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Black-Owned Womxn Etsy Shops To Support

Shops to fave and amazing goods to snap up to help you #BuyBlack and support this community of creatives anytime you're looking to shop.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

FYI: Because of lots of these shops (and other Black-owned businesses) getting promo on social media, some shops may be taking a break to fulfill orders already placed. So please fave them on Etsy and come back to them later if that's the case!

1. The Fine Print Paperie helps you make good use of all the gorgeous stationery you hoard thanks to nearly any variation of cute pen you could imagine, whimsical sticky notes, and most anything related to help your writing projects flourish.

The Fine Print Paperie / Etsy

Why it's great: If you need a pen but are more into the aesthetic over whether it meets a pen snob's lofty expectations, you'll add tons of this store's writing utensils to cart. And they're super budget-friendly! So yes, I'll take 12 of those pens ma'am.

Items we love: Kawaii charm pom pen for $1.89 or a five-pack of paper clips for $1 (various styles)

2. Candice Luter Art + Home is a fab starting point for anyone who wants some gorgeous macrame art for their walls.

Candice Luter Art + Home / Etsy

Why it's great: There's a lot of macrame wall art out there, but a big chunk is obviously from a big box store that was thrown together (which is perfectly fine!) But if you want to invest in a truly beautiful, lasting piece this shop is a solid option. These pieces all look super luxe and are thoughtfully crafted. Get ready to tell your friends about this Etsy shop because they'll want to know where you snagged that beaut on your living room wall.

Items we love: "Flow" wall hanging for $215+ (four wood bar colors, two end options) or "Aria" mirror for $271.50+ (six colors, five accent bar options)

3. Stylish Sista features hand-drawn sticker designs and art to help you feel like you're investing in some small-scale masterpieces while showing your love for present-day pop culture icons like Lizzo and Beyoncé, just to name a few!

Stylish Sista / Etsy

Why it's great: It's one of my colleagues Kayla Boyd's current faves! Invest in a single sticker or piece of art, or snag a sheet of related stickers. Either way you can celebrate your faves like Meg Thee Stallion, Harry Styles, Nicki Minaj, and Billie Eilish with gorgeous quality vinyl stickers that are a fave amongst my fellow BuzzFeed shopping colleagues.

Items we love: Beyoncé sticker sheet for $4+ (glossy or matte) or God is a Woman art print for $15

4. BlkConfetti keeps your lobes looking well-dressed with gorgeous earrings plus keychains, pouches, greeting cards, and other accessories.

BlkConfetti / Etsy

Why it's great: You'll find some custom keychains, cute stakes for plant decor, several pairs of earrings you'll want to plan ensembles around, and encouraging accessories with messages like "protect women," "somebody daughter," "Black girl magic," and "you deserve to take up space."

Items we love: confetti earrings for $25 or pouch for $16.99

5. OnTheEdge Creations makes custom illustrations to bring your real-life moments or loved ones to wall art you'll treasure for ages.

OnTheEdge Creations / Etsy

Why it's great: Yes, you can also get a pet portrait for the furriest member of your fam! Plus illustrations for thank-you labels, a wedding guestbook, couples portraits, and more. If you're in the need for some photo retouching, they'll do that too.

Items we love: two-person portrait for $70+ (four sizes and three styles) or military portrait for $60+ (four sizes and three styles)

6. The Trini Gee features tons of melanated designs featuring the owner's hand-drawn work you can surround yourself with from clothing to home decor to laptop stickers.

The Trini Gee / Etsy

Why it's great: There are so many gorgeous designs you can get on a variety of products because yes you absolutely need a shirt of Black TV dads and should start wearing it once a week. All the original designs are so good!

Items we love: Black women writers shirt for $26+ (seven colors, sizes XS-3XL) or "Black Minds Matter" sticker for $10+ (four sizes, two styles)

7. Bobbi Made This sells beautiful handmade polymer clay earrings that'll more or less be compliment bait.

Bobbi Made This / Etsy

Why it's great: Sometimes you plan a whole outfit around a pair of statement rings. You either get it or you don't. If you nodded your head while reading that you need to follow this shop and marvel at these beauties.

Items we love: ombré statement earrings for $20 or black squiggly statement earrings for $20

8. Frequency Of Love has a range of vibrant wall art celebrating black icons that'll surely become the focal point of your gallery wall.

Frequency of Love / Etsy

Why it's great: But it doesn't stop at premade wall art! There are also custom options to help give a family memory an even more beautiful look, stickers, cards, and adult coloring options.

