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    18 Of The Best Rugs You Can Get On Amazon

    Scratched up floor? Dogs slipping on your hardwood? Hiding a secret trapdoor? Get a rug! The products in this post were updated in July 2018

    Please note that the majority of these rugs come in a ton of different sizes and colors, so make sure you check the dimensions and style before you buy!

    1. This lovely Moroccan trellis design that will look great in any contemporary home.

    2. This fun floral pattern with bursts of teal for a little extra color.

    3. This super fuzzy, faux-fur throw that looks like you skinned a stuffed animal.

    4. This nylon rainbow runner perfect for any Santa Fe-inspired home.

    5. This elegant silver and ivory-colored rug that will tie all your decor together.

    6. This natural fiber piece perfect for a simple, minimalist look.

    7. This reliable, full-sized shag carpet that looks comfier than the furniture.

    8. This checkered runner with a non-skid bottom that will make hallways and tight spaces a little cozier.

    9. This textured, shed-free masterpiece that's basically a work of art you can step on.

    10. This trendy turquoise gradient rug any ombre lover needs in their home.

    11. This Turkish rug with a geometric design that goes with almost everything.

    12. A hand-woven, braided circle rug that everyone is going to want to sit on.

    13. This fuzzy shag carpet you're going to want to cuddle.

    14. This charming beige rug that'll make you nostalgic for summer camp.

    15. This bold chevron rug perfect for adding some David Lynch-esque flair to your room.

    16. This flowery number for a burst of whimsical fun in your home.

    17. This classic street map carpet that offers hours of playtime for family members who can't drive for real yet.

    18. And this turquoise outdoor rug that will make all your tropical dreams come true.

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