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    17 Photos Of Beautiful Bookshelves That Will Make You Breathe Easy

    Treat yo' shelf.

    1. This inviting reading corner.

    2. This beautiful wall.

    3. This stunning stairway to book heaven.

    4. And this one.

    5. This spectacular rainbow.

    6. This rustic shelf and reading nook.

    7. This delightfully colorful display.

    8. This ultramodern collection.

    9. These magical wall shelves.

    10. This super-cozy home library.

    11. This lovely loft library.

    12. This unique stunner.

    13. This collection that just blends in with the house.

    14. This tasteful bookcase.

    15. This gorgeous wall-to-wall display.

    16. This mosaic of books.

    17. This nook that really is a work of art.

    Do you have a beautiful bookshelf? Show us in the comments below!