Items we love: Malcolm X Mugshot for $37.99+ (two sizes) or Madame CJ Walker for $37.99+ (two sizes)

9. Fanesha Fabre Art Store is here to help you channel your inner-New Yorka (even if you've never even visited).

Fanesha Fabre Art Store / Etsy

Why it's great: Get ready to get super nostalgic about New York City (and especially Brooklyn) culture with tons of bodega- and street art–themed items. Let's celebrate NYC legends like Biggie, Basquiat, and Big Pun. Also if you don't know about bodega cats, please google them then buy up all the cute stickers with their likenesses.

Items we love: Virgen de Cardi B sweatshirt for $47.75+ (seven colors, men's sizes S-2X) or NYC “YERRRR” coffee mug for $18.08+ (two sizes)

10. Create The Culture has extraordinary embroidered designs from a self-taught artist featuring the likes of Lauryn Hill, Solange, Prince, Beyoncé, and other gorgeous designs that celebrate Black beauty.

Create The Culture / Etsy

Why it's great: So you swore 2020 would be the year you'd finally take up embroidery, then you didn't. Well this shop has tons of beautiful designs you can buy already completed! But, if you're so inclined there are embroidery art kits so you can try your hand at the art.

Items we love: Growing Rows velvet pillow for $95 (four colors) or The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill embroidered pouch for $45 (two colors)

11. Rain + Sky Home Decor specializes in beautiful Africa coasters. You can truly never have enough coasters (especially if they look like this), your furniture deserves it!

Rain + Sky Home Decor / Etsy

Why it's great: These coasters are made of sturdy, glossy material with cushioned bottoms to keep your coffee table in top-notch condition. They'll also make for a lovely photo op.

Items we love: zebra coasters for $32+ (three quantities) or glitter coasters for $40 (four quantities)

12. Tabitha Bianca Brown sells a bounty of colorful art prints to help you channel a lazy Sunday, rainy day reading, or your star sign, among other things.

Why it's great: This shop isn't for minimalists and is sure to help you discover your new favorite piece of wall art. It's just all so pretty and beautifully designed. ::buys the Leo print even though I'm a Cancer::

Items we love: Lazy Sunday art print for $20+ (two sizes) or Leo print for $20 (two sizes)

13. The Juno Studio creates a covetable little collection of fiber art that'll help transform your personal sanctuary, whether that just so happens to be your car or your WFH area.

The Juno Studio / Etsy

Why it's great: There's a well-curated selection of macrame items in colorful, fun designs that'd make great gifts for someone else (or yourself). Plus, the shop welcomes custom requests!

Items we love: essential oil car diffuser for $15+ (eight colors, two quantities) or cubicle decor for $12+ (three styles)

14. BORiCUBi sells bold, beautiful original designs on greeting cards, hand-painted earrings, and now, nonmedical masks.

BORiCUBi / Etsy

Why it's great: These original designs are beyond pretty. Plus there are so many earring variations for people who always go for something bold.

Items we love: Flawless greeting card for $5 or Rockabilly earrings for $44

15. Mic Mas ReMiX has a collection of products for both nourishing *and* celebrating your hair.

Mic Mas ReMiX / Etsy

Why it's great: The conditioning treatments will nurture your hair (so say the reviewers!) and the merch will project positivity and pride. Repeat with me: "All hair is good hair."

Items we love: "All hair is good hair" tote for $20.75 (available in English or Spanish) or deep conditioner oil/butter mix for $15.75

16. Lingua Nigra makes alllll sorts of eye-catching jewelry that'll have people waiting on a lull in the conversation so they can ask you where you bought it.

Lingua Nigra / Etsy

Why it's great: If you're looking to purchase just one pair of earrings or piece of jewelry, it might be tough! Just when you've found what you think is the cream of the crop in this storefront, you run into something you love even more. Plus it's all handcrafted and organic!

Items we love: beetle wing earrings for $117 or Two Clouds Above Nine earrings for $157

17. Zandra Beauty packages plant-based skincare products in cheery (but not cheesy!) ways because, yes, a great formula can make you smile but you've gotta love a soap called "CLEAN UP & MOVE ON."

Zandra Beauty / Etsy

Why it's great: A little more visual positivity can't hurt your beauty routine, and neither can some plant-based formulas from a black-owned business!

Items we love: lemon tea tree bar soap for $10.99 or mint exfoliating sugar scrub for $20.99

18. Bespoke Binny makes African-inspired home decor, accessories, and clothes in dazzling patterns and hues.

Bespoke Binny / Etsy

Why it's great: Scrolling through this shop is a feast for the eyes with stunning fabric designs used in a variety of ways. Time to invest in a new statement skirt or zhuzh up that old table lamp on your nightstand!

