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    29 Beautiful Houseplants You Can Actually Order Online

    Whether you've got a green thumb or are a Certified Plant Murderer, you can get great varieties shipped right to you!

    1. A fiddle leaf fig because it's The Instagram Plant right now, and if there's one bandwagon you should jump on, it's the one with pretty foliage.

    2. A set of cute lil' succulents that even the laziest and most forgetful of gardeners will be able to keep alive.

    3. A pair of mini parlor palms because every plant deserves to have a buddy.

    4. A cat palm that'll purify your air and is also pet safe, so you won't have to worry about your cat plant hurting your cat pet.

    5. A philodendron with perfect heart shaped leaves, so you'll be reminded that your plant loves you whenever you look at it.

    6. A split-leaf monstera that'll live up to its name, not by being scary, but by growing monstrously big in just a few months.

    7. An elegant orchid for confident, expert gardeners, or at the very least, someone who won't forget to water it.

    8. A Chinese evergreen plant with the prettiest pink leaves to inspire your inner plant-loving Elle Woods.

    9. A set of marimo moss balls that can either be a companion and tank cleaner for your fish, or just a pet on their own; they're that stinkin' cute.

    10. A pilea that'll sprout tons of lil' babies for you to give to friends and family (or just start a pilea army in your apartment, it's up to you).

    11. A trio of aloe plants because the best things in life come in threes, and also can help soothe your skin after a sunburn.

    12. A snake plant that's super hardy and is NASA certified to clean the air in your house. Just don't tell your partner's mom that another name for this plant is Mother-in-Law's Tongue!

    13. A burgundy rubber plant with uniquely colored leaves that'll impress your houseguests and Insta followers alike.

    14. A bird's nest fern that loves low light and only needs to be watered once a week, which makes it practically the perfect office plant.

    15. A set of air plants so low-maintenance they literally survive on air! (Okay, not really, you still have to soak them in water occasionally, but that's still a lot less work than other plants.)

    16. A sweet mint plant that won't just look cute on your windowsill, it'll also provide flavorings and garnishes for any number of dishes, and can even prevent pests.

    17. A Lunarly subscription so you can get a new plant delivered to your door most months, as well as some fun goodies and tools to help you set ~good intentions~ for the month ahead.

    18. A Venus flytrap, because it's never not awesome to watch those guys eat flies.

    19. Or a cape sundew for all the carnivorous plant hipsters who are so over Venus flytraps. Plus, this helpful guy will eliminate any fruit flies that are hanging around.

    20. A set of bamboo stalks that'll still grow really well in low light, and may even bring some luck to your environment.

    21. A set of assorted cactus buddies for everyone that's on Team Cacti 'Til I Die.

    22. A peace lily that'll maybe finally bring some tranquility into your home — it's also another great easy to care for, low-light tolerant option.

    23. A zebra plant with a unique variegated pattern reminiscent of its namesake to add a dash of cool to your living space.

    24. A white bird of paradise to bring a little bit of tropical flair to your home, whether you live in Miami or Boston.

    25. A jade plant that's a great option for someone who wants the ease of a succulent or a cactus, without the possibility of getting poked.

    26. A prayer plant with leaves that actually close up at night, so you'll be treated to a little slo-mo show every evening.

    27. An umbrella plant to shield you from all of life's rains — okay, not really, but it'll for sure look nice on a side table or in a window.

    28. A corn plant that won't actually grow corn (sorry) but it will purify the air and look dang good in your living room.

    29. A sago palm bonsai with a cute lil' pineapple shaped base that doesn't require as much attention as most bonsai, but will still last forever in your home.

    Sir David Attenborough gets it.

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