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    35 Ways To Decorate Your Home Like A Bonafide Adult

    Being an adult is a state of mind (and Toys 'R' Us is closed forever, so it's time to grow up).

    1. Let there be light! Find a sophisticated floor lamp that'll not only add a gorgeous piece of decor to a room, but also just make your home feel really cozy.

    2. Add some peel-and-stick wallpaper to freshen up your space and give it some dimension and texture.

    3. It may seem obvious, but make sure you have clean sheets and pillows.

    4. And on that note, invest in a comfy (and not previously owned) mattress so you can get a good night's sleep and be a functioning human in the morning.

    5. Actually clean your home — including sanitizing and organizing the things that need to be, rather than just throwing all your stuff in the closet.

    6. Try pleated fabric shades for some added privacy without totally blocking the light.

    7. Invest in high-quality materials like brass, marble, and heavy fabrics for your decor and accent furniture.

    8. Have a complete set of matching dishes, wine glasses, and silverware.

    9. Splurge on a rug that fits perfectly in your space by following a few simple rules.

    10. Give any room in your home a glamorous touch with room-darkening velvet curtains that'll help in your quest to sleep in a little later.

    11. Get an actual sofa — not a futon, not a curbside find, but a real, adult-looking sofa to complete your living room.

    12. If you're not ready to throw down serious cash on a new sofa, splurge on some luxurious throw blankets (like the one pictured here) and pillows.

    13. Add a bold and beautiful houseplant to help bring any room to life — just make sure you follow the provided tips to keep it alive.

    14. And nothing says "I'm an adult" more than keeping a houseplant alive, which this handy guide might help you accomplish.

    15. Hang a macrame wall mirror to bring in a bohemian flair and double as a great touch-up spot.

    16. Invest in (or make your own!) art to bring an air of sophistication to any room.

    17. And create a gallery wall made of your favorite photos or your kid's artwork with a packaged set of frames.

    18. Here's a new concept: Buy an actual bed frame! Like, with a headboard and maybe a platform. (I know, I know, mind = blown.)

    19. Bring fresh flowers into a room to add a pop of color and show the world you're together enough to own a vase.

    20. Keep your closets organized in order to make the most out of your storage space, because it's not cute to have your clothes piled on a chair anymore.

    21. Buy pieces of decor and furniture that double as storage so you can hide all the little things you don't need access to all the time.

    22. Bring in unique and unexpected materials — like concrete — to give your space an elevated (and expensive) look.

    23. Keep your bookshelves and coffee tables well-organized and artfully curated.

    24. And learn how to layer all your accessories to construct a visually appealing shelf, coffee table, or sofa.

    25. Fill your shelves with perfectly coordinated books sets that'll help make them look like they belong in the pages of an interior design magazine.

    26. Use mirrors to expand your space and add a sophisticated level of decor.

    27. Get rid of all the clutter with some awesome statement pieces that double as interesting conversation starters.

    28. Or if you can't bear the idea of getting rid of all your memorable tchotchkes, curate them in shadow boxes.

    29. Update your light fixtures — it's an easy way to upgrade your home without breaking the bank (while still making it look like you did).

    30. Don't forget about your bathroom! Make sure your bathroom has hand towels, hand soap, a bath mat, and that it's always clean.

    31. And get gorgeous storage containers to organize the things you need on the regular but you shouldn't have laying around — like ones for cotton swabs, makeup wipes, extra toilet paper!

    32. Learn to DIY your hand-me-down/Ikea/garage sale finds like a Pinterest star.

    33. Upgrade your gross old counters or tabletops with vinyl wrap film — a temporary solution that'll last a long time and won't cost a small fortune.

    34. Don't underestimate the power of a beautiful statement chair — which is not only practical, but can also provide a stunning way to make your space pop.

    35. Make your bed as plush as the ones you dream of sleeping in when you're shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond with this handy guide.

    Now your house will feel like home — until, of course, you can finally move into Hogwarts.

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