Items we love: wax print drum lampshade for $55.03+ (two sizes) or Ankara long skirt for $75.34 (women's sizes XS-XXXL)

19. Kasha Kreative Art helps you finally dress that naked wall that's been staring you in the face for what feels like the past three months.

Kasha Kreative Art / Etsy

Why it's great: Starting your own original art collection can get quite pricey but there are so many wonderful artists on Etsy you can invest in like this one! There are even some digital downloads you can print yourself so you can fill up that empty wall STAT.

Items we love: abstract forest watercolor painting for $26.87 or abstract acrylic painting for $15.21

20. Lovely Earthlings features vivid designs on art prints and totes that celebrate the beauty in your everyday from watering your plant children to taking a selfie in your closet.

Why it's great: These modern designs make regular things look way more glam (or maybe your plant-watering routine is far more glam than mine) with bright colors, lovely shapes, and range of subjects that celebrate all sorts of visual beauty.

Items we love: Watering Plants print for $25.31+ (three sizes) or Book Smart with Braids tote bag for $25+ (three sizes)

21. Tree Fairfax is yet another excellent reason to get a teensy bit more organized with their lovely small leather goods.

Tree Fairfax

Why it's great: The well-edited collection of moon-shaped wallets and purses will gain fans with folks who love a matching purse and wallet, but also with other people! They're just that chic.

Items we love: mini moon wallet for $40 (four colors) or 12-inch waist bag/crossbody for $130 (three colors, four strap lengths)

22. The Lotus Bloom Co makes outstanding handcrafted tulle skirts and bridal separates for someone who wants a voluminous silhouette without looking super traditional.

The Lotus Bloom Co / Etsy

Why it's great: Now, more than ever, people are wearing all kinds of thing for their wedding than a traditional white dress and this shop has lots of elegant options that are still modern instead of stuffy. Sign me up for a wedding cape, please.

Items we love: layered tutu skirt for $160 (10 colors, women's sizes 0-16) or bridal cape for $160 (3 colors, 1 size)

23. Studio Kyra is a great bet if you need custom hand lettering for a project or big event.

Studio Kyra / Etsy

Why it's great: This shop features both hand lettering and modern calligraphy so you can find the right fit for whatever kind of writing you may need. There are a few nonlettering items in shop, but anyone who has chicken scratch like me will be glad to have found this helpful gem.

Items we love: "Don't Be a Prick" cactus sticker for $3 or custom place cards for $0.95+ (two card types, variety of quantities)

24. Daniela Tabois designs made-to-order bridal jumpsuits, custom sequin pieces, and nonmedical face masks that are so pretty they almost hurt.

Daniela Tabois / Etsy

Why it's great: But it isn't just all bridal designs. There are also several colorful sequin clothing items that'll make you the belle of the ball (as if you weren't already).

Items we love: mauve lace face mask for $25 or sweetheart strapless bridal jumpsuit for $1,200 (women's sizes 0-12)

25. Mocha Design Studio sells minimalist designs with important messages like "trust Black women," "protect Black voices," and "Black lives matter."

Mocha Design Studio / Etsy

Why it's great: This shop stocks apparel, accessories, and more in designs that'll easily fit in with everything else in your closet. Which is a great thing, because you're going to want to wear or carry 'em all the time.

Items we love: "Trust Black Women" shirt for $25.29+ (three colors, women's sizes S-3X) or "I'm Rooting for Everybody Black" coffee mug for $19.99

26. Creations By Denene is chock full of crocheted clothing items and decor. If you know a kid who's having a birthday anytime soon, you'll wanna check out the adorable crocheted animals!

Creations By Denene/Etsy

Why it's great: OK, crocheting is HARD. Have you ever tried it? Don't. Just shop these cute items instead.

Items we love: halter top for $25+ (variety of colors, women's sizes XS-3X) or cat for $40 (variety of primary and secondary colors)

27. Gabe Jade Accessories has stunning African print ties, bowties, and headwraps that'll become the focal point of your look. We love a hardworking accessory.

Gabe Jade Accessories / Etsy

Why it's great: A few more attention-grabbing accessories (in beautiful African prints, no less) can only help your fashion game. Also, supporting a black-owned biz while doing so = ideal.

Items we love: turban wax for $27 or bowtie for $50+ (available in four sizes, alone or with a pocket square)

28. Getaway Girl Jewelry handcrafts jewelry with unusual gemstones, pearls, and even wood fossils for a truly unforgettable look.

Getaway Girl Jewelry / Etsy

Why it's great: Another avenue for acquiring memorable jewelry is always a good thing. These pieces are so unique-looking that you'll get tons of compliments.

