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25 Things That'll Basically Cook Dinner For You

Go go kitchen gadget!

1. A ramen microwave cooker built to make your noodles taste like you waited in line for hours at the hot new ramen joint.

2. A 7-in-1 instant pot pressure cooker with a cult Pinterest following that's worth the hype.

3. Egg-poacher cups for whipping up some mouth-watering homemade Eggs Benny.

4. And a rapid egg cooker that'll mind your eggs -- no matter how you like 'em.

5. A microwave pasta maker for the perfect al dente noodles every time.

6. A breakfast burrito maker geared for omelets, stuffed pancakes, crepes, and personal pizzas, too!

7. An as-seen-on-Univision empanada press you can also use to make dumplings.

8. A 2-in-1 food chopper that'll stand in for your knife and cutting board.

9. A stuffed burger press for creating a no-mess meat hug around delicious toppings.

10. A quesadilla maker that'll save you the trouble of standing guard with a spatula at the stove.

11. A programmable bread maker to turn you into the top-rated baker on Yelp in your 'hood.

12. A flatbread maker with multitasking powers to handle other bready things like tortillas, lafa, naan, foccacia, and pitas.

13. A foldable veggie steamer and roaster that'll do everything to cut 'em for you.

14. Reusable toaster bags to whip up grilled cheese in the toaster without worrying about crumbs or smoking cheese.

15. A breakfast sandwich maker so you can double fist your first meal of the day -- or share it with a loved one.

16. A sushi bazooka for pushing out the perfect roll. Every. Single. Time.

17. A beer can chicken rack to give chicken on the grill the ~ultimate~ in juicy flavoring.

18. A sandwich toaster to help you realize the perfectly golden triangles of your dreams.

19. A bagel guillotine that gets breakfast in your face hole that much quicker.

20. A double skillet for making the cookie cakes and pizzas of your dreams.

21. A 2-in-1 toaster oven that'll pull double duty for heating up the tastiest of treats.

22. A rice cooker big enough to make six cups of rice but take up just a teensy bit of counter space.

23. A ravioli maker and press for an endless stream of bragworthy 'grams.

24. A veggie chopper and blender to act like a second set of hands in the kitchen.

25. And a little crock pot for setting yourself up with some delicious concoctions.

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