything you'd need if you find yourself tailgating, camping, or grilling in a sitch where you're working with very little surface area.

    12. Heat-resistant gloves as an extra barrier between you and that hot metal that's helping you whip up a smokin' meal.

    13. A grill insert removal tool that'll put enough space between you and the hot, hot heat. (Of course while you're wearing the ^ gloves.)

    14. A heavy-duty cooler to keep food and beverages fresh. Actually, a cooler for each would be a really good idea! Heck, if you have a pool you can use this 120-quart behemoth for beverages as a floating bar!

    15. And speaking of food safety, an easy-to-read meat thermometer will serve you well. This one is splash-resistant, has a four-second response time, and 3,200+ five-star reviews on Amazon.

    16. Magnetic grilling lights any nighttime griller would appreciate.

    17. A beer can chicken griller with a generously sized tray to catch any drippings so dinner doesn't turn into a total smoke show.

    18. A stainless-steel kabob set you can safely set on the grill and then reuse over and over and over again. Plus, there'll be zero splinters like you'd get with wood skewers!

    19. A pellet smoker tube that'll transform any type of grill into a smoker so you can do some hot *or* cold smoking for up to four hours. Yep, you can even smoke cheese with this!!!

    20. A stuffed burger press to dial up your meat. Oh you like cheese on your burger? What about INSIDE of it?!

    21. A cast-iron pizza pan so you can whip up some pies outside on the grill. Don't let the oven have all the fun!

    22. A basting pot and brush set to keep things extra saucy, without the mess of open bowls.

    23. A custom monogram steak branding iron, lest anyone wonder who's the genius behind the masterpiece.

    24. A grill basket with curved handles for corraling those loose veggies for your world-famous fajitas. Plz share.

    25. A s'more maker that'll contain the ingredients for the best dessert EVER ingredients while it heats up to ooey-gooey perfection.

    26. A bug-deterring method to keep the skeeters away from you *and* your food like a zapper or some pretty torches (and anti-bug fuel) you can park on your table as decor.

    27. Heavy-duty compostable plates β€” they're 9" across! β€” to contain generous helpings of grilled items and award-winning sides.

    28. Sturdy, lidded wine glasses in case any cookout at your place means drinking some vino and you've sacrificed a few too many actual glasses and wine to the outdoor party gods.

    29. And a Hydro Flask will keep icy water at the ready while you're minding the grill. It's pricey, but hydration is worth the investment! And you can use it for every other occasion, obviously.

    30. A *washable* bandana-like table runner to match all the ketchup sure to drip drip drip on your picnic table from the burgers and hot dogs your fam demands.

    31. A grill-cleaning brush so you can start fresh every single time. You've gotta take care of that grill!

    32. Or if you'd rather not with a brush, a cleaning stone that'll help revive those grill racks as a non-toxic option!

    Now who's ready to doing some grilling?

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