Items we love: stalactite post earrings for $58 or tiger iron slide necklace for $78 (two lengths)

29. Nitz By Nat has Afrocentric statement jewelry with a hoop-heavy collection that might make you swear off studs forever.

Nitz By Nat / Etsy

Why it's great: Beautiful big hoop earrings and printed headbands can only draw more (deserved) attention to your stunning visage.

Items we love: Queen Collection earrings for $27 or crochet earrings for $23

30. Suzi & Marie offers up crocheted accessories, knitwear, and beads to show that sometimes it's the accessories that matter most.

Suzi & Marie / Etsy

Why it's great: These made-to-order items will feel even more special knowing they were made just for you (which is one of the great things about shopping with Etsy).

Items we love: crochet earrings for $18 (three color combos) or African waist beads for $15 (variety of sizes)

31. Vintage Royalty is, you could say, another great excuse to expand your jewelry collection ;).

Vintage Royalty / Etsy

Why it's great: Do you need more beautiful things to deck out your face and head? The answer is yes.

Items we love: earrings for $35 or nonmedical face mask for $15 (three styles)

32. Black Fem Press creates zines and art featuring icons like Nina Simone, Ida B. Wells, and Missy Elliot.

Black Fem Press / Etsy

Why it's great: Don't know about zines? Here's a very excellent entry point! Also, zines are a super easy way to support artists without spending a chunk of your rent money.

Items we love: Book of Nina zine for $4 or Ida B. Wells print for $25

33. OSxN whips up a tight (but great) collection of pillows and other goods.

OSxN / Etsy

Why it's great: I'll never shut up about the importance of having multiple throw pillows anywhere you sit, lean, sleep, whatever. Disagree? Click through.

Items we love: mudcloth bench for $500 (two colors) or batik pillow for $110+ (two sizes)

34. Plush Armour sells knit wearables you'll turn the A/C in the dead heat of August on just to wear.

Plush Armor / Etsy

Why it's great: Looking to expand your wardrobe in a colorful way beyond your standard tees?

Items we love: babydoll T-shirt sweater for $96 or fringe cap-sleeve top for $256

35. Shadra's Etsy Shop has beautiful prints (and some original work) that'll drastically outdo that abstract canvas you picked up on a whim from Home Goods. (It served you well for a time, but pales in comparison to supporting a Black artist!)

Shadra's Etsy Shop / Etsy

Why it's great: Oh hey, these paintings speak for themselves. And they're priced affordably so you can start your own art collection.

Items we love: Peach print for $40+ (two sizes) or Little Builders print for $20+ (two sizes)

36. Ivelisse Designs includes custom calligraphy, line art prints, and apparel because maybe you like pretty things of substance. (If you don't I hope this shop changes your mind.)

Ivelisse Designs / Etsy

Why it's great: This talented shop owner makes gems that'll make your walls or apparel feel a little more special. Plus, nothing impresses like a gorgeous table card. Just saying!

Items we love: Empoderada line art print for $7+ (three sizes, blank or complex face) or acrylic table numbers for $7 (three styles, with or without a stand)

37. The Pink Locket produces nickel-free titanium jewelry in hammered minimalist designs just about anyone in you life will love, even the self-professed fashion victim who needs all your stylish help they can get. (We all know one.)

The Pink Locket / Etsy

Why it's great: A very obvious advantage of minimalist modern jewelry is it'll go with all sorts of outfits. But that won't be the only reason you wear these pieces most days of the week. They're just so lovely.

Items we love: large hammered copper hoops for $32 or jewelry dish for $22 (three styles)

38. Wishful Paperie has templates galore for most any special event you have going on! Your friends' fridges are about to be way cuter once you send them one of these.

Wishful Paperie / Etsy

Why it's great: Sure, digital invites are nice and work but it's thrilling to get snail mail! My fridge is covered in it and I know I'm not the only one. This shop will help make it memorable.

Items we love: editable bachelorette party invitation template for $4.74 or brunch and bubbly invitation template for $4.74

39. Art By Danielle Louise gives you lots of artistic options that celebrate the Black form. And if you have trouble picking just one piece (likely), they'll look fab together.

Art By Danielle Louise / Etsy

Why it's great: These stunning ink drawing and marker prints are incredibly detailed. Buy one, hang it up, stand in front of your wall like you're at an art museum.

Items we love: Shower Her for $19.69+ (three sizes) or Jasmine for $19.69+ (three sizes)

40. Gather and Grace features all sorts of pretty clothing designs, printable art, and more!

Gather and Grace / Etsy

Why it's great: FYI, this shop will fulfill bulk orders because your family truly is #blessed so you might as well pose in matching shirts at your next big get-together.

Items we love: Proverbs 31 and Tupac shirt for $18 (four colors, men's sizes S-4X) or "So Loved" wall art instant download for $3.50

41. Wyld Frontier Design Co. sells breathtaking abstract and pop culture-inspired prints to deck out your abode.

Wyld Frontier Design Co. / Etsy

Why it's great: It's time to zhuzh up those walls. And this shop makes it super easy.

Items we love: Sally print for $12+ (five sizes) or Fiona Apple print for $12+ (five sizes)

42. Effie's Paper is full of all kind of useful, nice looking things because you deserve to have both, OK?

Effie's Paper / Etsy

Why it's great: From travel (and regular!) coffee mugs with messaging like "Black Girl Magic" to notebooks to keychains to a wet bathing suit bag, you'll find a few things that'll help you out.

Items we love: "The Future is Female" travel mug for $20 or "Black Girl Magic" candle for $30

43. Pepper Palm delivers on all sorts of platters and containers for your plant bbs. Or maybe this will finally be the motivation to learn how to take care of living plants.

Pepper Palm / Etsy

Why it's great: Plant people who can actually keep theirs alive (I can't!) deserve some spectacular things to hold those living things in place.

Items we love: planter for $20+ (two sizes) or palm planter for $128

44. The Heart Department Handmade has gorgeous wooden accents to help put your fave photos front and center. (But also some adorable bookends too.)

The Heart Department Handmade / Etsy

Why it's great: IDK about you, but I have LOTS of pics that I need to have printed and displayed. Well, this shop has tons of beautiful ways to display your memories!

Items we love: bookends for $41.50 or round memo board for $29.50+ (two sizes, two hardware colors)

45. Omi Woods has an amazing collection of jewelry with coin-style charms with the likenesses of the Queen of Sheba and Cleopatra. If you like necklace stacking, you'll love this shop.

Omi Woods / Etsy

Why it's great: Doing the math on stacking necklaces that don't come together is too much trouble anyway.

Items we love: The Queendom coin necklace stack for $257+ (two metals) or The Cowrie infinity necklace for $118+ (four metals)

46. NaturallyEu has pendants, dried flowers, bath salts, ceremonial sand, raw selenite sticks, and lots of other items that'll be incredibly handy at home.

NaturallyEu / Etsy

Why it's great: Lots of reviewers mention that they can practically feel the good intentions from the seller when they receive their items (which they love, BTW).

Items we love: black smudging/ceremonial sand for $6.95 (also in white) or relaxation Dead Sea salt bath salt for $5.50

47. Little Shop of Madness makes 3D-printed keychains and more that'll help you channel your geeky ways.

Little Shop of Madness / Etsy

Why it's great: Everyone needs at least one keychain. Why not make it a cute one?

Items we love: Sailor Moon keychain for $9 (10 characters) or Nintendo controller keychain for $6 (eight colors)

48. Meeka's Craft Shop creates custom wreaths for the holidays and also your interests. Sign me up for a Deathly Hallows one!

Meeka's Craft Shop / Etsy

Why it's great: Once you've had a wreath, your door just feels naked without one! Plus, omg the Deathly Hallows one!

Items we love: Deathly Hallows-inspired tulip wreath for $58 or Red Gerbera Daisy-inspired wreath for $65

49. Lalu's Roots N Conjure helps outfit your home altar with basically every little thing you could possibly need.

Lalu's Roots N Conjure / Etsy

Why it's great: This shop is packed with spiritual tools that are incredibly useful but also beautiful! (Hey, it doesn't hurt.)

Items we love: Chakra sage stick for $14.12 or altar oil clearing energy oil for $17.99+ (two sizes)

50. Wicks NOLA Candle Company keeps your home smelling wonderful with wax melts, spray, and more. Plus the wax melt containers are SO cute.

Wicks NOLA Candle Company / Etsy

Why it's great: If you have pets, kids, or are super forgetful or live somewhere that discourages candles, these wax warmers will be the perfect addition to your fragrance collection.

Items we love: Edison hurricane tart wax warmer for $30 or 11 oz. soy candle for $25 (variety of scents and two colors)

51. Harlem Roots has handmade plant medicine for folks who swear by or wanna dip their toes into holistic healing.

Harlem Roots / Etsy

Why it's great: There's a variety of (very pretty!) blended teas for useful things like lulling you to the sleep. Plus salves to give you some relief and a fw other items.

Items we love: Let Me Clear My Throat tea for $15 or eczema relief cream for $10+ (two sizes)

52. Culture Vibes has tons of statement pins, buttons, and some apparel. I think I found the solution to your "naked" denim jacket.